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Try Tinder first, BJs are free there. You should put you're looking for someone to take your virginity. You'd be surprised how many women like the idea of deflowering a guy.

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doesn't work for currycels

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Become a yoga guru. There are a couple of documentaries on netflix about it.

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too much work

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You can lynch blacks freely

Let's start with this one. Can you back this claim up?

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In the south at least look at what happened to George Floyd and Tamir Rice

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Lynch : VERB lynching (present participle) · lynching (noun) (of a mob) kill (someone), especially by hanging, for an alleged offense with or without a legal trial.

Lynching usually is associated with racism. Four men were convicted in the death of George Floyd. Tamir Rice was shot due to the police officer mistaking his toy gun for a real one.

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Look I was just coming up with societal and governmental hypocrisies that contradict the legal system not allowing me to bang hot milf pawg cunny off backpage just swap it out for something else if it bothers you that much

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That happened over 100 years ago.

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yes, and it is a part of our history... it is an ugly part of our history.. that should be told to the children..

people were murdered because of their skin color..

people had their land stolen because of their skin color.

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It is told. We are on the far swing of the pendulum on the story telling. As evident by some of the talk on social media, it is already being pulled back the other way. Where will it settle?

You mention this event as it still happens today. It does not.

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about twenty years ago, i used to work with an old black man... our boss was an old white man.. mister hopper.. the old black man told me that working for mister hopper was the only job that he had ever had.. he told me that back years ago, when he and mister hopper would go to lunch that mister hopper could walk in the front door of the cafe but that the black man would need to enter the cafe thru a back door. he told me about how the racist climate was back in those days, but i dont actually recall him actually saying the word "racist".. he told me that if he were to go into a store and to accidentally brush up against a white woman, that if he were lucky they would only run him out of town.

the ocoee massacre is legit.. white folks just ran around and killed black folks and then stole their land.

that land should be returned to the descendants of those that were killed and had their land stolen.

but if we do that, then we have to give the entire united states back to the native indians and the mexicans.

i rest.

Video: The Ocoee Massacre

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I, too, have heard stories of segregation. Both black and white people accepted it as part of U.S. society, even if they knew it was wrong. I'm not arguing about the past. Bad things happened. I think things are a lot different now. How far do you go for reparations? How do you pay reparations to dead people? Who pays for those reparations? Do you know that some black people and some American Indians owned slaves? How do their descendants fit in?

that land should be returned to the descendants of those that...... had their land stolen

It happens sometimes. Even though eminent domain was used to buy this land for a park, it was still returned to the descendants. california-beach-seized-black-family-1924-set-returned

Who were the original natives to the Americas? Who took their land? What land was sold and what land was "stolen"? Do I have recourse if I can prove my great, great, great, great-grandfather was forced from his land by the French and then that land ended up in the hands of another?

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Do you know that some black people and some American Indians owned slaves? How do their descendants fit in?

maybe one day you and your family will be hung with ropes in the yard of your house so that you and your children can watch your family home burn to the ground.

fire is relaxing.

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One can only hope that you and all your psycho liberal friends get to meet the end that you plan for everyone else especially given the fact that you're no different than a generation or two in the past you're exactly the same as the people who you pretend to despise for pretty much no damn reason at all other than opportunistically to pretend that you were somehow better despite being exactly the same.

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Again, you talk about events from several generations ago as though it were happening RIGHT NOW. That's not disingenuous, that's outright lying.

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even worse I can't get a gf because of my skin color

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You can lynch blacks freely

Are people really this stupid?!

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Have you not been paying attention the last 5 years? People being this stupid is why certain black neighborhoods were burned to the ground for "progress and solidarity."

However, in this case, Yabbit is a troll, but he's parroting a common belief.

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I was under the impression that its legal in reno or somewhere in nevada

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Land of the free for beautiful and tall white people

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If you really want that, you can do it without worrying about the "law." It happens all the time. Very unlikely however that she will be "hot." The sex trade is a dark, dark place.

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I'm not risking getting my hole gape to gape a hole

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I hope you survive