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"They" Are Systems, Not People

100,000,000,000,000 %

I've said it countless times. Assassinate all of the ruling class - and a new ruling class will replace them, and nothing would change.

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Anyways: It is possible to "break" this challenge, i believe.

Just keep the societies or groups smaller (like stone-age tribes, e.g).

And then chase the emerging ticks out from time to time so that they can starve, like they initially chose to when they began sucking the lifeblood of others

instead of

contributing something of a measurable value.

When they get addicted to this behaviour you chase them out.

This way they can't hoard ill-gotten-gains over the course of generations.

Because they tend to evolve not only their methods but also their "visibility", so to say.

Simply put.

All "cool" things actually are simple.

The only "hard" thing is keeping doing it, most of the times. Discipline, fellas. Discipline.

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Right but every ship is being steered. Capitalist hell world is run by jews.

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Jews are from Asia and everyone knows they can't steer anything.

It's lizard people.

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Nope, it's the jews

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The steering is a minor part of the problem. That the slave ship exists and is accepted is the greater problem.

Zionists are only the lead head of the hydra, including many other co-collaborating organizations.

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Opposite way around, people naturally accept any conditions they're given. The problem is evil exists to create these systems, and evil is jews.

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I mean people could just save their money, FIRE style, and jump off the slave ship.

So it's not really a slave ship. More a slavery kink ship.

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This is exactly one of the things Ted Kaczynski was talking about when he wrote about self propagating systems in Industrial Society And Its Future

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See my other comment for useful links. . ..

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Yep. It's all in the manual.

Industrial Society and Its Future

Propaganda (1928)

The Psychology of Manipulation: 6 Lessons from the Master of Propaganda

Why Americans Will Believe Almost Anything

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It begins with the thought process "This will make [X] corporation, for which I work, money. Then [X] corporation will reward me." It becomes a shared culture, from top to bottom. The people at the top are as much slaves to this thought process as the peons at the bottom, perhaps more so. They give up their humanity for purchasing power.
This is the enemy.

Yes, indeed. Our mental paradigms shape our physical reality.  

I argue (I had a long post about this) that our true problem is promotion of corporate culture.

Let's replace the Pyramidian paradigm with self- & mutual aid paradigm.
That would lead us naturally to Decorporatize & Co-opefy the Economy  

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Sounding suspiciously like a bunch of faggot antifa in here with your “systems of oppression” and generalized class warfare talk

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Somehow you sound suspiciously oblivious and ignore-ant of the corrupt establishment matrix of rigged systems that has a full spectrum dominance and the monopoly on violence.

Stop ignoring the obvious.