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I'll be glad when this queer fad is over.

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We have only just begun.

Fyi, San Francisco was for many years referred to as the gay capital of the world, but now they have turned it into a narcotics and gangland shithole, so they stopped talking about it being the gay capital of the world.

Now the LGBT is inside of all of these "woke" companies AND the LGBT is also moved into the white house.

The USA will soon be fully corrupted and bankrupted.

I am not kidding

Video: San Francisco (4 yrs ago)

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At the first sign of a recession the first jobs to go are going to be jobs specifically designed to be "woke". When this woke queer fad is finally over there will be unintended blowback on the queers. I know people that go out of their way to not hire queers just to keep workplace drama to a minimum.

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Yeah, but... The woke LGBT now controls google and Facebook and Twitter AND SAIDIT and reddit and the Whitehouse and the courts....

The Whitehouse is giving them "jobs", which simply means that they are giving each other bullshit jobs so they can stay home and jack off all day.

They are creating inflation by giving away all of this money and then they redefine what inflation is..

Instead of letting the LGBT take control of our economy, you would have been better off inviting Stalin into your own home .

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People are getting sick and tired of all this woke gay shit. It will swing back the other way.

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all respect and kindness and love, but when the rubber hits the road lgbt will morph into a full blown mental disorder of some sort and you wont like the side effects of being around it.

... and now they run many of our major corporations such as google and facebook and twitter and saidit and the whitehouse.

they will entirely fuck up the soup, count on it.

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Small businesses need to stop hring them to avoid workplace drama.

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the problem with that plan is that this covid fiasco has pretty much put an end to the small businesses.

the big box stores are the new thing.

go ahead, name for me one small business that can survive in today's marketplace.

i am listening.

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Plumber, electrician, pest control, landscaping, auto repair, tires, HVAC, pressure washing; you know, skilled and semi-skilled local labor.

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ok fine.. next time i meet a trannie that wants to be my plumbers helper i wont hire them.


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I don't the the woke LGBT controls saidit, or 95% of us would've been banned by now.

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usher is the queen bee of the chat... that is about as woke lgbt as you can get.

it is possible to play both sides of the game at once and that is what usher does.


when this drama is all said and done, the lgbt might find out that they have been played like pawns.

again, yup.

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One active user is hardly the equivalent of control.

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but technically, yes, one user is the equivalent of control.

usher has the ultimate authority... so usher is the queen bee.

usher is the dictator of saidit.

pretty much.

in the end, i strongly suspect, the lgbt might find that it was played like puppets.

imagine when cnn and msnbc gets their licenses to broadcast revoked.

i am gonna piss myself laughing.

they will either lose their license to broadcast or they will find that their funding mysteriously dries up.


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magnora7 is the owner of saidit

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yeah, but he has assigned the ultimate authority to usher.


usher is the one that drops the hammer.

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btw, how is my favorite slave girl today?

tell daddy how you are today.

let it out.

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Prone to escaping, so never forget to tie me up when you're not watching me.

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that is pretty much what the sub girls at my favorite bdsm site are always saying.. that they are prone to periods of misbehaving.. they warn me that i will have to watch them..

what the fk is up with that?

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The human race will make a huge step forward when that feral, filthy sub-human cohort goes extinct. It is very easy for quality folks to despise the Negro. Any country with a Negro infestation is far less than it is capable of being.

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Aw bro, let it rest.. that shit is so tired.

All respect to my kind brothers and sisters

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Nothing that a high-velocity slug into the brain will not cure and make the USA a better place for decent folks to dwell.

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i really think that this whole "gender identity" and "woke" and "lgbt" mania is simply a mental illness.

Nothing that a high-velocity slug into the brain will not cure

yeah, i cant really go there.. i almost can, but not quite.

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the guy at 0:55, i love him, he is a complete whackjob that shows what the trans movement really is.