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This data doesn't even include deaths that died within 14 days of getting the shot, as they weren't counted as "vaccinated" so the numbers are likely much worse!

And furthermore, the spike protein and mRNA was supposed to go away in a matter of weeks. Instead they're finding the mRNA is put in to DNA through an enzyme called reverse-transcriptase.

They said it would stay in the muscle cells near the injection area. But (especially without aspiration) it will get in to the blood. And because of the nanolipids it's coated in to get it inside of cells, it can also cross the blood-brain barrier.

So people are having mRNA go in to their heart cells, and brain cells, and begin making spike proteins.

And studies now show that in some percentage of people, the production of spike proteins NEVER ENDS.

So any health condition, such as amyloidosis, that can be caused by too many spike proteins coagulating in one area, will just get worse and worse. (Although I have read NAC, Nattokinase, and bromalin (aka pineapples) all help break these spike proteins down, so that might help if you are having weird heart or circulatory issues after getting the mRNA shots, but I am no doctor, I am just repeating what I have read so do you own research.

Furthermore it seems in some people the body adapts to the spike proteins, and begins to see them as part of the body so the immune system ignores them. Then upon infection of a new strain of covid, they get it REALLY BAD. This has to do with the igg4, and the disease is basically ADE (antibody-dependent enhancement) which people warned about from day 1. That's what the ferrets in the mRNA injection studies died from. ADE upon reinfection.

Almost as many people have died of the shots as have died of covid. That's what this video is saying. 150k died of the shots in the UK, and about 200k died of covid in the first year and a half of it in the UK. So the medicine has almost killed as many as the disease, and the death count overall is nearly doubled.

Yet even despite all this data, governments and corporations are STILL recommending this? It's truly unreal. The data is out. This is no longer a matter of question. This is a public health disaster, perhaps the worst in history. It's time to speak out.

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I started speaking out in my RL circle in Spring 2021. The reactions are terrifying. People don't argue back. They provide nothing in response. They just ignore what you say and write you out of whatever activities they are involved in. This was never about data. It's about mind control, and our side doesn't have remotely the tools or skills the other side has. The braindead have "the system" at their back, and that is not something they will give up no matter what is happening in reality. It's systemic suicide at a scale that is shocking.

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Those types of people are not friends. Never were.

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Debatable if they're even people. Really just demonic meatsuits.

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I do not see them as people. I don't want them in my society.

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"useful idiots" is still a good term ...

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It is a blessing in disguise. Those people would never be there for you when shit hits the fan. They let you know before it is too late. Now you have the oportunity to build a real community with reliable people. This is like testing your lifeboat and finding it sink. If you never tested it you would be fucked when you could least recover.

Unfortunately the self reliant, free thinkers are generally not very social. Heard animals socialize, lone wolves do their own thing. The result is that most of the social groups are filled with sheep.

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PLEASE don't spread this disinformation, which is being used politically to divide people and elect authroitarian anti-democracy assholes, and this results in significant harm to others (the unvaccinated have suffered much more than the vaccinated population). Campbell is famous for this, making £££££ with lies. He's debunked regularly. It's easy to see how he develops this disinformation with lies. Though vaccinated people could die of COVID, the vaccine is NOT the cause of those deaths. The vaccine helps the body build anti-bodies. That's all. (That process is helpful, not harmful.) Other factors associated with COVID cause death. We've discussed this many times on Saidit. Some of the responses to Campbell:

A popular misconception throughout the pandemic has been that deaths have been over-reported.[5] In January 2022, Campbell posted a video in which he cited figures from the British Office for National Statistics (ONS) and suggested that they showed deaths from COVID-19 were "much lower than mainstream media seems to have been intimating". He concentrated on a figure of 17,371 death certificates showing only COVID-19 as the cause of death. Within a few days, the video had been viewed over 1.5 million times.[28] It was shared by Conservative Party politician David Davis, who called it "excellent" and said that it was "disentangling the statistics",[5] while American comedian Jimmy Dore used it to claim that COVID-19 deaths had been over-reported and that the figures proved that the public had been victims of a "scaremongering campaign".[29] The ONS responded by debunking the claims as spurious and wrong.[30] An ONS spokesman said suggesting that the 17,000 figure "represents the real extent of deaths from the virus is both factually incorrect and highly misleading".[29] The official figure for COVID-19-related deaths in the UK for the period was over 175,000 at the time; in 140,000 of those cases, the underlying cause of death was listed as COVID-19.[5][31]

Spreading lies is destroying people's lives.

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Quoting Wikipedia is destroying people's lives, come on sock, you know better!

