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Very good post and I unashamedly subscribe to the thesis of para 2. Let's get over with this "no-one owes you sex, u inkwell" straw man. In a civilized society anyone has duties and expectations. I am not an anarchist nor a libertarian. I don't believe it would be fair if top 0.01% of capitalists would somehow manage to grab 99.99% of a state's income. Likewise, I don't think it's good for a society to tolerate that a relatively small number of men can hoard women, leaving some 5-10% of men hopelessly sex-starved. This demotivates said incels and ultimately destabilizes the society. The solution here is monogamy, that guarantees that almost any man can find a wife and can concentrate on more important things than chasing women.

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      Well I'm not exactly sure what you mean by sluttiness

      Sluttiness means female promiscuity based on female choice.

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      I knew a lot of sluts in college. It was amazing how a new younger batch of girls at the start of each term opened upperclass girl's legs as soon as they started taking all the boys. Any girl that still had her legs clamped together by the end of her junior year was ignored senior year. To many new cunts were available every September.

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      go back to

      for sane people, look into the Nordic Model:

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      I am not incel.

      Go back to Reddit.

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      You did order a foreign bride, dude. Come on, women you don't have to pay for are out of your grasp, you should keep your low IQ thoughts on women to yourself.

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      wait did this incel really pay a half million dollars to have sex?

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      I didn't order a foreign bride. I went to Mexico to find a wife. Naturally in feminist countries where women want evil moronic scum, I can't get women, but I wouldn't want them anyway. In non-feminist countries, there is no problem.

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        I had some advantage in going to Mexico some time ago when it was less feminist. But still, America is the worst country in the world for decent men to date precisely because prostitution isn't tolerated, so all women are constantly pursued for sex. So Mexico is still much better.

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        Obviously any Mexican wants a rich Gringo husband. Sure that's gonna work out great.

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        I was poor at the time. But it did work great anyway.

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        US Citizenship costs half a million if you're willing to invest in a distressed area, a cool mil it you don't. The most valuable thing about you wasn't your current assets.

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        Except that she could have married any American for that, and she wouldn't have had trouble finding one.

        You obviously miss the core point. All cultural Americans are vile human scum who hate everything good and love what is horrible. The women love evil morons. So of course they hate me. One has to go outside of depraved modern culture to find people who like what is good.

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        I was just drunk and being pissy dude. ✌️

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        She did marry any American. She got literally to bottom of the barrel.

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        Modern scum illustrating my point

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        Except some women do like sex work, and nobody chooses to work at McDonalds either. There is nothing sane about criminalizing the activity of consenting adults. Human trafficking and coercion should obviously remain illegal. A person is not a criminal just because they are willing to pay to engage in an activity that everybody does

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        On this very website, last week, we saw a letter from the government in germany telling a woman she would have unemployment benefits cut if she didn't work at a brothel. Shit-for-brains who think sex work is legitimate are ok with this.

        Only the lowest of losers in society pay for sex. 'everybody' is a stretch, and that's being generous with the term 'stretch'

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        "Only the lowest of losers in society pay for sex." demonstrably nonsensical argument. In modern west, sexual success is correlated with low-class attributes like disinhibition, proneness to substance-abuse, aggressiveness etc. There was even a Youtube clip about an unemployed drug-taker who would just seduce women in the streets to have a shower and lunch once a week or so. And he offered "quality" sex for said women in return.

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            Brutal pinkpill

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            So you believe the mainstream bullshit. That's your source, right? My lawyer handled some "human trafficking" cases. It works like this... A brothel gets raided. Illegals working there are given a choice. Either say that they were trafficked in which case they are given citizenship because they were abused. Or get deported. Given that choice, what do you think they do? That's how the government scum create human trafficking cases.

            If you believe mainstream bullshit, I hope you have been vaccinated 100 times.

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            One of the good things about the last place I lived in is that prostitution was relatively easy to come by. This is why I have some hope for the liberal bureaucratic hellholes of the world. They are too inefficient to enforce their complicated laws so we see robust black markets emerge. This is why I think the nonmoronic revolution might start with nonmorons moving to a major liberal city, and living symbiotically with the black market thugs.

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            There will be no nonmoronic revolution because there are no nonmorons among the masses. The only nonmorons are in the elite.

            But I agree that the American Left and Right are equally horrible, just in different ways. Thankfully modern culture should collapse soon enough. And then prostitution will be widely available.