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Kyle is fucking idiot who never should have been there, but goddamn is he brave and does he have some massive balls.

The dude will never have to buy himself a drink at a bar for the rest of his life.

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No, he's a patriot who will keep the forest of liberty well-irrigated.

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Do you believe in freedom? If so then why SHOULD he not have been there?

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Because the government is permitting the riots, and you do not fight the government of the globe's only superpower without so much as a spare mag.

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Or stay home instead of running around at night with a gun you're not supposed to have. Always an option.

Play stupid games, win stupid prizes.

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It's the rioters who should stay home. He has a constitutionally protect right to have that gun.

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You have a constitutionally protected right to be a dipshit. It doesn't mean you should exercise it.

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The dipshits are the people attacking anyone who disagrees with them and burning down the businesses of people who have absolutely nothing to do with what the rioters are upset about. Kyle the kid is a hero protecting innocent people. You are like ISIS arguing that the US has no business in Iraq blowing up their terrorist training camps.

When the terrorists stop rampaging the heros will stay home.

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The US blows up waaaaaaay more than "terrorist camps" in the ME.

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Holy shit I agreed with you. Most of the time I just want to click that block user thing.

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He should get nobel peace prize for eliminating two dirty kikes. Always an option

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You should get a participation prize for being an edgy teen wonder. Thank you for your contribution.

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The anti-Semitism on this site is off the fucking chain.

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Yup. But that's what you get in a free-speech zone. Even the shittiest of opinions can be voiced with equal strength. The only way to counteract them is not with censorship, but with counter-positions.

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I tend towards mocking them. You can't fight stupid with reason.

You cannot reason someone out of a position they did not reason themselves into......

So I mock. Works for me. If you can point me in the direction of a rational position that they will listen to, I am all ears. Enlighten me, please.

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stop saying "anti-semitism" goy. That must be the most misused word in history.

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That (((person))) is not a goy

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I mostly hang out in the trans-sceptical parts, but occasionally stray outside the fence and it's just awash with



Edit: The other day I saw a comment saying that jazz music is 'very Jewish'

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'I mostly hang out in the trans-sceptical parts.'

Same, that is why I am here. But occasionally click all for the laugh.

'I saw a comment saying that jazz music is 'very Jewish' '

Yeh I saw that one about the Jewish Jazz. I was gonna reply. But I just lacked the energy.

I have a running joke now about how less than 0.5% of the population supposedly run the entire planet and have always done so according to these idiots.

Just shows you how fucking terrible the other 99.5% of the planet must be to have allowed that to occur. Talked about cucked!

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It was a slow process over generations, you nut. Even if they aren't "Jews" they are hiding behind that culture/religion. If you really think they control the whole world though, you are mistaken. They are simply gangsters, thugs, world mercenaries who destroyed the beauty of Scotland, Ireland, the ME, China, Japan, pieces of north Africa, and the First Nations of America. It was a slow process, and not all done by their direct hand. Mostly, it was by manipulating gullible fucks like you into doing it for them. It's happening again, right now, with this BLM bs, and with ISIS in the ME. You should really start looking at a comparative analysis of history, it will bring out specific points you may have missed. Money lenders have been at the forefront of "progress" and suffering since Rome fell.

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Many money lenders in Europe were Italian not Jewish.

Hence why we get the word bank from banco and why the UK pound sign £ is a stylised L for lira.

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Italians... named Shylock.

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As I said in other threads, some people say this evil gang of money lenders originated from ancient Rome and moved elsewhere, others say they were taken from Israel by Rome, or that they at least took ideas and concepts from them. Either way, I'm not certain where the bottom of the rabbit hole goes, I'm not certain it's "Jews" but the fact of the matter is that the past few hundred years, these people have been Jews (or at least hide behind that religion/culture) edit: I should also say that there are plenty of historians who talk about the strange relationship between the Vatican (once a big money center for Christian Europe) and certain Jewish families. Make of that as you will, I am not convinced either way. I just know what is happening in my life

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Exactly this

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Why not? You don't believe in freedom?

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He dindu nuffin

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Says it all.

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Left out 17 yr olds can't open carry in Wisconsin.

Might seem nit-picky, but such is the nature of the law, and that transgression (i.e.: anything he did with that weapon illegally) opens him up to everything else, from a legal standpoint, nothing he did was legal.

Did he act in self defense? At the moment the video clips are available and show what is going on, probably, but they lack context as to what happened prior, and that's irrelevant regardless if he never had the right to open carry in the first place.

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Can't open carry handguns. Long guns are exempt.

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Show me the statute which reflects your position.

