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Hm yes let me call the cops on a parent checking up on their children

Did everybody clap afterwards?

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I followed him out the door and called the police on the piece of shit. Police promptly arrived at the scene and arrested the piece of shit.

This response time is hard to believe

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Because OP is a lying virtue-signaling karmawhore, is my guess

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Wait, so cause you were slow af doing some basic retail shit, this guys kids were left in the car, and then you call the cops on him?

This was some silly gay bitch energy, this is why you fags shouldn't be allowed to vote, you got no common sense.

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One big vote for muskrat

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Fuck you.

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If this is true, get fucked.

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You hope his kids get put onto care where they will be raped?

Because you are slow at your job and he was worried about them?


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It is obviously a bullshit post.

The lesbians are pissed that women can't so easily murder children by getting an abortion, so now they are attacking families and their children.

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If you are a lesbian getting an abortion then you are lesbianing wrong.

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Yeah, but we should blame that on Trump.

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You fucking douchebag, i hope this post is a wind up.

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Yeah, this fucktard has another post saying that anti-vaxxers should have their kids taken away.

In another post, the OP posted a video titled "I wanna become a homosexual".

LGBT has become a full blown mental disorder.

It looks like CNN is firing up the insult machine.

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ahhh i see i'll just block the cunt.

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It was an early Fall day, sunny but mid-60s. On the way back from a hike with the pooch I stopped at a liquor store for some beer. I parked in the shade. Oh and the windows were cracked open too.

I went into the store, bought a 6-pack and returned to my car in no more than a few minutes to find some pudgy, bearded 20 YO in a City worker's uniform leaning against his City truck parked next to me. He was staring pointed at his phone. He then smugly exclaimed that he'd already called the cops on me for "leaving my dog in a hot car".

The bald faced virtue signalling of it call caught me by complete surprise. I was literally speechless and gawked at the guy as if he had 3 heads. I got in my car and drove off, still hardly able to process what I had just encountered.

Later, of course, I kicked myself for not getting his information and then letting his boss know what his worker was doing on City time, namely bothering people for no reason beyond likes on social media. Nothing would happen to him, of course, but maybe it would give the useless fucker pause the next time he feels the need to right some horrible injustice that Facebook told him about.

You find a dog in a car in 80F heat then break a fucking window and call the cops, you have my blessing. But for all the rest of you looking for excuses to virtuously trumpet your moral superiority go fuck yourselves.

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this is justified if he's a trump supporter