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I don't hate or love Trump, I think he's funny, but also a shady business man, who will say anything.

And it's hilarious to watch so many right wingers and conservatives fall for a big city con man! LOL

But it's not about a con man versus a democratic socialist . . . . it's about fair elections and Real Change!

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Trump has pardoned the most despicable of peoples, he's done good for his fellow Zionist tribe. On that note I agree but always remember Chilsolm va. Georgia 1793. The US is a corporation.

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The entire political system is rigged — and it was rigged far before any of us where ever born. Big money interest combined with first-past-the-post makes it nearly impossible for outsiders to win.

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Political theatre

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I find it hilarious that leftists are pretending elections can't possibly be rigged after what they did to Sanders twice in a row.

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They've been rigged since machines were used.

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Before that.

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We're all witnessing the downfall and destruction of the Second Roman Empire. Rome has been stormed, the Barbarians have conquered us and all that's left is the starvation, deprivation and swift decent into the Second Dark Ages.

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Honestly, paying attention to it makes it so much worse. If you unplug from news/social media, it suddenly doesn't feel like the world's going to end. Unfortunately the corona lockdowns are making it difficult to do anything but stay home and consume media.

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It's an interesting dynamic. As you say, I work to unplug to the greatest extent possible. I've been trying this for years.

What I am noticing is that every time I pull back, they become that much more invasive. They feed on our attention. We must give them legitimacy. When we ignore, that causes real damage. So they force us to pay attention.

With this perspective, the societal Covid reaction (note: not remotely the same thing as the bug itself) appears to me more than anything else a vehicle to force us to react to them. When we start figuring out how to operate our lives in a way that we don't need anyone's input, the establishment will go out of their way to fuck things up and make such independence impossible. Then people look to the same people who are quite intentionally fucking things up to solve the problems they created. As a metaphor for this, I highly recommend the film "How to Get Ahead in Advertising". It describes this dynamic beautifully.

Attention and validation whores creating their market by making chaos for people then to ask them to fix. An uglier system I cannot imagine.

One thought that helps me regain perspective when I spin out too far:

The world's been going around the sun for millions of years. It will continue to do so whether any of us is on it or not. And with or without humans, such process and organization will remain unimaginably beautiful.

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Deeply insightful. Saved.

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I cared. But I also notice he didn't ever mention anything regarding it being stolen. Ever.

I was thinking at the peak of 2016 he'd finally say something about it when it was at the most obvious. But there was only silence from him. I figured "He's saving up his goodwill by not calling out the DNC so he can have a chance to win in 2020" and then 2020 comes around and he bows out, months before the vote was even taken, and again never mentions any corruption of the DNC or why he folded.

At this point it's obvious he's either playing a part (the 'controlled opposition' role to let people think they have a chance when they actually don't), or he's just so afraid that he can't actually stand up to corruption. And if it's the latter, then he would be a terrible president anyway, if he can't even stand up to the DNC when he has the support of the public who sees the obvious rigging.

It's just disappointing all around. And it's disappointing to see people on reddit posting tweets by Bernie still about "how desperately we need change" but then if you bring up the fact he folded twice without ever mentioning why or how to his supporters, you're banned from the subreddit for even bringing it up. Even if you supported him.

It's just yet another personality cult for someone who isn't willing, or isn't able, to stand up for themselves or the people he represents.

It all just makes me sick tbh. At some point you just have to walk away from the lies and spend time on something more productive. Because left or right, there are so many lies to manipulate people in to behaving a certain way. So I'm increasingly not seeing a point in paying attention to it. Jesus once said "Give to Caesar what is Caesar's, and give to God what is God's." Why should I pay attention to liars fighting other liars for control over hundreds of millions of people? It's just psychologically damaging, and brings a person in to the folds of that world where they start echoing that type of behavior. In a lot of ways it seems like the only winning move is not to play.

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You gave him way too much credit and the benefit of the doubt when he deserved none of it, being a life-long part of the system.

