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    If you’re serious:

    1. This information is basically blacklisted, they would never read it.

    2. They would say systemic racism against blacks and hispanics gives them no choice but to commit crime.

    Holding black people accountable is racist.

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    Well, insurance companies have no issue charging them more. It is all about how you phrase it.

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    "They've suffered from slavery, etc, which has caused deep-seated problems in their community due to being systemically impoverished so we need to cut them slack" is the typical counter-argument

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    I'm pretty sure this big difference came about during the 1970s crack epidemic so black communities had over 100 years of being pretty peaceful and law abiding after slavery before they developed a more violent culture.

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    Cocaine flooded in at the end of the 70s. Crack was 80s+.

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    Back when some journalism was still journalism.

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    You mean 13 50 culture?

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    Well it's definitely a culture because black immigrants to the US don't follow that trend. In fact they often do better than the settled white population.

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    It's because of uhpreshon

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    But mass shootings are the plague sweeping America!

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    These people think redlining in the 70s explains why teenagers today don't graduate high school.

    Red lining also didn't exist the way they explain.

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    I never heard of redlining before, for others:

    Redlining is the systematic denial of various services or goods by federal government agencies, local governments, or the private sector either directly or through the selective raising of prices. This is often manifested by placing strict criteria on specific services and goods that often disadvantage poor and minority communities.[2][3] Prior to the Fair Housing Act of 1968, there were no specific laws that protected minority populations from discriminatory practices in housing and commercial markets. Businesses were therefore able to exploit these groups in order to increase their profits

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    through the selective raising of prices

    TIL shitty neighborhoods with high crime are expensive to operate in.

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    There is no citation of data.

    Hell, I'm not even an SJW and I thought of it immediately. There are some initials at the bottom, but one of them, WHO, is corrupt and the other, CDC has spread virus disinformation.

    Where is this data from? I'd like to know before I start spreading this, and I don't think there is any data. If there is data behind it, the chart should be redesigned to show the data better, more friendly and colorful, and cite specific sources.

    Actual SJWs would just say that whites forced them to do it with teh racism.

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    graphs are racist

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    Perhaps the people who are called 'social justice warriors' would say they're not social justice warriors.

    They'd also say: consider the source.

    The source in this case is an image posted at (Perhaps there is bias?) There are also no links to the data.

    Moreover, how many of these murders are 'people of color'?:

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      How? Why?

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        I think it's OK to use WIkipedia on Saidit, especially because editors at Wikipedia often correct previous data with updated data, and in the case of mass shootings, these are just numbers and factual data, no nuance. Nothing much to scrub in this case. Moreover, Saidit is - we can safely say - not prone to sharing academic research. I can probably find an academic study of murder rates, but in a communty like Saidit, I suspect it would be ridiculed to hell, unless of course it offers disproportionate evidence of murders by blacks (which is unlikely). Why should one work to find good academic sources at Saidit? Because of Saidit's control by a few intollerant right wing people, it will remain small and unimportant. There is however the basis here for a thriving website.

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        You'd Most people would be shocked and amazed at how they control the message there. They have elaborate systems and rules and an esoteric culture to back it all up.

        If you dislike SaidIt why not migrate to Wikipedia?

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        You don't know me Jason.

        It also helps to provide links to one's sources, which would help me with the shock and amazement. I am not surprised that Wikipedia is manipulated. We can question their sources and information, but there are still ways to use what's published there.

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        Corrected. I'm shocked and infuriated every time I delve into the Wikipedia corruption. AND every time they beg for money.

        Wikipedia's primarily acceptible sources are the corporate media - but only those they consider valid. They also have some grey areas. Everything else they question - even if you have many sources. They'll say that you're overdoing it with the sources and cut them out. Then another will come in and say not enough validation. It's all gamed.

        I often use their information, and often contribute to it. Doesn't mean I'm not aware of the bullshit.

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        Only 13 50 stat is the truth, ask u/happy_face_caller

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        Wikipedia is biased as hell. Completely controlled. The CIA and Mossad have armies of people who gatekeep and rewrite content there. The narrative is completely controlled and rigged with stupid limitations and rules. It's beyond corrupt. They mirror only the "official" narratives. All others are considered "fringe" even if they are anything but fringe.

        Wikipedia is ONLY the starting point to see what the official narrative is. Sometimes that's enough for very basic information. It's rarely enough for anything remotely political.

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        OK - I'll look into this. I would think that intelligence agencies can easily hire editors to delete and change information. Much of the rest of the site might not be of interest to them.

        If in due course there is a reliable link that can offer some evidence of this, I would welcome it. I don't need to see it at the moment.

        Moreover, the KGB manipulated much of several years ago. For example, specific information about the 'Panama Papers' is missing. A lazy link on wikilinks role in publishing them here:

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        It's not just about changing information. It's also about keeping views out or limiting the context and information enough to be virtually useless. Not to mention the way they gang up on users to kick them out.

        I was banned in 2016 for a year for being "another polite truther". I wasn't trying to change the 9/11 page or even the 9/11 conspiracy page. I was simply trying to correct major errors on the 9/11 Truther Movement page. If authoritative sources say you were born in 1870 you can't correct the page unless you have another authoritative source to validate the correction. That's just one of the ways they keep lies going.

        There's no shortage of documentation on the rigging and corruption of Wikipedia - but you won't likely find much of it in the corporate media. It's mutual masturbation.

        Russia had self-interest reasons to mess with the Panama Papers. Not legit reasons, so far as the truth goes. Do not be confused though. WikiLeaks is VERY different than Wikipedia. Just as WikiSpooks is different than both of them.

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        Now break it down by gender.

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        Then sex.

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        • U.S. Police
        • U.S. Military
        • U.S. Military suicides
        • U.S. occupied nations like Iraq, etc.
        • U.S. homelessness deaths
        • U.S. starvation
        • U.S. lack of healthcare

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        you forgot

        SPACE FORCE!

        I mean, they haven't killed any unarmed aliens yet, but give them time to grow.

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        I did this from scratch a few years ago, minus the firearms.

        White homicides in the USA are twice to three times what they are in the UK.

        Black homicides about five times white, both sides of the Atlantic.

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        Now do violent crime.

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          The problem isn't black people, the problem is leftist racist democrat policies for the last 50 years.

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          Nah, Zionist, the problem is certainly poor education and poverty but also social stigmas and wealthy black culture in Hollyweird promoting gun violence, drugs and degeneracy.

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          Nah, Nazi, the problem is racist scum like yourself.

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          While I don't believe blacks, Jews, etc quite deserve to be exterminated or anything I agree with pretty much everything Jesus posts and I don't believe they should be allowed to mix with whites or be in the same country. I used to hate the bankers, but now I dislike any heretics, pagans, or threats to classic western Christian civilization

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          How am I a nazi? I don't even support Nazism. Zionists and Herzl are the ones who worked with Nazis scaring the diaspora Jews to emigrate to Israel.

          Are Jews a race?

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          As a fellow Czech, I'm very glad I'm not the problem.

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          Do IQ next

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          I think unlike this graph it will be shaped like a bell perhaps

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          I think the question we should be asking is why?

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          The average negro IQ is 80, which is the sweet spot for crime.

          Thanks for asking.

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          Stop noticing things, it’s racist.