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I thought this was interesting because it elaborates on some contradictions of the Trump campaign and presidency, like how Trump attracted part of his base with race baiting while at the same time Trump's inner circle has a heavy Jewish influence and history.

With 3 long term Trump insiders ready to testify against him, maybe things will get interesting.

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D3rr Do you have an example of Trump Race baiting?

I assume I know what you're going to say- BUt I didn't want to Explain why you were wrong to interpret that as "Race baiting"... And have it turn out that you were talking about something else...

In all Seriousness. You're out of your mind If you think any of those "long term Trump insiders" Have anything on trump that can hurt him- And I mean HURT HIM. You do realize that He had every intelligence agency on earth, Trying to uncover dirt on him- Right? What did they find? Well nothing- Hence the Fake Trump Dossier.

Trump is the president- Because nothing Can hurt him- If They even try to move on impeachment based on any of this bullshit- He starts Declassifying everything. The people trying to take him down, have committed SOO MANY verifiable, Documented Crimes....Trump paid a porn star To not Talk about their relationship-

I'd imagine we will see a lot of declassifying Come Mid Terms, Regardless of how trump is fairing with the deepstate.

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There are a couple of examples in this article, particularly some ads he ran and his Charlottesville comments. Yes race baiting might not be the best word, but Steve Bannon clearly lead a campaign that appealed to nationalism and maybe more.

I agree they might not have anything on Trump, and that he can maybe counter anything that gets brought up. What gives me pause is that we're talking about his own personal lawyer who probably have 10 years of questionable activities to choose from and reveal.

TPTB could probably take Trump down on purpose using Cohen but I doubt that's their intention.