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When dealing with modern scum, the ends justifies the means, so don't worry.

In a civilized society, your apartment wouldn't have been constructed of cheap crap, so you wouldn't even hear your neighbor's dog. In a civilized society, if your neighbor did disturb you in some way, you should notify him first before complaining to a higher authority. But you don't live in a civilized society.

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The walls are so thin here that last night I could hear a young woman next door trying but failing to contain her moans while she was getting fucked by a Chad. This was actually one of the things that pushed me over the edge, because whether the tenant was the slut or the Chad, the fact that the tenant was having sex in modern culture means the tenant must be scum. Then I figured that since the tenant is scum, the reason they are letting their dog bark like this is probably purely because they are extremely inconsiderate. So in an impulsive fit of rage I contacted the apartment complex. I was planning on leaving a note on their door, but these are the thoughts that made me change my mind.

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Oof. No. People who keep dogs in an apartment are deranged.

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I agree.