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Tenderloin has been a hell hole for decades, I went through there in the 90s. City officials get tough every so often but it all goes back to the same old hell hole.

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if you think that it was bad in the nineties, omg, you aint seen nothing yet.

i was homeless there back about ten years ago, i was transient there for a solid three years... i knew a lot of people at the street level... i could walk into almost any meth camp and sleep because i was familiar with so many people...

i remember my last time that i stopped into the tenderloin just before i left sf for the last time, i saw one of the meth addicts that i knew fairly well.. he was a pretty stout and tall white boy... he could handle himself pretty well.. i casually asked him how was everything going in the TL... his response was "it has gotten really bad down here.. there are drug dealers selling to other drug dealers... they will knock you the fuck out and pee in your butt".. that is precisely what he told me.. and he wasnt playing... i took a look around and there were gang banger enforcers posted on all major street corners... the whole place had transformed...

sf has legit gone gangland. no bullshit.. it aint like back in the nineties... in the nineties, it was still gay capital bullshit and hippies... oh sure, they had the meth problem... but it was nothing like it is now... now, it is hard core..


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Mexicans call SF ciudad santuario because the city officials made the city that way. Back in the erly tech days everyone hired illegal immigrants for yard work,house keeper,janitors and dish washers. The wealthy demanded the city take care of the illegals.

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that is entirely possible.. and now, the mexicans sell meth.. and they will kill you in a mexican heartbeat.. i was walking somewhere on mission street and one of them shot and killed somebody almost right in front of me.. and he just walked away and nobody made any attempt to stop him.

the problem that we have is going to get bigger and bigger and bigger ....

the titanic is going to sink.

i suppose that i should add that this country of the united states originally belonged to the mexican and the american native indian.. it is white people like me that have invaded this country.. and now the mexican is taking it back.

every dog has his day.

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Carl Sagan said about the same thing 25 years ago.

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carl sagan, rest in peace, i can listen to him all day.

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I enjoyed his shows, got me interested in space.

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ok, i was stretching the truth when i said that i listen to him all day, but this video is one that i have watched probably dozens of times.

i really enjoy having conversations of an intellectual nature like he does in this video.

video: carl sagan - the fourth dimension

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My favorite was life on other planets.

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nice. is this it?

video: carl sagan on alien civilizations

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at 0:16, do you see the guy in the clown suit spraying down the sidewalk? when i was homeless in san francisco i worked on that team for about three days before i said fuck this bullshit.

i carried a two way radio and i would call in and report a "feces report" and someone would come and pick up the shit.

i lasted for about three days.

at 3:02 is the big open block that is between city hall and the public library... there used to be shallow pools in this big open block but now there is just drug addicts wandering around hunting for dope.

every thing in san francisco is corrupt. the homeless shelters are operated by the drug dealers.. the police run the drug business.. and indians own the hotels and they will eventually own the entire city.

san francisco is like a modern day titanic and it is sinking fast.