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Wouldn't there be ideological clashes between members of different faiths? Muslims and Christians are inclusive groups. Wouldn't this sort of elitism turn them off? Also, how would you gauge prospective members intelligence? What about mensa? Are you a member and if so, wouldn't it be easier culling from that particular group? I like the idea but am wary of the ethical implications of eugenicism. But, like you, I enjoy being surrounded by intelligent people with critical thinking skills and find little fulfilment talking about the weather and sports with average joes. I'm a bastard Christian with GAD and a 136 IQ. Can I join?

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I wouldn't mix Muslims and Christians, so no clash. I would avoid presenting it as elitism, which should solve that. The test is to play the game of go at a basic level, see the site. I let my Mensa membership expire after I was banned from their forum for being too politically incorrect. They seem like mostly a liberal bunch. The game of go is a better test than just IQ because it tests a variety of useful traits. Of course you can join if you pass the 2 tests, please see the site. You can also join the Old Testament reading for some tolerable conversation.

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I will have a look when time permits it. I'm not familiar with the Chinese game of Go. If there's a bit of a learning curve involved, it would be a bit arbitrary to use that as an assessment tool. The rules of chess, for example, are fairly easy to learn. Strategies, specific moves, anticipating and countering the opponent's play take a while to master. That being said, I'm not a great chess player but I excel at Scrabble. Anyway, I'll try to further my knowledge of Go...