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😆 Thats ridiculous, judge should have thrown out those charges. Hard to believe he has broken any laws that are actually on the books, not following clinic suggestions is not a criminal act

Dutch sperm clinic guidelines say donors should donate a maximum of 25 children or to 12 women to prevent inbreeding, incest or psychological problems for donor children.

Should, Guidelines

I find the defendant Not Guilty

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I think the clinics now have a responsibility to inform all 550 kids who their father is. And/or arrange a family reunion....

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I think the clinics now have a responsibility to inform all 550 kids who their father is. And/or arrange a family reunion....

Agreed. The idea that they are relying on an honor system here is laughable. Why aren't records and databases being kept of the sperm donors? This seems like a failure of the clinics or the laws overseeing them. Shitty for the parents, but the blame for this cannot lie solely on one overzealouos donor when this should have been easily prevented by some basic record keeping and policies that were more than suggestions

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Good for him.

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I'm frankly in awe that (assuming all single births) 550 women wanted his ball juice to do the job with. I mean, does that make him a Chad in the flesh or what?

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None of these 550 kids will meet and have the attention of their biological father. One single child raised and procreated naturally has a better shot than all 550 combined

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I got news for you, biological fathers are not exempt from being worthless fuckups as parents. A blood relationship between a child and an adult is not some magical talisman that guarantees success and a good life for the former.

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So how does siring 500+ children is in any way shape or form a "chad" move?

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When I'm talking about Chad, I'm referring to the stereotypical pump and dump dude, who busts his nut and moves on to the next one.

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Real chads are monogamous and make dozens of childs with their wife. This way they ensure more chads and mothers of chads are born. The literal chad creator.