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The cause of "leftism" is driven by violent retards. Around ~1/2 of their most loyal voter-base, blacks, are literally dumber than a gorilla. A gorilla named Koko scored between 75 and 95 on Iq tests. The average U.S black has an iq of 85.

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they can't recognize their image in a mirror

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Really? I find that hard to imagine when cats and dogs can.

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You're being retarded. You know damn well that it is the ignorant college educated whites who are virtue signaling over this.

Talk about an ironic argument to make.

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Heres a link to four different large scale studies which support the above, 85 was being generous most studies show the average IQ of Africans to be from 66-68 which qualifies as mentally retarded in western countries.

edit: heres another one

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About Koko's IQ tests:

This is interesting:

Over the years other apes have been administered intelligence tests. An orang once reportedly scored about 200 on an infant intelligence test, a result that may have said more about the orang’s faster maturing motor control than its reasoning abilities, although there is no question that oranges are bright. Viki, the female chimp who was the subject of an early attempt to teach spoken language to an ape, was given a number of intelligence tests and performed quite well. She did better than a control group of human infants up to the age of eighteen months, and matched their performance until about age three. Source:

According to your logic Orangutans are much species than humans.

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That was only one of the several tests given to Koko.

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Were there any IQ tests given to her that were not infant IQ tests? When she was an adult, was she given adult human IQ tests? Can you give sources?

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I mean, right in your source it says Koko took more than just an infant intelligence test...

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And we always hear that the left is better educated.

My arse...

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They are "educated" in the sense that they have been indoctrinated into the Marxist cult. Beyond that, you would be very hard pressed to find anyone else even approaching their insane level of ignorance.

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Exception that proves the rule

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Depends which left you're referring to.

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Goes to show just how incredibly ignorant people can be while being absolutely sure they are right, particularly communists.

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Bahaha. As a Swede, I support the removal of our brother's flag! Damn oil barons. <3

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Agreed. The best form of the letter. <3

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I love lundin energy too

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pretends like you didn't say anything

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These people are high level idiots.

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Lansing. Michigan is not sending their best.

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god what a fucking idiot

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Americans are so fucking dumb lmao

Inb4 b-but muh partisan politics

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Ikr, like omg so much duh. Lmao, not fucking smart like you, amiright? Inb4.....(insert rando muh duh derr position statement).

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Triggered burger spotted

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Is that a derogatory name for american?

If so, I totally appreciate the humor even though I'm an american. The european historical aspect just adds to it.

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It's funny but mostly sad how much white Americans try to cozy up to Europeans, considering that most Europeans view "Irish" and "Italian" Americans the same way actual Africans view black Americans (i.e. chubby weirdos who think you've got something in common because your great great great grandpas used to live on the same continent). Nevertheless, though somewhat contested, the Hamburger is considered an American invention. Sorry about your culture.

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We all have positives and negatives of our cultures and history. I wasn't talking about the ground beef sandwich. The word comes from european/german history from well before there was a USA.

btw.. from my own personal experience... the american/irish are way more easy to deal with than the actual recently arrived Irish. The latter tend to be way way more alcoholic and belligerent. I like to hope the ones who stay in Ireland aren't like that. The african immigrants are a very mixed group and it isn't easy to make any generalizations.

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I wasn't talking about the ground beef sandwich.

Well I was, and you were responding to me, so you were too. The "invention" of the ground beef burger was credited to a woman in Connecticut in the 1900s.

I wasn't talking about new immigrants, I was talking about the American guy with his DNA test who thinks he somehow has anything to do with actual European culture because the results say he is 65% european and his grandma told him he is 1/8th Irish.

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This user is promoting a shill demoralization meme used widely on other sites for years. Where false perception is made that portrays Americans of European descent as being only 65% European. It's called 'Le 65% meme' and is believed to of originated from the J Eye d'eff.

This user is either ignorant or intentionally spreading this propaganda. It is commonly known that most white Americans are 98%+ European with small amounts of Native American admixture. User through even rudimentary research should know this.

User is also spreading their own pre-existing hatred for America, that goes well above and beyond expected normal amounts of criticism and is circumspect to some suspicion judging from the amount of unrestrained zeal expressed.

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Hate is a strong word, I prefer to say I dislike america. Not a shill, but if anyone is demoralized by being told they're only 65% european, then I thoroughly enjoy it. Nice heritage bro, but I don't think "europe" wants you back.

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You are deflecting and not addressing the argument. You are well aware of the facts, yet go through the trouble to create anecdotal stories to facilitate spreading disinformation. To put it so someone like you can understand it: You are lying, and you know it. The real question is motive.

Demoralization used consistently is an attempt to wear down an opponent's will power using perception and sentiment management.

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Well I was, and you were responding to me, so you were too.

My apologies. I thought you were making a more high brow multilevel joke.

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Oh no, I wanted to make sure people like you can understand it.

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what an ironic thing to say....

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Triggered by your inability to form a coherent comment beyond emoticon level vitriol. Yet another misandrist with such low self esteem that if you couldn't identify as a lesbian, you wouldn't have any identity at all...glad to hear you have such a great relationship with your parents too.

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inability to form a coherent comment beyond emoticon level vitriol

Just doing my part to fit in here.

Yet another misandrist with such low self esteem that if you couldn't identify as a lesbian, you wouldn't have any identity at all...glad to hear you have such a great relationship with your parents too.

Well you're kind of right about the misandry, but that's mostly because men are quite a sensitive bunch and anything short of getting down on your knees and sucking their dick is considered hate these days. The rest is wrong. I welcome you to keep trying though!

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Just doing my part to fit in here

This is only a problem with all the low quality reddit tier users lately, including but not limited to users that for some reason think it's edgy to put some variation of lesbian in their user names to announce to the world the only defining achievement in their cognitively challenged lives....."Hey, look at me everyone, I'm a _____"...As if anyone even cares. Pathetic attention whoring. Here, have a patronizing pat on your mis-shapen shaved head.

The rest is wrong.

Yes I'm sure, tell me more about how both of your parents are proud of you and you're not in any way a disappointment.

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This doesn't even look like the rebel flag. There aren't even any stars... at least the US flag has stars.

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See, liberals can be ignoramuses too. Confirmed.