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And this isn't even mentioning the separate prion disease scenario, after the head of research of some of these mRNA vaccines developed mad cow disease (Creutzfeldt-Jakob Disease aka CJD more specifically) and died from it.

If the spike protein or the mRNA vaccines end up having a prion-like element to them then this would be a humongous disaster as well. Like most of humanity might get dementia and die from it.

Then there's the ADE (Anti-body dependent enhancement) scenario where the body over-reacts to future infections in a way that kills the person. Previous studies of animals with the mRNA vaccines had frequent cases of ADE upon secondary exposure to the disease.

Both of those scenarios sound absolutely terrifying, but the Marek's scenario scares me more than anything. We'd be handing the pharma companies the global keys to the kingdom in a lot of ways... the resulting medical dictatorship would undoubtedly be terrible.

I think the ADE is not happening fortunately, I hear that begins to kick in around 18 months or so. This is also the reason they didn't use regular "attenuated virus" vaccines with coronaviruses, because they have a very high rate of ADE according to animal research. Which is supposedly a big part of the reason for all the focus on mRNA vaccines as opposed to traditional vaccines.

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I've heard of the Marek-scenario theory for these vaccines before, the logic is sound for the most part, and my only question is this: is there any evidence beyond speculation that this might be their plan? Any odd wording or weird reports? Anyone in the related fields obviously looking into doing this? I'm more worried about 5-G towers than coronavirus, tbh.

This is horrible though, no matter how you shake it. This is tyranny under the guise of doctors. I hate it.

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Here is a article in 2015, suggesting that "leaky" vaccines can produce deadlier variants.

By 2019, it was confirmed, 2020 we get the man made virus.

Follow the breadcrumbs....

Article from 2015 - 'Leaky' vaccines may strengthen viruses: study

Article from 2019 - ‘Leaky’ Vaccines Can Produce Stronger Versions of Viruses

Why would they want to do this, besides being sick fucks who would totally destroy your immune system, if anything for the money. The shots may be cheap now, can you imagine what they are going to cost when your life literally depends on it.

This article I think can explain the main thought process of our elite.

The Event. That was their euphemism for the environmental collapse, social unrest, nuclear explosion, unstoppable virus, or Mr. Robot hack that takes everything down. This single question occupied us for the rest of the hour. They knew armed guards would be required to protect their compounds from the angry mobs. But how would they pay the guards once money was worthless? What would stop the guards from choosing their own leader? The billionaires considered using special combination locks on the food supply that only they knew. Or making guards wear disciplinary collars of some kind in return for their survival. Or maybe building robots to serve as guards and workers — if that technology could be developed in time.

Who needs locked food supplies, shock collars, or robot guards when you can just deny someone a shot and guarantee their death if they dont do what you want them to do.

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wow, that guy made a sequel to that article but doesn't make the obvious implication that that is the solution the rich came up with.

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Andrew Read's lab has demonstrated vaccine-altered evolution for a parasite disease. For Marek's disease, his lab only showed that vaccinated chickens are carriers of deadlier disease (deadlier for unvaxxed chickens). He does a Youtube presentation of his work

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Glad to see you taking up this cause. Ever since I heard Geert Vanden Bossche talk about similar concerns early this year, the logic has struck me as sound.

Backing up a step to the broader philosophical problem, this is just the latest example of the attempt by the technocracy to control life itself. When I was younger, I was more anti-religious than I am now, and the reason for my growing support of religion as a vitally important component of human experience is this question of control of life. The technocrats (particularly in AI, IT, and medicine, though many other areas fit as well) are convinced that the way forward in human "progress" is ever-increasing institutional technocratic control over both our individual bodies and the environment that surrounds us to sustain these bodies. The profound level of error in this direction is beyond description, and it brings me back to religion. I don't even care what religion; that doesn't matter. But there must be a human recognition that we live in a creation (including ourselves and the environment surrounding us) that exists far far beyond our ability to control it. Full stop. The hubris these technocrats are displaying is beyond anything witnessed before.