I don't wish violence on anyone (except those who willfully inflict suffering on others), but Bernie would have made a better martyr than a politician. He had no courage and a strange scar on his cheek in 2016.

" In a lot of ways it seems like the only winning move is not to play. "

Like a deer in headlights.

Yes things are shitty and will get worse. Often depressing. That's why we need to remain focused on alternatives, solutions, and building a better, more resilient, sustainable, self-reliant, anti-consumerist, anti-corporate, indie-culture, and strong communities-based future. Be aware of the shitstorm (only as much as you can handle and remain healthy) but FOCUS on the things that matter and things we can affect, individually and together.

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Little known factoidish: Permaculture was initiated in a permaPetridish in the permafrost, as seen in the documentary John Carpenter's The Thing. Unfortunately the experiment escaped the lab only to spread to Hollywood and Manhattan and Silicon Valley to take over the air waves and our culture, permanently. We must hunt down and burn out that foul impostor permaculture and replace it with our own indieculture.

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Jesus told Peter: “Go to the sea and cast a hook, and take the first fish that rises, open its mouth and there you will find a shekel; take it and give it to them for me and for yourself.” (Matthew 17:24 and 27). Peter, a fisherman by trade, had no problem to do so.

On that occasion, money was created at the rate of production. The government cannot do miracles, but it can easily establish a monetary system where money is based upon production, that is, in keeping with production. In other words, it must have a figure placed upon the country's production capacity and a figure placed upon the means of payment for both sectors, private and public. It would be more in keeping with the common good than to leave the control of money and credit to the good will of the high priests of Mammon.

The controlers of money and credit have become the masters of our lives, and no one dare breathe without their permission. (Pius XI, Quadragesimo Anno), provided they do give us their permission.

We stand against Mammon's ruthless dictatorship. We condemn the decline of Caesar. We do not acknowledge that a fallen Caesar has the right to deprive individuals and families to Mammon's benefit, nor the right to abide by Mammon's rules of greed and falsehood.

Mammon's dictatorship is the enemy of both Caesar and God, of the human person created by God, of the family established by God.

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Sanders giving CLinton a Masonic grip:

Also, the US lost before it was even started.

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They probably did, all the usual suspects from the last one are there.

But bernie selling out to biden today kinda pissed me off.

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But bernie selling out to biden today kinda pissed me off.

Who could have possibly seen that coming?

Him selling out to Clinton in 2016 was my final straw. He had a few stunts prior to that which made him seem spineless or willing to shift his tone in order to pander on subjects he didn't initially seem concerned about, but selling out to Clinton just showed on top of being weak, his integrity is a farce.

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Berniecuck lost ALL credibility in 2016, when courage would have mattered, win or lose, alive or assassinated.

How anyone thought it could be different after that blows my fucking mind.

It's also astounding that it doesn't make more people wake up to the political theater too.

Connect the fucking dots sheeple and recognize the pattern of abuses, "mismanagement", exploitation, and complete ineffectiveness of the electoral system!!!

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Bernie is a lockheed martin neoliberal. Just with the sly tongue of reform.

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Or maybe Bernie Sanders isn't as popular as you think he is?

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Have you read his rape essay about women fantasizing about men raping them? Sanders is as anto-Christian as they come, same with Trump.

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Honestly, I don't think Sanders is evil. I doubt the rape essay is that much of a scandal. I think the left knows that the right will call him a communist and believe that makes Sanders too vulnerable. Maybe they are right?

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I have a post on it. Read it. Search Sanders and rape in search box.

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Okay then. If Sanders is an evil pro-rape son of a bitch, then why would they need to steel the election from him? After all, rapists are gross and nobody would want to for one in the first place.

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They never did steal it from him. He gave it to them. Get it. He stole it from his voters.

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Sheep dog Bernie brought MANY progressives and undecided independents onto the Dem team.

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It's why the best option is to NOT participate and talk to others to not participate. If everyone stopped paying, say, their income tax, all at once. The government would have nothing to do but to oblige.

