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Good to see this moving forward.

The DOJ seems to be moving against him with the financial crimes first so that when he faces the more serious ones around the insurrection, election fraud, espionage and perversion of justice he won't have the benifit of no criminal record when it comes to sentencing.

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Go back to Reddit.

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It's not the fact that Trump is getting indicted for his crimes. It's the fact that they dug and dug and dug for six years to find some dirt on him, and this is all they could come up with. And he's going to jail over it while other politicians who release viruses, collude with the CCP, rig elections, delete emails, and practice insider trading completely get away with it. It's a clear double standard. If Trump is going to get it, so should all the other politicians. Of course then we wouldn't have much of a government left.

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So Trump was protected by his corrupt DOJ. Bill Bar released parts of the mueller report port of connect so it's looked like Trump committed no crimes, and Mueller saw the President's crimes as our of scope and only wrote summarised that this report does not exonerate him.

That is why they're moving now. His more serious crimes with the classified documents, with the election fraud, with subverting the course of justice, and with the attempted coup are still progressing through the courts.

But this brand jury has decided to charge him on these reputedly over 30 financial crimes.

Some of them will be more serious than others. We will have to wait to find out exactly what the charges are.

who release viruses,

Right. But Trump committed crimes in reality.

collude with the CCP

Trump did a lot for the ccp. Sinking the TPP handed them economic dominance of the Pacific.

Who do you think is colliding with them? Biden's been paying them off no end by hosting Taiwanese politicians. Trump never dared do that.

rig elections

Oh, for fucks sake. You don't believe that do you?

delete emails,

There was a 3 year long investigation into that.

and practice insider trading completely get away with it.

Get your proof.

It's a clear double standard.

No its not. Trump committed actual crimes. Not fake news crimes.

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