My wife is a practicing MD. I have many other doctor friends as well. The very first thing to be learned from dealing with any of them beyond a superficial level is that of what the human body does routinely - daily throughout a lifetime - we understand only a tiny fraction. The technocrats are telling us they must be given control? How they hell can they exercise control over something that nobody understands? Short answer, they can't. Any attempt they make will necessarily be worse than the gifts that the entirety of evolution has bestowed upon us.

Same thing goes for the environment that surrounds us. I am a published scientist (peer-reviewed) in the field of climate change. I promise you we understand not nearly enough to wield beneficial control over our climate. No way in hell.

Religion is the recognition there is a scale of "life operation" we do not have access to. We don't control the universe, and when we try, because of our limited nature, we cannot begin to compare to - not to mention improve on - the gifts we are given by virtue of birth into this creation.

This is not an argument against medicine or other fields of science. It's human nature to wish to address suffering when we see it. That is healthy. But when the addressing of specific suffering flips over and becomes a grab for universal control, the effects become immediate and lethal.

Let God (of whatever flavor) take care of systems we cannot begin to encompass with our intellect (however impressive it may be). Back the fuck off. They claim they are "helping", but they may very well destroy everything we've been gifted in their childish effort to control all the toys.

They aren't even a minuscule part of the intelligent they think they are to attempt operational ability at a level they genuinely aren't even intelligent enough to recognize exists. If they were, they would realize the dangers their ignorance will lead to, and they would stop trying to "run the world".

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Amen! Well said.

It is funny to see people treat systems in the natural world as if they are the same as human-made systems. As if nature can be "solved" the same way chess can be solved, they just have to find the right variables to care about. When in reality there are infinite variables, in a sense. It's not like chess that only has so many valid legal moves.

It's kind of like that with physics, but then you get in to the fact consciousness exists, and none of science has the mildest clue of how to shoehorn that in to the universe model defined by things like mass and velocity.

That doesn't meant it's useless to try, but we have to keep our actual understanding in proportion and understand how much we do not understand... Big egos and money incentives can easily lead to some serious nonsense, where "knowledge" departs from obvious wisdom.

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Thank you for putting, so eloquently, main tenants of my religion into words.

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    What you just described is every metro area in western civilization. Its literally rat utopia up in every city.

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    Chickens also have no ability to control or maintain their own health within this system. Birds are also easily susceptible to death, which is where the term "Canary in a coal mine" comes from. They are used as early warning signs, not as direct equivalents of danger.

    "This scares the pants off of me, the more I think about it."


    Ĥ̅͛ǝ̮̺͕̲̰llo ʍoɹlp' I,m Qnǝsʇᴉouɐqlǝ.̬̘̟ͅ

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    Or I could reduce my viral load through therapeutics and diet, building up my immunity.

    I am not a chicken.

    Th̙̐̀ǫug̖̠h̾̄ I am Qnǝsʇᴉouɐqlǝ.̬̘̟ͅ

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    This is the correct answer. The prion disease and marek's disease stuff is 100% FUD until someone shows some proof. There's a long gap between "a bad cold" and "certain fatality" when it comes to viruses.

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    The prion disease and marek's disease stuff is 100% FUD until someone shows some proof

    I didn't mention that at all. In fact. I am against you placing your comment on my, and insinuation that I support it. Prions are proteins, and the spike protein is a prion that comes in the form of the vaccines. It comes directly from viral shedding from the vaccinated, as do the mutations.

    Ĥ̅͛ǝ̮̺͕̲̰llo ʍoɹlp' I,m Qnǝsʇᴉouɐqlǝ.̬̘̟ͅ

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    I am not a chicken.

    I used to tell people this, but then...

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    It is worrying even if we get away with leaky vaccines this time around.

