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I wager that 90+% believe people can't switch genders, but are just too scared of cancellation to say the truth. The fact that this is up from previous years suggests that the tranazis' grip is loosening though.

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I lol'd hard at tranazis xd

so accurate

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WE can see them losing their grip more and more. The ruling against sports was a huge push.

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Stop abusing the word "Nazi". The Nazis did nothing wrong. They in fact crushed trannies and all other degenerates in Germany while they were in power.

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What about the Ukrainian Nazis?

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Not real Nazis.

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Name stealers.

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I think you and I are going to have to agree to disagree on that one.

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The problem is that the education system is so corrupt that they will force propaganda on the kids that the majority of people don't want. We need school reform.

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Check out that trend in education. The longer you stay in uni the more confused you get.

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Homeschool is school reform

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And media reform too.

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Just remove the Jews who control the media.

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There are already laws that are not being followed or prosecuted. No person is allowed to own more than 7 publication.

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Laws are only for the plebs it seems.

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60% have the balls to say the obvious truth, 40% are cowards. It's the emperor's new clothes in real life in real time happening before us all.

Everybody, 100% of the people know you cant change gender and what a woman is but some - way too many BTW - are kowtowing before the mob. This is a very dangerous time we live in. I dont expect a good or peaceful outcome of this.

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Even people who've "transitioned" know you can't change genders.

So many accounts of pain, unusable "holes", both the mangina-pocket and anus are often rendered unusable.

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Even people who've "transitioned" know you can't change genders.

This is the part that I find ironically tragic; these people are mentally ill. They've bought an absolutely impossible story. No matter what they are screaming from the rooftops, in the middle of the night, they know who they are and where they come from. This cannot be erased with pronouns or speech-control on others. The subjects themselves of this evil can never erase their history from their own data bank. It's this internal collision with reality that is making them so entirely fucked up. They are doing everything they can to achieve the impossible: to forget what they themselves are most aware of - they were born with a sex, and that will never and can never change, only be "camouflaged", with greater or lesser degree of success.

They know who they are, and they are doing their best to beat the shit (figuratively and occasionally literally) out of all those of us who refuse to let them ignore precisely what they are most strongly aware of.

This is among the most deeply unhappy generations of people the world has ever produced.

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Can't switch sex. Gender is a useless term.

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I liked Jordan Peterson's comment in "What Is A Woman": we are talking about temperament. Both sexes vary along the temperament spectrum, because temperament and sex are two fundamentally different variables. The trans crowd is using temperament to define biological sex, which is insane. It's like using right/left-handedness to define sex. These are two traits shared by all people, but one does not define the other. The insanity of our current cultural moment is remarkable.

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The trans crowd is using temperament to define biological sex

Excellent way to put it.

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Exactly. Gender, as it's defined today, if it even does have a definition, is meaningless to anything. I still struggle to know what these people even claim that gender is. I say "claim", because it really seems to me that they claim that gender and sex are different, but in actuality, treat them the same.

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Because it's easy to just smile and nod at the weirdos right up to the point where members of your family get sucked in and very quickly start making irreversible life changing chemical and physical modifications to their bodies in the name of a fad. I imagine there are hundreds of thousands if not millions of parents regretting that they didn't push back sooner.

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This insanity wasn't nearly as bad when it was limited to Tumblr. Now it's pervading real life. I had no clue any of this gender BS was going on until June 2020. Imagine my surprise when I found out it's been brewing for years.

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If people can switch genders then I can turn lead into gold.

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Not to be a downer, but what percent of those people believe you can’t change gender because, “they were always a man/woman; they are just reflecting that more externally”?

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i think you can switch genders to an extent, right? like i wouldn't call Lia Thomas a Man, for example, or Caitlyn Jenner. idk if they're exactly Ladies either though.

tbh i don't really give a shit, just don't do it to me or my family & i'm fine

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Before 10 years ago, I never had trouble with adult cross-dressers as a concept. They have a lifestyle, and that's fine.

In the past ten years, two related problems have emerged. First, a subset of the class invaded the language in a supremely dangerous way. To declare that someone who chooses to present/dress as someone of the opposite sex is afforded entirely the status of that sex is patently insane. Philosophically and practically, this is actually dangerous, as the women in prison and battered women's shelters can attest to. Reality cannot be put aside, but they have declared they will do so anyway, damn the consequences.

Simultaneously, our medical class has dived into this insanity with both feet. How trained medical professionals - who use biological sex every day to assess disease and physical infirmity - have bought into this insanity to the point of mutilating healthy humans is entirely beyond me. I guess I didn't realize just how much mental illness and deep distress there is among our medical class. Remember, the people they are doing this to start out physically healthy, and would develop and sustain a natural human life. Doctors ARE DOING HARM to healthy people. This is absolutely sickening.

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It is impossible to quantify the obscene amount of respect I have lost for the medical community.