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I think things like migraines can be a disability. It'd be impossible to prove though, they look fine. I'd think asthma could be too though it all depends on how bad it is. If you literally can't breath enough to walk more than ten steps, that's a disability. That'd be rare tho and also hard to prove. I feel like the only legit forms of depression are ones caused by a physical disability, something that causes chronic pain, and in that case it'd not be the depression causing the disability, it'd be the ultimate cause of what is causing the depression.

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Yeah I feel like in really severe cases, they can be a disability, but sometimes, some of these people claiming it's a disability have it mild or moderate.

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true some people make a big deal about minor issues or fake it al together. It's just a shame then that people wqith legit issues get compared to the fakers and denied help when they legit could use it. Of course the world's not fair. People worry about some cheating the system but the truth is it's very hard to get on disability, you need to hire an expensive lawyer, you're always denied the first time no matter what, it can take years, you might get it if it's proven with proof from doctors such as MRIs and blood tests etc.

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Yeah I do know that because somebody in my immediate family has severe autism and severe intellectual disability. They were denied once, but got on it because they genuinely cannot work. I've heard stories about some people that had no arm getting denied numerous times, even though I do think that they should've qualified.

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As somebody who's actually has real disabilities

Oh, your thing is real but everyone else's is fake. What do you have?

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I have autism and add. The other stuff people ask about having disability I have aren't true disabilities. I can see severe cases, but majority of the time, they're not disabilities.

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Also adding that gatekeeping is based and needs to happen more often

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So you were a badly behaved kid and your mother went looking for excuses.

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uh no. My parents are nothing like that. My twin and I weren't hitting certain milestones and got us tested at 3 or 4. I also was quite well behaved when I was in mid-childhood-preteen. I've known some parents that wanted something wrong with their child, and the child then claims they have autism (when they're actually nuerotypical) to excuse them being an asshole.