    We need to be talking about the risk posed by leaky vaccines. The way things are going, we will ignore the problem for COVID, and ignore the problem for the next virus, and keep on being complacent until the Marek's disease thing actually happens. Not a good plan.

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    Exactly. And then a Marek's scenario would give more fuel to the "unvaxxed people are stupid look at them die" line of thinking, thus fueling more divisiveness in society. Which would further entrench the power big pharma would have.

    Then 20 years later it'll be like 9/11 where only the rare few talk about it, and they're generally perceived as crazy by the mainstream because of bias created in the minds of people by the media.

    It makes me want to vomit even thinking about it. I really hope more people wake up, and fast. Imo, people not falling for the media lies is the only real way to avoid this, if it happens. We need a renaissance of critical thinking and questioning authority. Luckily, such things historically follow massive plagues. People re-evaluate what is important, and see the truth of how their employers and governments view them. It's just a matter of if the people who see what's going on can organize their culture as well as those who are led around by the media. It's really a cultural/ideological war at the end of the day. The culture of authoritarianism vs the culture of anti-authoritarianism.

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    Yes or I am wondering if you made additional leaky vaccs on the same illness it may have a compounding effect?

    Cov-19, 2020 Mostly harmless

    Cov-20, 2022 Lethal flu

    Agenda-21, 2030 All forsaken

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    We're flirting with a massive disaster and we're completely unaware. I deeply hope I'm misunderstanding something.

    Welcome back. I don't think you're misunderstanding the risks.

    Who's to say that this "Marek's disease" isn't every bit the fake and gay hoax that Covid is?

    Get some more Chinese actors to fall down while walking across the street with Marek's disease.

    The wealthy elite aren't going to nuke the planet with anything that will endanger themselves.
    That's why the stabs are ideal.
    Just avoid the needle.

    Of course, Marek's disease, and Covid, and HIV, and bird flu (take your pick), and swine flu (multiple), and SARS (now 2), and MERS, and Zika, and ebola, and all of the rest; are predicated upon a theory of viruses.

    These frightening theories simply don't add up.

    Until they can provide hard evidence for a single virus it's Terrain theory.

    I think it's time to retire the medical terror tyranny.

    Edit 2:

    For those who wonder why some people have recently come to the conclusion that viruses as the media would have us understand them do not exist.

    Dr. Tom Cowan and Dr. Andrew Kaufman on Virology and the Stefan Lanka Control Experiment

    The alleged "virus isolation" process is actually a poisoned-tissue-culture-mixed-with-monkey-kidney "serum".
    Shouldn't be true.

    Edit: before I hear it from team pharma about muh smell, and long Covid.

    Look into Remdesivir kidney damage

    Remdesivir is also an experimental medication.
    Not originally FDA approved.
    First tested during the Ebola.. thing...
    Apparently, renal failure doesn't seem to help...

    Remdesivir (and subsequent renal failure) is exceedingly useful to fill the lungs with fluid. Imagine that?! An interesting and coincidental lung complication...

    Also, we've been given one decent clue that I haven't heard discussed anywhere. I think.

    Hydroxy chloroquine and Ivermectin are effective and interesting medications.

    On the surface, they function differently from each other.

    What do they have in common (aside of insane censorship)?

    They are both used as ANTI PARASITE MEDICATIONS.


    It's entirely possible that this so-called viral epidemic is actually caused by intentionally (and otherwise) spread PARASITES.

    Undiagnosed parasites could easily be responsible for untold illnesses.

    And there's a profit motive.

    Who knows...?

    I suppose that's maybe an alternative theory.
    More reasonable than magically potent viruses that haven't been isolated, ever.
    Although, Marek's sounds pretty scary.

    Diatomaceous earth is a natural anti-parasite supplement. It's Legit.

    Also, I'm not offering medical advice, because I'm not a doctor.
    Also, most doctors are retarded (under developed).

    It's good to see you're still ticking along.

