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I've actually seen the informational film "A Date with your Family" before, but only because MST3K made fun of it.

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David Hoffman (the documentarian) is one of the best YouTube channels. If only he would have been able to upload more of his lifes work. A lot of the footage he filmed was lost by the companies he worked for.

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I just stumbled on his channel shortly before I posted the video. I'll be sure to go through his channel and post some other interesting material

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That video is absolute horseshit. Taking shots at the 50's when the 70's destroyed Western civilization. The 50's were peak for America and the West. Innovation, discipline, respect, community, invention and bringing the world into the future. The boomers reaped the benefits of this and took it easy and became soft and weak and then sold out to the East and sacrificed their children's nations and histories and cultures so they could be taken care of.

Their easy-going demeanor resulted in the leftwing revolutions that are the direct result of the tension we have today. And they will be remembered for the roots of the coming civil war thanks to multiculturalism and multinationalism. And feminism will be remembered for allowing women to destroy themselves.

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"race is only skin deep looooololol"