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is the complete un-definition of what they say is "woke".

woke is whatever furthers their goal of subjugating folks into their mental positions

so they can start a civil war.

they are hoping to position people far enough apart that they will kill each other

both sides are to blame, as I see opportunity to resolve the issues, but leaders of both sides never take them

woke is purposedly undefined to allow them to bend it to their needs to this end

my opinion is the rational mind of most people cannot believe the evil that others are willing to do

it is because of this evil that I sought God, found God and now live with God

God is always with us.. God is always there.. it is us that have turned away because of what others claimed was God

God is always fulfilling our truth.

it is this truth, what you truly believe, that is being manipulated so you will create in your dream their retarded reality in which you literally 'jail yourself' .. because no one else can do it

there is a lot to unpack there, i hope you find what i said helpful.

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I understand that many leaders of both sides intentionally leave it undefined to develop animosity towards each other.

I wish I never got into anti-SJW ideas in the first place.