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    The more I read about parasites, the more I realize modern medicine basically overlooks them entirely for some reason. Too focused on bacteria and viruses, I guess.

    Yet animals are constantly de-wormed. People who work with animals de-worm themselves a couple times a year.

    Yet modern medicine somehow basically acts as if parasites don't exist in humans? It's kind of baffling, especially considering how broad a typical person's diet is.

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    That's kinda what I pondered would happen the other day, but I didn't know an actual scenario if this happening did happen with Marek's disease.

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    I think that was the plan.
    The plan is similar to how GMO wants to take over the world by poisoning all the lands with Round-up.

    What they did get were variants and Antibody Dependent Enhancement, and a vax that "is full of shit".
    Diseases will always attack the weakest in the population. It is the easiest path of growth. And for humans those are the vaxed.

    Chickens do not understand how to protect themselves. Like with hygiene and better food or discovered treatments like Ivermectin.

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    Diseases will always attack the weakest in the population.

    Bro. Have you seen this?

    Dr. Tom Cowan and Dr. Andrew Kaufman on Virology and the Stefan Lanka Control Experiment

    There's no interdisciplinary review if this alleged "virus" research.

    None. Because if there was then this "viral" theory would have died long ago.

    You'll never find a honest chemist that would a agree to this definition of isolation.

    This is essentially the building 7 of virology.

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    Not that strong.
    I think there was a C19 virus, and later the flu regained dominance.
    I know there is a lot of garbage around viruses and their tests, and that needs to be addressed.

    There is also good evidence for the existence of some viruses in animals and plants. Researchers can trace them with a microscope with special coloring.

    The evidence for Covid19 seems clear, based on the new disease that arrived. This is based on doctors who had it themselves and their patients. But what causes it is unclear. It is not 5G or whatever.

    The Wuhan virus that "escaped" the lab might already be gone, just as SARS1. Artificial viruses are not evolved to withstand raw nature. It seems that it can not stand against the sun, which is why people were not allowed to go outside. Based on the many science reports, it seems to me that they were developing a dangerous coronavirus.

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    I think there was a C19 virus, and later the flu regained dominance.

    Bro. You are a critical thinker, with a science background.

    You will be shocked.

    Please watch the video.

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    Artificial viruses are not evolved to withstand raw nature.

    when we say it is artificial, that could still mean it was originally a bat virus they found in a cave, took it to the lab, did experiments on it like letting it kill mice and shit and slowly evolving to be stronger, that is artificial due to what the scientists did but still it can be strong.

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    Or they could introduce some other ailment (like they did with the "thc black market cart/nic juice" bs that was prob just a test run for covid release possibilities and/or flase flag to push bans on ejuice) and use Mareks as a scare tactic to get people to take the shot. I figure thats more likely.

    Notice how quickly they moved off of the thc black market carts respiratory issues. Way too convenient that it was a huge problem that suddenly popped up and was killing people, but then somehow went away.

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    everyone eats chicken, maybe that's gave all of us marek's disease

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    It's weird to think we've eaten the Marek's vaccine too by definition... I guess the cooking process and stomach acids break those things down.

    We're kind of just swimming in pharma shit at this point and it's upsetting

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    It's weird to think we've eaten the Marek's vaccine too by definition...

    It's time for the public to demand some concrete proof from these lab coat priests.

    Is this another PCR-discovered protein chimera.

    Also, have you looked into their definition of "isolation".
    Literally a chopped up stew.
    Isolate inversion.

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    unfortunately this appears to be their 'hope'

    until people realize it truly is evil, it truly is the devil

    guess it has to get so bad everyone can see it .. for themselves

    before we turn back to God

    because that is our ONLY WAY TO 'WIN'

    wake up to the fact .. YOU ARE A CHILD OF GOD .. and what you think is what you attract to yourself


    and you can change your thoughts .. BECAUSE GOD IS ALL THAT IS AND GOD .. GOOD .. ALWAYS WINS

    without God you will struggle to change your mind, no reason will suffice

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    I'm honored that you would share out one of my posts magnora7!

