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Why not simply make a LGBTQ sub?

This is a terrible title. Initially I suspected you were trolling. However it's possible you are not.

Gay and trans are very different things.

I have a friend in Montréal who throws an annual Christmas party. He's gay and his name is Guy. Really. Pronounced Guee. But when people are excited they say it longer, so every year he adds another "e". It's gotta be Gueeeeeeeeeeeeee by now if not way more. I even designed a flyer for it one year.

I still think this is a terrible title. I don't think it helps your cause or image. But I'm not a part of that culture so what do I know.

What is "raiding"?

Recommendation: Add "don't be toxic" to your sidebox.

Also feel free to visit /s/Sex.

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I don't think it helps your cause or image.

I don't think that's the point. I think the point is to have somewhere where people can hang out.

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It's still a terrible title.

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To answer your earlier question, raiding is when users from other subs/sites mass visit a single sub/site with the intent of spamming or trolling.

Don't mind Jason u/OwU, he means well lol. Welcome to the site!

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It's in my misspelled name: Cares-well.

It's still a terrible title.

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Its based off a reddit sub with the same name which is for transgender shitposting. I'll make a normal trans sub for news or an lgbt sub.

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Thanks for the explanation. I'm not from Reddit. Might be worth mentioning in the sidebox if you find folks asking a lot.

Lemme know if you want a banner or CSS.

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do members of this sub have to applaud when biological males break all the records in female sports? personally i think its great. no more sports for biological females.

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not some left agenda


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Toxic stuff's already restricted by the Pyramid of Debate. Of course, a good troll could still work around that, but by that point they've had time to acknowledge the total lack of benefit to what they're saying.

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Yeah exactly. When the only way that remains to troll is to argue one's point rationally, it limits a lot of nonsense

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Can I say something? This is literally my first day on saidit.... I came here to watch people die and make fun of other things. I appreciate your willingness to be the first to create welcoming environment for the non-binary, curious, straight and others; good job. I have to be completely one hundred percent honest. This title you have chosen is garbage. Please choose a more alluring name maybe light-hearted and not sounding like someone were shouting it in curse from across a room. I subscribed to this because I thought it was to bash on all things trans and all the 245 sexes related things. It is not. How misleading. Change the name

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I only made this to just be the saidit version of r/traa, not to be a general trans sub. You can go check it out over there to see what is should be like.