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I disagree. Not participating is not an option, even for cowards, Luddites, apoliticals, etc.

Actively resisting in every effective way we can is fundamentally necessary for everyone, comfortably or not, broadly or not, financially or not.

It would be nice to have everyone make a show of not paying taxes, but ultimately (((they))) control the banks, the government, the military, etc. They can print more money, gouge your accounts, lock you up, or whatever.

Money is important to them, but it's only a tool for power. Don't depend on "denying them your business" or whatever. Soon they'll be denying us food.

We need to wake the flock up and make them effective resistance pushers.


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Not participating in the corporation is resistance. For yo are not contracting.

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How much corporate media coverage do you get on the rapiness of Bernie, Biden, Trump, or Clinton - or any of the pedogate scandal details on the Clintons, Bush, Reagan, Royals, celebs, etc?

"Mainstream" doesn't cover the real issues. They can't even cover their perpetual wars and coups properly.

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If you think everybody wants to molest children, then I wonder if you want to molest children? When only 1% of people want to molest children, it is mathematically impossible for 100% of democrats to want to molest children.

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I didn't say any of that.

The police "serve and protect" the elite and all their crimes, corruptions, and perversions. Not all of them participate in the countless criminal acts, but all of them know and do nothing about it because it's political leverage and a tight matrix of control over the levers of power. Read the article and the many ways it's actually practical, though obviously psychotic.

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Practically nobody wants to molest children in the first place. At most, the sexual interest in children unlikely exceeds homosexual interest. And when they have that interest, most still wouldn't ack on it. Now when it comes to those in power: The powerful often have an exaggerated sense of who they are while believing the rest of us are much lesser. They feel that way in order to rationalize taking so much while poverty causes billions to suffer. A byproduct of this sense of superiority is that when the rich have a pediphic interest, they can act on it because those of us who are poor are basically garbage. But most elites aren't sexually interested in children.

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Obviously you don't understand what it takes to be an evil psychopathic "leader" of the upper levels, the only kind, always playing the Machiavellian chameleon.

Not only do you need to be a greedy fuck, you also can't care for anyone or their suffering. Sometimes it takes practice on kids, or a Bohemian Grove "Cremation Of Care" ceremony. Maybe you make deals with ISIS. Whatever it takes.

Perpetual wars killing MILLIONS doesn't happen by accident.

Sure you and I don't have sadistic friends. But the CIA, military, and politicians do - and that's why the same circles of the same villains come up time and time and time again. The same guy who killed John Lennon killed Che Guevara and was part of the 40. Dealey Plaza was full of assassins witnessing the JFK assassination - some to partake, some to be decoys, and some just to watch. Some of them were involved in the Watergate scandal. It never ends.

Meanwhile if I wanted to rub someone out, I'd have absolutely zero people to call on. Criminals have networks, associate circles, or reliable minions who do (for plausible deniability).

What makes it worse is they are above the law. The B.I.S. is above all governments, corporations, banks, and their laws and rules. And I think there are some even higher.

You and I don't and can't know most elites or what they are interested in.

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If everyones knows he is an evil Jew, why would they need to steel the election from him? After all, nobody wants an evil Jew for president.

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Doesn't matter what people want.

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The OP says Bernie Sanders had the election stolen from him twice. I guess we agree that he didnt?

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No, I'm sure they cheated him. He had overwhelming support.

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No he didn't. The main reason he got 45% in 2016 is because Hillary Clinton was disliked.

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They didn't cheat him. He is part of the process. He wasn't suppose to win and he was fine with that and told his disillusioned voters to vote for Clinton and now Biden.

I also have a post dedicated to Sanders pro-War stance.

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^ This.


Bernie was merely acting!


Also, link the post.

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Bernie performed his role, well aware that it was a rigged race.

He doesn't just play a loser on TV, he is one.

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No need to conflate evil with all of Jewry. I never implied that. Sure, Judaism is anti-Christ, that I did imply but all that is beside the point. Whether Lockheed Martin stooge Sanders is evil or not, doesn't take away from the fact that he willingly supported both Clinton and then Biden, which illustrates he is likely a political pied piper for the disillusioned former democrat voters.

