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Yes it's a mental disorder. My experience with disordered people is they don't like the word disorder. The disorder doesn't allow them to call it a disorder. They have a disorder that they will never acknowledge because of the disorder. Disordered people do disordered things like dismiss their disorder. It's a disordered merry-go-round of disorder.

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Exactly. Hahahahaha

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Because queers lefties and trannies don't like your words and they long to be normal but deep down they know they are not normal and never will be. They don't want to hear about it any more.

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Yeah, "mental disorder" is a proper way to call it (in my opinion), "mental illness" on the other hand has bad connotations, "ill" root, kind of equating it to infectious diseases and so on.

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Not all illness are infectious, but all when untreated can lead to death.

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i am trans and not offended.

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It's in the DSM.

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No, the social acceptability of homosexuality was a mistake and should be reversed.

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That's completely true if someone doesn't do something big about this we are headed down a f***d up road

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Ignoring the body of the post, answering the title:

It isn't, but degenerates and grifters, and professional maulers, want you to think it is.

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I agree with xoenix, this point it's about the money.

The word retarded was once used as a medical term as well. They used to say people were slow or stupid and thus retarded was the medical term used out of compassion. Once that got commandeered we switched to "mental disorder" which too is now been commandeered due to association. I think is might be inevitable.

Here in Canada we also don't use welfare any more. We say "social assistance" but it's still used in the same condemning way. I've literally heard people say "ugh... He's a social assistance bum". (Instead of welfare bum)

I don't think that we can properly disassociate language from sigma.

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Yeah language will have to keep changing them, but changing terms doesn't solve the mental issue (call it whatever you want). Neither will surgeries as it's physically impossible to pass. Transgender will be used as an insult enough so they'll outlaw that as a term.

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Every tranny I've come across is messed up in the head.

Reddit is full of them, and they're nothing more than narcissistic vindictive psychopaths in denial of their own psychological disorders.

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Gender Dysphoria is the distress associated with gender incongruence. It appears in the diagnostic and statistical manual of mental disorders, and is diagnosed as a mental disorder.

Being transgender doesn't always come with Dysphoria, and it is that that isn't a mental disorder.

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For most people it is an emotional trigger which they don't understand themselves. So any real answer as to why will actually be wrong for the majority of people enforcing that rule. The answer that is true for the majority is that it is the party line. The reasons they would give obviously don't stand up to scrutiny because they are mostly logical fallacies which were used to brainwash them. The problem with those people is you can't simply expose that their reasons are fallacies and make any progress because when their programming is challenged there are several fail safes built in that cause them to get defensive and violent.

So there is nothing that can be said that is true for the majority of people participating that will make any logical sense because their reasons are not logical. As for why they have been brainwashed in that way by the elite we can only speculate.

To get at that you have to look at the totality of mainstream propaganda. It seems that the intention is to make the public as confused as possible because that makes them the least dangerous to the establishment and the most controllable. So everything is systematically inverted. Women are stronger than men. Blacks are smarter than whites. Jews are oppressed. 2+2+=5. Nationalism is racist. Men can have babies. And on and on.

There is a famous quote from a former CIA spook that goes something like this: when everything the people believe is wrong then our job is complete.

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The short version of that is people are dumb 😔

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It's OK by me to say it. Who are they and why should we care what they think. If we submit to "they/them" on this, then we have given them the authority to boss us. Don't do that - humor, ridicule and sarcasm are much better response to "them". Free your speech.

The Roots of Political Correctness (self policing)


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But isn't it really a disorder?


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Cultural revolution of China

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GD is being used as a political weapon. To acknowledge it as a mental disorder would undermine its power by validating the fact which is being claimed by a class of people whom the parties waging the war wish to silence. Sufferers are being made into a protected class and celebrating their disease as a normal life choice is being enforced.

This is being furthered despite the demagogues behind this knowing that it does nothing to help the people dealing with the condition. It has nothing whatsoever to do with compassion.

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Because they're troons.

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Mental illnesses are often defined by the degree of anguish they cause the patient.

If someone cannot exist happily without being validated as the sex other than the one they are in real life then this is the very definition of a mental illness.

If someone isn't distressed then who gives a fuck that they get euphoria boners from their fetish.

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OCD is not a disorder. People who have trouble concentrating need to go to a Church, preferably a Traditional Mass and follow the rites of a thousand years. Its their soul calling them to higher meaning. Dysphoria is.

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Because we are not allow to say the truth

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Because the mental disorder is Narcissistic Personality Disorder, and people with that get violent when it's suggested that they're anything less than perfect.

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There's nothing. Wrong with saying gender dysphoria is a mental disorder speak the truth

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attention whoring is a type of narcissism

those foisting/enabling of such disruption/confusion/damage of society to gain power for themselves is sociopathy

tools and the evil ones using them ....