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    That is NOT where inflation comea from because all that money comes from tax payers.

    Inflation comes from deficite spending, in particular the tens of trillions that was printed and handed out to jewish bankers and billionairs in the form of bailouts.

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    Homeless people starving, but gives tax payer money to illegal

    $300 per week is quite a lot!

    That's enough for dope, gas money, food, and a night out every week.

    They will live better than you off of your hard earned money!

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    Median weekly after tax salary is $1067 in Cali.

    $300 isn't a hell of a lot. But it might stop crimes of desperation. And it's a more reliable boost to the economy than tax breaks for the rich.

    That's enough for dope, gas money, food, and a night out every week.

    Average Median rent in Cali is $400 $670 per week. These people will probably keeping their families in less than average priced accommodation, but they'll still be cutting back on the sort of food they're eating.

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    Average rent in Cali is $400 per week.

    when you say "cali", do you mean to refer to "california"? cuz rents are not $400.00 in california.. not in the last twenty years or so..

    los angeles craigslist shows apartments that typically range from $2k to $3k.

    craigslist apartment rentals in los angeles..

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    You're quite right. The median weekly rent in Cali is nearer $670.

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    about a dozen years ago, i was homelesss in california for about three years.. the narcotics problem was off the charts, even back then... i remember that when i stopped into san francisco just before i left to come to texas, i saw an acquaintance.. he was a heavy full time meth IV user.. but a really nice guy.. i asked him how everything was going in san francisco.. he told me that things had gone from bad to worse.. he said that we have dope dealers selling to dope dealers, which meant that they have a too many dope dealers running around.. then he told me that it has gotten so rough that they will knock you the fuck out and pee in your butt... oh my, and on that note i got out of san francisco.

    the police in san francisco do nothing any more.. if a dope fiend goes into a store and steals less than $600 of merchandise, dont even bother calling the police because they wont even come out.. and the store security isnt allowed to put their hands on the shoplifter..

    i was also having an affair with a latina lady back then... i took one look at her son and i knew he was a meth gangster... one evening, she told me that her entire family is criminals.. she said that when she goes to the christmas dinner table that there is mafia at the table and there are also san quentin prison guards at the table.

    sex with this latina lady was a bit weird.. she would always have me "make circles".. she wanted me to touch her peepee and "make circles" with my hand.. for like almost two hours, lol?.. and i would fall asleep "making circles"... she would smack the crap outta me.. "make circles" she would yell at me... ok mommy, i will make circles, just dont hit me any more, lol.. (latina love)

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    it has gotten so rough that they will knock you the fuck out and pee in your butt.


    That sounds like those satanic panic sexual abuse claims where the investigator is trying to get a kid who's never been sexually assaulted and doesn't know what sexual assault is to describe their sexual assault.

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    hey.. i did not read that stuff on some bs website.. this was my friend... a really stout man that could handle himself in the streets or in prison.. he told me that it is so rough in the streets that "they will knock you the fuck out and pee in your butt"...

    those were his exact words..

    and, he was telling it like it was... i took a look around as i was walking out of san francisco.. there were dope gang mafia bulls posted at every major intersection.. they were not playing..

    people seem to think that the dope gangs are just about of careless folks that sit around and party on drugs.. nope.. the drug cartels are very organized multi billion dollar corporations and they can and will use violence to protect their interests...

    the dope gangs understand that the more there is chaos at the street level, the better.

    we aint in kansas no more, dorothy.

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    "they will knock you the fuck out and pee in your butt"...

    Is that some kind of metaphor?

    I mean how do you accomplish peeing in someone's butt?

    Do you get an enema kit?

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    Is that some kind of metaphor?

    yes, i suppose that it is a metaphor.. similar to if someone says that they will knock your head off and shit down your throat..


    san francisco used to be cool as hell.. you had the whole gay thing going on and then you had the hippie crowd up in the haight ashbury..

    but no more... oh no.. they will knock you the fuck out and pee in your butt.

    the latino bull gangsters have a tactic that is very effective to intimidate someone, and this actually happened to me just before my friend told me that stuff about peeing in your butt... the latino bulls will see you and just start walking directly towards you like he is a charging bull.. it is quite intimidating.. if you get charged like this, and you dont move quickly to get out of his way... if you just stand your ground, he will come up and knock you out.

    check out this youtube short video, a san francisco resident explains to you what i just said.

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    When a kid describes being raped in terms of someone peeing in them that does not mean they are lying, it means they don't fully understand the biology of what happened.

    That you pedos have the audacity to try to use that excuse to dismiss them is disgusting.

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    When a kid describes being raped in terms of someone peeing in them

    I didn't know they did that. Can you link me to a case study?

    That you pedos have the audacity to try to use that excuse to dismiss them is disgusting.

    Oh, for fuck's sake.

    That's a bold accusation in response to the satanic panic.

    Are you projecting? Do you have something you want to confess?

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    True story? You seem to have made some big improvements to your own life. I wish you continued upward progress.

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    i injected meth about six times(36 years ago) and then i never did it again.. (knock on wood). that is a very powerful drug.. but i am stoned cold junkie for the weed, i have always been addicted to weed.. but weed, even tho it is technically an addiction, it is nothing like the harder drugs like meth or crack or opiates, etc.. with weed, you get a little dizzy and eat some pizza and ice cream and go to sleep.. you dont stay up for five days walking across an ocean hunting for dope.

    i dont know if i have made any improvements to my life, but i have dealt with a few issues that were somewhat troubling and traumatizing.. i found that when repairing a broken life, you really cant change what is in the past, but you can brush the dust off and take a shower and move forward.

    thank you for your kind words.

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    I appreciate you sharing your experience here. One improvement in your life is that you are no longer homeless. That is a big improvement to your life and we can be thankful for that. And I have heard it is difficult to quit meth, and yet you broke free from it before it was able to put its chains around you.

    You're right that we cannot change the past, so let it stay where it is while we move forward. What we can do, however, is make amends for those we have hurt. And where that is not possible, we can do a good deed for someone else, and so make amends for some of our previous bad deeds. God sees all and rewards all according to their deeds, whether good or bad.

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    What could go wrong?

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    Thousand more will show up for the free money.

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    I wish I could pose as an illegal immigrant in California and get it deposited to my bank account.

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    Paying immigrants to replace us with our own tax dollars

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    Is there a link to the actual article?

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    The government is literally giving these people $50k a year and has been since the '80's.

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    dems will make restitution to the taxpayers by being put on chaingangs for the rest of their lives (traitors also have everything they own seized and anything the had given to others as being 'ill gotten gains')