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prosecutors with the 8th Judicial District Attorney’s Office had not scheduled preliminary hearings for the five defendants within 10 days of their incarceration, a requirement under New Mexico Supreme Court rules

So someone pressured the DA into dropping the case. It's not some aww shucks clerical error.

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So bizarre. Seems they were obviously training them to do school shootings for Islamic jihad reasons, and they found a kid's skeleton buried in a tunnel below the isolated compound... I don't know how they can so quickly dismiss charges. Remember the OJ trials took years? And here this is completely over in like 2 weeks?

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i bet they picked the site of the compound in a jurisdiction of a controlled judge, purposefully, jic something like this happens. they have all bases covered.

it was said that the deep state has its own army, navy, air force etc, why not a whole corrupt legal system then too.

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This was handled very oddly from the get-go. Highly suspicious of the entire affair.