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It means permanently switching to Linux I guess

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What will it mean? Pay monthly to have every square millimeter of your privacy violated by Microsoft, and if you're really lucky, the machine will not shut down and refuse to operate at all in the event that the Internet is down for more than 24 hours.

Remember, they already pushed for this ten years ago.

For me, that was the point of no turning back. From my perspective it was sort of like the tech analogous of going on a date with someone who starts acting like a creep and a perve, in that they stupidly revealed their entire agenda and hand of cards, and now I know to stay as far away from them as possible. No amount of saying "I've changed", "I'm sorry", or "I won't do that again" will do one damn bit of good.

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It means time to switch to Linux

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"Although it’s important to note that the presentation materials don’t specifically talk about doing away with local copies of Windows entirely – so it’s something of a jump to reach that conclusion (admittedly not a particularly large one)."

-To address all the imminent conspiracy theorist, FOSS zealot, privacy advocate freaks out there and all the others that read clickbait and not the articles.