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I can relate to things Incels say sometimes. I have had experiences of unrequited love or infatuations, and the only person I ever dated so far wasn't necessarily my ideal or at least not 70% of my ideal. It is a frustrating experience from puberty to this day.

My "dream girl" is genetically very rare, not to mention I deal with the above "incel" traits and my specific unicorns who do exist are 50% or more already taken. I hate that women are having extra-marital sex left and right and less men are even having any sex at all.

Why does God still believe in the imperative against pre-marital sex in light of these circumstances?

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But to your horror she is smiling big and very naturally giggling in response to everything he says.

She never liked you at the first place.

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Plot twist, the guy in this scenario is 45.

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Girls like confident, fun guys who will show them a good time. If a gorgeous babe walked up to you during the same scenario, complimented you, and asked for a date, I bet you would too.

Is this a real life scenario, or are you building constructs of self doubt in your own mind? As they say, fear is the mindkiller.

If you wanna get laid, or more importantly, I think, find a partner in this world. I'll try to help you. Be wary of taking advice from people who don't have any success.

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Well... you probably should have asked her out for drinks instead of going shopping to a mall or whatever. But I get it, socializing can be difficult.

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Not going on an activity which she'd usually go on with her girl friends seems obvious now you mention it.

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Imagine you'd experience the scenario portrayed in the video. I've almost completely ceased any but basic socialization since I left high school a long time ago because the social dynamics got pretty harsh at times. I personally witnessed guys getting ghosted in a similar fashion as is seen in the video.

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She seems different, not the kind of girl who would be into douchebags

Got me in the first part ngl. There aren't such girls.

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Imagine after being incel for years...

There is a reason for this.

Hit the gym, gain some self-confidence, and then maybe in a year or two you can be the douchebag.

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Lifting weights doesn't make a difference.

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Being a man and being anti-testosterone seems to be planning to fail.

Low testosterone makes men depressed, you need a healthy amount to also not be a whiny douchebag.