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    Posting a link is not an argument, socko, you better post citations and then post the source of the citations, otherwise you're just blowing smoke up peoples asses.

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    Socks needs more boosters. Many moar.

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    Linking to BBC state media, a far-left newspaper and a Reddit article is incredibly bias.

    Spreading lies is destroying people's lives.


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    He posted a link to reddit, as a source, on saidit.

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      Liberal lies!

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      Funny how all of those sources are controlled by those pushing the protocols of zion.

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      Oh no!! The century old ghosts of the protocols of [the elders of] zion! Contemporary wealthy networks are so dangerous that you're perhaps unaware that disinformation conspiracy theories like this elders of zion BS are used by those networks to make the 99% fight with one another over idiotic theories. Follow the money.

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      lol you folks are scramblin now aintcha teeeehehehehehe

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      You didn't watch the video.

      Though vaccinated people could die of COVID, the vaccine is NOT the cause of those deaths.

      Why are the vaccinated dying more than the unvaccinated?

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      He's made a mistake with his numbers.

      Possibly unintentionally.

      His extrapolated deaths from the unvaccinated group are 45% light of historical UK annual deaths.

      Prior to covid, we were seeing 600,000 deaths.

      He reckons without vaccination it would be 334,000.

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      I think it's intentional, as he's pushed the same kinds of disinformation for 2 years, encouraged by the financial benefits at Youtube, a leading disinformation spreader.

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      Yeah, I noticed there was a lot of debunking of his other videos around.

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      He hasn't made a mistake with his numbers. Please provide a debunking of his numbers.

      What you're showing simply makes his numbers even more interesting. His question:

      Why are the vaccinated dying more than the unvaccinated?

      Is even more relevant and interesting in light of the historical deaths

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      He hasn't made a mistake with his numbers.

      It looks a lot like it to me.

      Please provide a debunking of his numbers.

      He calculates that at the mortality of the unvaccinated, the number of deaths in the UK would be 334,000 per year (See the video at timestamp 1:20). But even before the extra deaths from Covid, the deaths were over 600,000 per year. (See the link in the comment to which you're replying)

      There's something very wrong with his numbers.

      Why are the vaccinated dying more than the unvaccinated?

      If you don't get your numbers wrong the unvaccinated die more.

      As to why, I would guess mostly fewer deaths due to CoVID in the vaccinated group. But the also contributing would be that the vaccinated are more likely to be more educated which is related to better off, and a whole host of other health benefits.

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      It looks a lot like it to me.

      Prove it

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      Prior to covid 19 vaccinations, everyone was unvaccinated.

      So empirical evidence shows that the annual deaths without vaccinations were 610,000 or so. This genius calculates 334,000.

      He's wrong by about 45%.

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      You Are assuming the groups Are comparable and randomized. They Arent. You failed science 101

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      That's the deaths for the whole UK, not a sample.

      If there's something about his unvaccinated group that makes them does at only half the rate of unvaccinated people prior to covid, then that the reason for the difference between his vaccinated and unvaccinated groups, and not the vaccination.

      What am i missing?

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      You are the one spreading lies.

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      Username checks out.

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      Even if you believe all those ridiculous hit pieces, electing someone who wouldn't mandate the covid vax or censor and otherwise punish people for having different opinions is not "authoritarian". You seem to think the word means the opposite of its actual definition.

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      What's the over under on your myocarditis that doesn't exist? Very difficult for someone to admit they fell for the propaganda and likely did life altering damage, I wish you the best with your lies.

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      Although I have read NAC, Nattokinase, and bromalin (aka pineapples) all help break these spike proteins down, so that might help if you are having weird heart or circulatory issues after getting the mRNA shots, but I am no doctor, I am just repeating what I have read so do you own research.

      Serrapitase too.

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      This is horseshit. This man is making up statistics out of his asshole. There is nothing worse (or more despicable) than people who have to lie in order to persuade the gullible into dangerous practices, such as avoiding very safe vaccinations. There is no date from the British government reporting that vaccinated people are dying more than unvaccinated, and that's because it simply is not true. The unvaccinated are dying in Britain and elsewhere at a more than 20 times rate compared to those who are vaccinated. Don't be stupid and put yourself and other's lives at risk with this utter nonense.

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      How much do they pay you on your troll farm? 😂😂😂

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      The unvaccinated are dying in Britain and elsewhere at a more than 20 times rate compared to those who are vaccinated

      Please use ONS data to prove this

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      I work with the World Health Organization, I don't need to "prove" anything to you for any reason.

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      What a joke

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      Wikipedia basically destroys this guy....

