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This sums up the hypocrisy, retardation, and disengeniousness quite well. Bravo.

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It's really insulting. Every time someone uses a gun illegally, we have to go through this critique of everyone else's legally purchased private property.

And if you look at that "Assault Weapons Ban" that used to exist, and that the left would revive, it just spat in the face of the American consumer. You have to be pretty fucking stupid to think that the answer to these problems is to rob law-abiding citizens of things like pistol grips and bayonet lugs. I mean, when is the last time some redneck or Cajun stabbed someone with a bayonet?

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when is the last time some redneck or Cajun stabbed someone with a bayonet?

Quite amusing, the only reason something get's banned is not because law abiding citizens were the problem. It's the criminals, here for example a bridge closed to all law abiding citizens because a groupe of shit for brains decided to take control of a road. And as a guns owner for 50 years I have to say average american does not need military style weapons like AK or Mwhatever asult rifles.

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Well, people will say it's not about "need" (and if you follow that philosophy-of-need all the way, we'll all end up in hipster-box apartments with bikes hung on the living room wall).

That said, I can see the appeal of an AR/AK-style carbine. It's really hard for me personally to get to an outdoor range, and I don't really want to go shoot .308 at the indoor ranges that are convenient. BOOM-BOOM-BOOM-BOOM-BOOM-reload... ad nauseum. I'd shoot recreationally a lot more if I could just pull the trigger 30 times, keeping the gun pointed downrange the whole time and not generating elephant safari noise levels.

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Not being a gang member or a crazy criminal full of hate I've own guns well over 50 years, if it were legal to own a M2 Browning full auto I guarantee criminals would use them. This is what happens when we have nice things, criminal s will fuck it up.

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They are okaying transgender people while forcing transgenderism on children age 5 without their parent's consent.

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You want a prime example of the so-called community solving its own problems? CHAZ.

While black guys were openly LARPing their African warlord fantasies in the streets, the community was forted up in their apartments, praying that their self-proclaimed protectors wouldn't knock on (or just kick in) their doors and take whatever they wanted.

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They don't use logic. They use emotions. Feelings don't care about facts.

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Cops love donuts cuz it's not bla- okay let's not get into that