Wisconsin is an open carry state. This means that gun owners can carry a loaded gun in public. Gun owners do not need a permit or license to carry a gun in public. A person is considered to be “openly carrying” a gun when a casual observer can see the weapon.

There does not appear to be a differentiation between pistols or long guns here. Enlighten me as to what I have missed, and specifically, how an underage pistol open carrier is ok as a rifle open carrier.

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Buried somewhere in statutes related to hunting. Unless you think the Wisconsin Department of Natural resources is breaking the law with their youth hunting programs. If you look up youth hunting Wisconsin you'll see all sorts of stories / YouTube videos, etc. It's only now that a youth had to put down some berserk Marxists that I'm seeing posts questioning the legality of teens w/rifles.

I'm quite certain a DA stretching for murder charges when there is extreme evidence of self defense would stack any other stuff they had there as well. The fact that they have not shows there is no legal basis at all for it.

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Buried somewhere in statutes related to hunting.

Don't see it. Sorry.

Buried somewhere in statutes related to hunting.

Link to the relevant text.

I'm quite certain a DA stretching for murder charges when there is extreme evidence of self defense would stack any other stuff they had there as well. The fact that they have not shows there is no legal basis at all for it.

18 yrs old is not 17 yrs old. Your boy had no right to open carry. Then he decided to kill people.

Seems pretty cut and dried.

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Wisconsin Legislature 948.60(3)(c)

This section applies only to a person under 18 years of age who possesses or is armed with a rifle or a shotgun if the person is in violation of s. 941.28 or is not in compliance with ss. 29.304 and 29.593.

Translation: it is legal for a person under the age of 18 to open carry a rifle so long as the barrel isn't illegally short, they're not under the age of 12, they're not under the age of 16 without parental supervision, and they're not hunting without a permit. He's clean.

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boo yah

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Not quite, the subsections he quoted relate to hunting. Sorry to say, but your boy is going down, and all the premature booyahs in the world won't stop it from happening.

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looks to me like two of your boys went down.

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My boys? I don't have any boys out in the streets doing ignorant shit at present. My fellow enlightened human beings, those who understand we are being pitted against one another, are at home taking care of their families, getting ready to go to work tomorrow.

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29.304 Restrictions on hunting and use of firearms by persons under 16 years of age.


29.593 Requirement for certificate of accomplishment to obtain hunting approval.

Maybe if he was in the woods looking for deer you'd have a point, but the subsections you cite do not apply because he was not hunting, at least not in any legal sense.

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That's not how laws work. Things generally aren't legal because they're expressly permitted, things are legal when there's no law against them. If the section was specific to hunting, that would be clearly stated within 948.60(3)(c).

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I highlighted the text of the pertinent subsections and they both related to hunting only. My take is a 17 yr old in Wisconsin can legally open carry as long as they are hunting. Hunting can only legally occur in legally designated hunting areas....i.e.: the woods.

Conversely, running around open carrying in the streets of downtown Kenosha, where turkeys and deer are few and far between, not so much.

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That might be your take, but it's wishful thinking. If the law said, "Any person under 18 years of age who goes hunting...", you might have a point. But the law is clearly talking about "Any person under 18 years of age who possesses or goes armed with a dangerous weapon," so it applies broadly.

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He has a constitutionally protected right to have a gun. Any law that says he can't is unconstitutional.

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While I agree with you in spirit, the laws of Wisconsin do not permit him to open carry (unless hunting) until he is 18 yrs old. He's 17 yrs old.

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Those laws are illegal. Ergo they aren't worth mentioning. Least of all to make the retarded argument that everything he did was illegal because he broke some law, and therefore his self defense claim is void and he is guilty of murder.

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Those laws are illegal.

As long as they are on the books the DA can use them to put you in jail. The DA has done this.

Least of all to make the retarded argument that everything he did was illegal because he broke some law

Lol what? That's some serious cognitive dissonance right there. Just reread your statement here a few times for full effect. He dindu nuffin lol, you too funny with the jokes man.

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the bit where the first dude aimed and fired a pistol at him makes any defensive response ok, imo

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I'm sure burning down buildings is illegal too.

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Depending on who the Governor happens to be.

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Where's the wider angle picture? There's a gay blowjob going on in the background.

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I think I've seen too much fake shit to even believe this is real. With a quick glance, its covered by msm and the rioters were supposedly all criminals and this guy cleaned graffiti, was a cub cadet in the past, maga supporter and worked as a lifeguard. It's like someone wants the whole "hero" angle of good vs bad to really show.

Seems like another fake-ass load of horseshit propaganda from the other side to just create more divide.