      Only thing he seems to optimize for is views.

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      It really doesn't. You can write an article highlighting mistakes on anyone. Some of which may themselves be wrong or exaggerated. Imagine if they wrote an article highlighting all the errors, mistakes, and false statements Fauci made?

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      Wikipedia isn't trustworthy

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      It's a pretty good starting point.

      The community are pretty good at keeping the bullshit down.

      But they don't have eyes everywhere.

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      Ah, yes, Wikipedia. That oh-so-neutral repository of basic knowledge. /s

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      You're seriously using Wikipedia to back an argument?

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      Wikipedia is propaganda. They regularly censor true information and push lies. Then have the audacity to excuse their propaganda by saying they don't have the resources to verify all information.

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      Doesn't really destroy him on anything. JC simply presents scientific papers and official data in his videos. If he were pushing misinformation, his channel would have been banned long ago. He does a new video every day. If he ever made a mistake or presented a paper that was later retracted, he's the first one to admit it and clarify. He's made thousands of videos and Wikipedia only writes up a few vague smears. Not really credible.

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      The only person that died of "Covid" in our extended family took the clot shot. The rest of us took ivermectin. We still have a stockpile.

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      The unvaccinated were obviously going to be substantially younger and healthier overall. Amazing how some people wont let this vax conspiracy-that the elite were intentionally poisoning themselves-rest.

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      It is trivial to correct for age and the data still shows the same. What is ammazing is how people like you will use excuses like this to burry your head in the sand and completely miss the irony that you are "debunking" real data with an excuse you pulled yout of your ass which has no real scientific riggor.

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      I had the same thought, but if you bothered to watch the video you see it is broken down by age range. Pharma companies got billions of dollars in profits and politicians got millions of dollars in contributions. Plenty of motivation for pushing a dangerous product to market. When have pharma companies ever NOT been guilty of that? From thalidomide to oxycodone, the examples are myriad.

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      The unvaccinated were obviously going to be substantially younger

      People like you will make up any excuse to deny facts. You don't live in reality. You live in propaganda world.

      The data is across all age groups. What's your next excuse? (That's a rhetorical question. I don't want to know)

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      Exactly what we can expect from an injection that has over 50% direct measurable side-effects.
      The experimental injections are not safe and not effective

      I also see that the negative replies here only use logical fallacies, like ad-hominem.
      That means that all evidence point towards a disaster.

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      this dude was gung ho pro vax at the onset. he seems really disingenuous to me. i don’t believe he has a true, self invested position on anything.

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      Imagine if you will, a world where people are able to evolve their opinions based on new information. Wouldn't it be amazing if that could happen?

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      the extent to which he was advocating experimental medicine coupled with the fact that youtube treats him very favorably suggested to me that he was paid advertising. i’m not gonna just suddenly forget that because he changed his tune later on.

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      He changed his mind as more evidence came out. He's furious that he was misinformed about the vaccine being safe and effective.

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      I don't know anything about this guy, but people who are willing to change their position based on evidence are far more credible than those who aren't.

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      He used to be bluepilled and now he's completely redpilled. It's not disingenuous. You could follow his transition in real life. As someone who was already redpilled, it was fun to watch

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      All the more reason to believe him.

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      Many of those who are now considered by the establishment to be the most evil demons (Robert Malone and Peter McCullough come to mind) initially supported the vaccines and/or took the jabs themselves. Part of Malone's story is his own adverse event. Many people who used to trust "the system" got very badly burned by the events of 2020/21 and are among its most ardent enemies now because of the direct harms they received in return for their trust. Those of us who were already suspicious in mid-2020 were small in number; we could see the same patterns repeated through decades of this kind of crap and were already aware of it. But before these events, I treated even my own ideas with caution. "Conspiracy Theory" was a much more plausible label in 2020. By the end of 2020, the label ceased to have any humor in it at all. All truth entered "conspiracy" and the only "information" remaining was lies. The 1984-ization of modern discourse was complete, and we have lived in this model now for the past 4 years.

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      A hell of a way for a Brit to get confirmation that their countrymen were retarded.

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      massive lawsuit time

      and of the government/politico/media wankers who continue to push these death-vax(tm) after reports on this effect came out and the wankers labeled disinformation - how many have been fired/charged with negligence ????

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      If anyone wants to know why John Campbell pulled the video, it was after the more or less guys approached him about his request for peer review:

      The peer review was that he underestimated the death rate in the unvaccinated group by a factor of 2, by getting the relevant population wrong by a factor of 2.

      They also point out that the age-adjusted mortality rate in all age groups is lower amongst the vaccinated.