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To be fair, you are anti-God. Jesus of Nazareth was a child rapist.

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It's ALL political theater.

The real power belongs to the corporatocracy puppet masters and their unelected immutable deep state.

And it belongs to us - if we could collectively get our heads out of our sheeple asses and wake the flock up and organize to resist the matrix of rigged systems bent on full spectrum domination and Zionist tyranny.

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Nobody wants a catholic pedophile for president, except for you.

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Without multiple victims coming forward or dna evidence, and with the american principle innocent until proven guilty, an assumption of pedophilia is only for the qanon delusional.

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Narrow sighted. There's more to building a case than physical evidence.

There's AMPLE circumstantial evidence for the pedophocracy.

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If you are coming from a place of being sexually molested as a child by several criminals, I am sorry. I can see how it might warp your perceptions. Otherwise->

Not really. Perhaps some pedophiles acquire power to get away with pedophilia? There are easier ways to get away with being a pedophile. Like starting a church. The high profile of being in congress is not exactly conducive to being covert. And there are other motives for acquiring power which are more common than getting away with pedophilia. When the stigma of homosexuality diminished, we didn't see a heap of closeted leaders come out of the closet. So think of Occam's Razor. Use some goddamn sense.

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You're not understanding the greater contexts of power, that always corrupts absolutely, though obviously not all in power are pedos - but they let it and other evils thrive.

Occam's and Hanlon's razors are for simple minds and mean to excuse abuses of power. Nothing is simple and if the ruling class were such bunglers then the masses would benefit at least some of the time.

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What does that have to do with Christianity? And is he even wrong there?

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We're way past "fishy".

The true motivations of these actors are not remotely as described to us. There is a game to which we (I certainly anyway) have no input at all. What we see is only the shadow of that game.

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Even if the votes aren't rigged the media has way too much influence on voting results.

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    Study this, aim for the top, or be banned...
    The Pyramid Of Debate

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    Quick glance at his profile, this guy's a troll. Not even a funny playful one, I mean an angry nerd-raging troll. All their comments are over the top incendiary, including calls for putting bullets in people's heads.

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    Yeah typical troll attack.

    He has a post on /s/linux about "What version of linux do you guys prefer?" like he's just some normal user, look everyone, just a cool guy having a talk about tech, nothing to see here, don't remove me, I'm totally not here just solely to make a mess, I post real stuff!

    Then suddenly everything after that is literally straight up advocating violence to make a mess of this website.

    I see about 10 of these types of accounts a week or so

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    There’s been a huge uptick lately.

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    Yeah I agree. 50 cent party + Shareblue would be my guess. It'll probably stop after the end of January

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    Yeah, socks, bookmobile and fedinetizen are going around throwing ad homs at regular posters

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    Fedi and socks seem to be regular posters, just left. Not sure on bookmobile

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    Saved as a perfect summary about weaponized asstrollery, for the doubters.

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      /u/magnora7, this guy badly wants to be banned.

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      thanks, he advocated violence like 6 times, he's gone now

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      Who was he?

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      Some violent alt-right asstroll of no consequence.

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      u first kiddo

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      Your level of hatred and ignorance is astounding. You make the average Hillbilly look like a college graduate. Thanks for being such a great example of the Left.

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      The simple reality is this: Leftists, being masters of denial and deflection, always blame Conservatives and those on the Right of doing what they're actually doing. So, that being the case, whenever I see or hear of some Leftist accusing some conservative of this or that I do a little research and, sure enough, before too long I find some Leftist politician or public figure or shill doing exactly the thing they were blaming the right for. It's not hard to see this happening. Leftists are also very bad at hiding things. (Clinton Emails, Fauci Emails, Hunter Biden Laptop, the list goes on.) Yeah, it's pretty much a gigantic neon sign for anyone with the guts to open their eyes and see it for themselves.