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Here is a spreadsheet sorting the presidents responsible for adding the most to the nation's debt:

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The reason the government has a debt problem is that its citizens have a debt problem.

Most have no idea what a savings account is, or if they do, it has a pittance in it. But credit cards near or at their limits to which they make minimum payments every month? Ah, they know them well.

So...hold their government to strict borrowing and spending limits? Not when they have no concept of doing it for themselves.

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There is truth in your comment. The leaders reflect the people they lead. It is God's way of giving a nation what they deserve. Good leaders are given to faithful people. Evil rulers are given to nations that forget God.

Those savings accounts will be worthless when the US dollar collapses. It would be better to use those savings to help the poor, as Jesus instructed. Lay up treasure for yourself in heaven, not on earth. The best investment plan is to love your neighbor as yourself. God will reward that for eternity.

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biggest increase under Donald Trump's presidency than any other president in history, second only to Barack Obama.

you might want to adjust your obfuscating phraseology

like by simply saying "second largest"

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America's second largest debt increase in the nation's history was while Donald Trump was president.

Does that make it easier to understand?

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yes the original comment title was not as clear