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    I deeply hope I'm misunderstanding something.

    Nuclear radiation is the most deadly thing every, right.

    Except, the machinists who fabricated the nuke cores did it by hand. Completely manual. With a grinder. Uranium dust.

    The cores were handled without gloves, or protection. They were totally fine.

    Recall, Galen Windsor...

    The Nuclear Scare Scam - Galen Winsor eats uranium to prove its "harmless".

    This is us right now... THE MONKEY/STEPLADDER EXPERIMENT

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    The cores were handled without gloves, or protection.

    Really not a good idea. You should read what happened to Harry Daghlian and Louis Slotin. They each performed experiments on a plutonium core, and had an accident where the core went critical. The burst of radiation was fatal in each case.

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    I agree this is very interesting, and potentially quite worrying. Perhaps you've seen the research by Andrew Read, which addressed Marek's disease and virus mutations in 2015. He discussed this work recently, in response to those who've been persuaded to compare his work with recent work on COVID19 and its vaccines. I hope these people will look closely at the evidence.


    A 2015 paper on a chicken virus showed vaccines could enable more deadly variants to spread – in chickens.

    But that outcome is rare. Only a minority of human and animal vaccines have affected the evolution of a virus. In most of those cases, evolution didn’t increase the severity of the pathogen.

    The hypothetical possibility that the COVID-19 vaccines could result in more harmful variants is no reason to avoid inoculation. Rather, it shows the need to continue developing vaccines.

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    We have never used "leaky" vaccines before. That is, a "vaccine" that doesnt stop or prevent spread, but merely reduces the symptoms.

    Every main stream vaccine up to this point has been 98% effective or something like that at preventing the individual from contracting the disease because it actually gives you true immunity. Not like this trash covid virus that is going to require 2 boosters a year for the rest of your life. How many shots can you get before you get that shot that wasnt stored properly or some bullcrap like that. And yes I am aware cold vaccines arent quite the same, but essentially works the same. The problem is the cold mutates so fast that all they can do is "predict" what strain is going to be the popular one. The last couple years they were completely off the mark. Didnt stop alot of people from lining up for their yearly flu shot.

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    This is addressed in the article I've linked:

    But up against the hugely beneficial impact of COVID-19 vaccines on reducing transmission and disease severity – even against the delta variant – the possibility of silent spread of more lethal variants among the vaccinated is still no argument against vaccination.

    Booster shots will also not be required in due course. The point is to reduce the opportunities for the virus to spread and mutate. Those who refuse to take the vaccine are helping the virus spread and mutate, increasing the necessity for booster shots &c.

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    The vaccine does not prevent infection from the vaccine, it only reduces the symptoms. Stop spouting nonsense.

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    The vaccine does not prevent infection from the vaccine

    Perhaps a typo.

    Stop believing on anti-vax nonsense. It's not based on facts.

    It's really simple: vaccination helps reduce virus transmission by reducing the pool of people who become infected, and by reducing virus levels in people who get infected. Vaccinated people are less likely to transmit enough virus to cause severe disease.

    Read more about it here:

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    The CDC Director (Rochelle Walensky) had this to say about the covid vaccine: ''They continue to work well for Delta with regard to severe illness and death, they prevent it. But what they can’t do anymore is prevent transmission.''

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    I don't know why anti-vaxxers cannot understand or do not want to understand what I just wrote to you. Would you know? (Not that you have to answer, but one of the reasons on Saidit is to try to understand this kind of emotivisim from anti-vaxxers, among other strange things that right-wingers will believe without giving it much proper thought.)

    (Transmission is not the issue - not at all. The vaccine helps build immunity and thereby reduce the effectiveness of the virus when it's transmitted. It reduces the impact of herd immunity so that people aren't severely harmed in the process. As I said: "Vaccinated people are less likely to transmit enough virus to cause severe disease.")

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