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Americans say that you shouldn't fight tyranny because nothing matters, but what will you say when you get sent to the concentration camps?

The elites will not stop because why would they? All of the lines have been crossed and no one has said a word.

At no point will the globalists restore the Bill of Rights, end the wars, or reduce the debt.

Tyranny happens slowly and then you suddenly wake up one day to find the country locked down and the borders closed.

Americans are just animals now.

A 50 year old cop might be hesitant about torturing Americans, but a young cop would not. Churches are closed and there are no morals. Why would you stand up for freedom if you never knew what liberty means?

You might have been surprised the first time that you saw a checkpoint or a black helicopter, but now you're used to it.

The possibility of a police state has become a reality. Now the collapse of the USA has become a certainty.

The quiet warnings of tyranny have become large neon signs.

If you had eyes, you could see the police state.

If you had high-level friends in the government then you would know what is going to happen.

This is not a joke.

The ruling class wants you dead.

You don't have decades or years to prepare for the collapse.

Tomorrow will not be like today or yesterday.

Soon months will become weeks and then you will have days, and then you will only have hours and then just minutes.

History always repeats.

Soon the ATM machines and the Internet will be shut off.

Cash will be banned.

Do really think that the stock market won't collapse for 100 years?

Do honestly believe that the USA will never have starvation, show trials, summary executions, and killing fields?

How long do you think that you have before you're given a mandatory vaccination and a microchip implant?

When will the Gestapo start the door-to-door gun confiscation?

Will you be surprised when property is nationalized, the US flag and national anthem are changed, and the USA is renamed?

Wake up.

Some of the first to die in the gulags will be the most hopeful.