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It would depend on the fathers.

There is a theory that women are attracted to more macho men when they are fertile. This means there's actually a possibility that a daughter who sleeps around when the mood takes her would have stronger, healthier kids than one who is faithful to her nice normal Nigel.

The other side of that is that kids who have a step dad have terrible outcomes on average, and single mothers not that much better.

So what you'd really want for the healthiest grandkids is a daughter who is so deceptive she can sleep with Chad once a month and keep her safe Nigel completely obvious to the fact none of their kids are actually his.

However this isn't how real life plays out. Most slutty women have terrible taste in men. This is because they act the way they do as they are desperate for love, not due to sexual instinct. So they are more likely to have a row of weak, skinny, scumbag fathers who no other woman would even look at and kids just as useless.

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Childless. Slutty women don't make great moms, she's almost guaranteed to fuck up the grandkids.

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your genes would be ruined by a slut daughter getting with subpar males

Really you need sons to pass your genes and your name. A daughter doesn't really matter, they pass the genes of some other man.

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That's not actually how genes work.

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just genes don't matter, it's the family line, we don't usually think so clinically, you want your family name to go on in a good way and that doesn't work with a slut

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Neither. If I sensed my daughter is going childless direction, I would likely intervene before it's too late. I think it's the personal responsibility of the father, as is the paternal control over her to prevent the daughter becoming a slut. My female cousin is childless (possibly a virgin?) and my male cousin has two boys. They both lost their father when they were adolescents. I can only speculate but I believe she would already have had a family if her father had not died. She is sad and exhausted with lots of issues, which is, imho, indirectly related to her (childless) situation.

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I would rather have a childless daughter.

A slut goes through a ton of turmoil and fucked-up feelings while she's living and fucking everyone that comes along. The people she brings into her life are not positive for her, and they are not helping themselves ... everyone is very hedonistic and self-centered, and using sex to make themselves feel better. I wouldn't want my daughter to experience the pain and anguish that comes from not knowing who she is and what horrible things everyone thinks of her while she's a slut, and then the overwhelming anxiety once she finally figures it out and has to work through it to become a better person and find peace. If she ever can, because she's always going to be judged as a "slut" for her past.

A childless daughter does still experience troubles, don't get me wrong. But she has made a decision for herself, for her lifetime and any partner she chooses. A childless daughter already has been forward-thinking, and will be more able to shut-down any negativity towards her chosen lifestyle. She chooses her "family" and community based on shared values, rather than bloodline or who fucked her best.

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Isn't the childless daughter a vile social parasite using the resources that men have generate while not passing them on, as was the deal, as well as depriving a decent man from being a father and patriarch? Shouldn't it be legal to kill her?

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I don't think of it as "men are responsible for everything so the rest of us can exist" and "women are responsible for accepting the fallout/compromising after that". I don't have the answers to the creation of existence, but I can say that I do not believe humans are the foundation, and therefore, neither men or women are since we're just categories of human.

I think both men and women end up in our own roles and relations to each other, and neither can take credit for the other - both of us find our place together.

But being a slut doesn't work out for either of us. On the other side of "daughter is a slut" is "son is a slut". That's the parasitic relationship. A slutty girl gets dick from guys who don't care about the future or anyone's worth. Your son chooses to fuck slut pussy instead of bettering himself.

If you feel being a father and patriarch is the best a man can be, and your son believes that too, then your son wouldn't be fucking a slut. He should be finding a woman with the same values and building a future with his family. It's not the sluts fault he isn't, that's his decision.

A childless woman is not a parasite or deserving of death. A childless woman isn't depriving a man of being a father and patriarch - she is excluding herself from "the deal" she didn't agree to, and allowing him to decide who he wants to be with.

Do you believe women exist for the sole reason of making babies and submitting to men?

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should just use stoning to punish the sluts