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I can't believe the judge said people can't block others on their own twitter if they're politicians. That's such a weird and pointless ruling. Good luck to this guy for trying to consistently apply the law.

I imagine it'll go up to the supreme court or something, and they'll change it back. Because blocking just blocks who you see, it doesn't block that person for everyone, right?

In theory this means you can just endlessly harass someone on twitter and they have no recourse right? That's why I don't like this. Until twitter themselves blocks that person. And twitter can apparently do whatever it wants. But god forbid someone block someone on their own account.

What a bizarre ruling.

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I can't believe the judge said people can't block others on their own twitter if they're politicians.

It denies people freedom of association. Someone should stand in front of this judge's house and shout obscenities at them until they finally get it.

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I guess in real life that'd be considered harassment and you'd get removed by police eventually.

However on twitter you can just not read it, just scroll past it... I really don't get why this is even a thing that was taken to court. I think a higher court would throw it out

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We're supposed to have the right to petition our government for redress of grievances though. Actually I don't like the idea of politicians personally engaging the public on social media because it's such a waste of time. Especially goddamn Twatter because it's SJW Central. Public figures should just hire people to manage their socmed presences.

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Actually I don't like the idea of politicians personally engaging the public on social media because it's such a waste of time.

Yeah I kind of agree with that. Same about giving speeches though, imo. Everything is just PR and so few real actions are actually taken. I wish they could only be judged on how well they do their jobs, their voting records, and nothing else.

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CSPAN is okay for seeing what goes on in congress. Accountability requires voters to actually pay attention and punish failure. That won't happen any time soon, especially because party loyalty is all anyone cares about.

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And the media could help with that, but is instead taking us in the opposite direction, of focusing on frivolity.

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Yeah, it seems democracy is a deeply flawed system. Too many exploits. People bitch about too much money in politics, but no one considers why that may be. It's because politicians have to campaign for votes. And they pander and lie anyway.

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Well democracy clearly doesn't work the way we're doing it, that much has become obvious. There's too many laws, we need a simpler system so people can actually know what it is. We also need another system beyond first-past-the-post because this 2-party nonsense is a big part of the problem. It has created an inflexible duopoly, and they do their best to box out any competition. That's why no real progress is made, it's not a real "free market" of voting. And the media being bought-and-sold adds another layer of problems.

Not sure what the solution is. But it's clear our government is taking us for a ride, and that we're not driving the bus anymore. That's the core thing that needs to change, and the core reason why monarchies ended. Once people get in to power, it's hard to get them out.

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Monarchy would be better. It'd do away with all the bullshit, and when shit goes bad everyone knows who's to blame.

Seriously though, considering the harm done by the centralized govt. I'd like to shrink it down as much as possible. What does California have in common with Ohio? Not a damn thing. The policy that California wants comes at the expense of other states. I can drive to the capital of my state in a few hours, but no one in DC has any reason to respond to me.

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AOC Derangement is just as real as Trump Derangement and SJW Derangement. LOL Hilarious!!
Mass Media is fucking up many minds : )

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Hmm. Not really the same thing.

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"Republican hack files frivolous lawsuit that will get thrown out by first judge who sees it."