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That level of bus driver professionalism is just one of the potential downsides of moving to Mexico. Cultural practices and views of the world vary across different populations, as do characteristics and abilities. You're going to run across a variety of examples like this if you do move to Mexico.

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The Buddha is against suffering. He would probably say your expectations of bus driver professionalism are the cause of your suffering, and that you should detach from them.

You know, it resembles rationalizing contentment in a low-trust society. Sad, really.

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Buddhism is a way to induce depression and dissociation when your life hasn't been hard enough to justify having such things.

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I think you're selectively quoting and intentionally misunderstanding /s/Buddhism. I could easily misquote tonnes of shit in the Bible or any other text. If you want legit Buddhist stuff to shit on let me know.