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Government benefits shouldn't exist for illegals, that's true.

However, eliminating them would only stop a small percent of the illegal invasion.

Illegal invasions have entered nation-scale acts of (soft) war. They're being funded and backed by NWO Zion-Globalist-Communist subversion groups and China alike.

Even if it were possible to enact a zero government benefit policy (preventing each state from giving benefits to illegals), most illegals are still independently highly incentivized to congregate in the US with zero gibs simply to be inside of a more stable and developed country and because they get communal support from their own people.

The best way to stop illegals trespassing:

  1. Actually enforce the border.

  2. Build walls and major impediments (drones/detection) that reduces it and allows easier enforcement.

  3. Make any employer caught employing illegals severely criminally and civilly liable and actually enforce this.

  4. End the gibs.

  5. The most improbable of all: take back Finance from hostile forces, which is the root of all madness.