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Hi im new to infohash can u tell me please how to use them? I cant add the link using magnet:?xt=urn:btih: which is the only help i found on google, how to ad this to bittorrent?

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Just paste them into your Bittorrent program. Most programs accept them now.

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21:17 The topic is: socks ❤️ eddie
21:17 Topic set by musky-the-nigger on 22 January 2024, 23:44:00
21:43 socks-is-a-nigger fuck this shithole.
21:59 musky-the-nigger ^
21:59 musky-the-nigger fuck you socks
22:00 musky-the-nigger I didnt do shit. Fuck chat.
22:08 Hematomato Why do we hate chat now?
22:09 musky-the-nigger smells boot polish
22:09 musky-the-nigger oh hey hematoma
22:11 washingtons ed's bots are causing chaos.
22:12 musky-the-nigger hahaha those are elbow grease bots
22:19 washingtons so it isnt auotomatic, he is doing it by hand?
22:26 neolib he's copy pasting to chatgpt and back (by hand), probably has some custom prompt too
22:27 musky-the-nigger feddy eddy is one with the machine
22:27 musky-the-nigger automate your personality and shit
22:36 Musky has kicked STUMPMONKEYS (Musky)
22:37 ~Musky Ed is ridiculously bad at tech
22:39 musky-the-nigger i love the sound effects on his 'trading bot' though
22:40 musky-the-nigger did you hear his mp3 where he sang with his lady?
22:40 ~Musky No, I didn't know about her till the other day.   That's pretty fucked up he bought a boat with a schizo's money
22:42 musky-the-nigger oof that is fucked up
22:43 musky-the-nigger isnt this nigger chat? unban him so we can lynch him
22:43 neolib he's telling different things all the time - the other day he said the deal was cancelled
22:44 neolib and now it went through again
22:44 musky-the-nigger showing pictures of not your boat is pretty fucked
22:44 ~Musky He's not banned, I just kick his accounts.   I don't think he knows the difference tho.   And then a new one shows up and it gets added to the list
22:45 ~Musky $2400 for a boat seems kinda insane unless there's something very wrong with it
22:46 ~Musky The list of Ed's alts that is.   Last I checked the banlist is actually full.   You need to remove a ban to ban anyone new
22:46 musky-the-nigger well its kinda small and old, they are $5k all day long on CL
22:46 ~Musky Huh
22:46 musky-the-nigger i hope he can even stand up in the mfer
22:46 ~Musky Lol
22:46 musky-the-nigger he has 1 room exactly
22:46 ~Musky I hope the toliet works so he can stop shitting in a blue 5 gallon bucket
22:47 detty lolwut
22:47 ~Musky slaps detty around a bit with a large trout
22:47 musky-the-nigger yeah maybe he had to jump ship for hygeine and safety
22:47 detty slaps Musky around a bit with a large trout
22:47 musky-the-nigger this boat can actually boat at least, leave the dock
22:47 ~Musky He said he shits in a bucket
22:48 ~Musky Allegedly
22:48 ~Musky His last boat was one room too.   Living in a dorm room sized boat seems pretty shitty
22:49 musky-the-nigger yeah it does. i think its about the cheap ass rent.
22:49 musky-the-nigger like living in an RV
22:51 detty leave the old man alone, he's too busy trading to buy a normal house
22:52 detty the journey to success starts with shitting in a blue bucket or something like that idk
22:52 detty he said he's down by 15k but nevermind
22:54 ~Musky I thought he was down 22k?
22:55 ~Musky He was down 13k last year, his bot has been busy losing him money
22:58 musky-the-nigger hahah
22:58 musky-the-nigger i tried to tell him about paper trading
22:58 ~Musky I remember, you and Phooey both.
22:59 musky-the-nigger I mean, whatever keeps the psychos from killing again
23:00 musky-the-nigger he can trade from his poop bucket and leave society alone
23:00 ~Musky He went to prison for check fraud
23:00 musky-the-nigger noice
23:00 musky-the-nigger his gangster buddys were jews
23:00 musky-the-nigger thats why he loves the jews
23:00 musky-the-nigger buddies
23:01 ~Musky They didn't tap that ass as much, he was a booty princess
23:01 musky-the-nigger hahaa
23:01 detty lol
23:02 musky-the-nigger this explains why he wrote code from prison too
23:02 musky-the-nigger jews are too cheap to hire someone else
23:02 musky-the-nigger but now they wont even buy him his limo
23:03 musky-the-nigger we could do a gofundme to buy him a new toilet
23:04 ~Musky He can't code worth a fuck.   He was complaining the other day that CF made it difficult for his bots to click the "I am a human button"  😂
23:04 detty nah, let him dump his shit bucket in the sea
23:06 ~Musky He's complaining his VB script can't do exactly what CF is meant to stop in an easy manner.   
23:06 ~Musky Eddie could have just googled that shit and saved him a lot of time.
23:06 musky-the-nigger hahaha
23:06 musky-the-nigger oh that's hilarious
23:08 Musky has kicked anotherpop (Musky)
23:08 musky-the-nigger he thought everyone used cloudflare for shits and giggles
23:08 musky-the-nigger theyre tracking your fucking mouse movement patterns
23:09 ~Musky Yea
23:10 ~Musky It's crazy, he wasted all this time doing ofshit that's never going to work.
23:10 ~Musky all this shit*
23:10 ~Musky A trading bot with trig, bypassing CF with some kiddy script level ability
23:11 ~Musky And he bought API access to a LLP apparently, but he never thought to use it for trading, or to just run his own model.
23:12 ~Musky LLM*
23:12 ~Musky The dude is 61, I guess it's better than most people his age
23:16 ~Musky In other news, Trump has been buds with Netanyahu since the 1980s.    There's not a single presidential candidate who doesn't love Israel.
23:16 musky-the-nigger well if he asked for help hed be miles ahead
23:16 musky-the-nigger amen. same shit different decade.
23:17 musky-the-nigger they all go pray to the wailing wall with a yamakuh
23:17 musky-the-nigger it's fucking weird right? 20 millionsjews just happen to be in the middle of everything
23:19 ~Musky Every.   Single.   Fuckin.   Time.
23:19 musky-the-nigger hahahah you fucking nazi
23:20 musky-the-nigger sometimes the truth hurts
23:20 musky-the-nigger get rekt jews
23:20 musky-the-nigger international respect for jews is at an all time low
23:20 musky-the-nigger hella funny
23:20 ~Musky I suspect that's because the average Jew is slightly more intelligent than the average goyim, 
23:20 ~Musky but they have this greedy bloodthirsty self-aggrandizing racial handicap so instead of using 
23:20 ~Musky their powers for good they use it to enrich themselves at the expense of others
23:21 musky-the-nigger i should say a modern history low
23:21 ~Musky "Shut it down!"
23:21 musky-the-nigger hah truth
23:21 musky-the-nigger that babylonian talmud seems to be some toxic ass trash
23:22 musky-the-nigger cough cough maybe like the quran
23:22 ~Musky There's people talking mad shit about Jews, but they're getting shut down left and right.   Even Elon Musk has had to bend the knee
23:22 musky-the-nigger shit, i banned Ye for weak ass shit years ago
23:23 musky-the-nigger elon*
23:24 musky-the-nigger the tunnel jews thing is just peak 🤡🌎 

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