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He was what we needed to block Hillary out. Now it's time for him to move on.

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When you say that "we" needed him to block Hillary, please understand that I am not included in that "we".

I am a supporter of Mr Trump, but he has made such serious mistakes that I am now concerned that he may end up in a supermax.

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He never will be incarcerated. They'll pull out some medical pseudo-"arguments" out of their drawers in this case.

If he hasn't a blackmail box on someone up the chain high enough in DOJ anyways...

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He never will be incarcerated.

no, that is where they are headed.

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He's a former president. He could murder someone live on camera and he'd still never face a second in jail. He's part of the big club and so is zion Ron (desantis).

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just being a president does not give any special privilege to a man. look at that kennedy boy, they plastered his brains all over the street. the presidential types do live a life of privilege and luxury, but when the rubber hits the road they are simply sock puppets for the elites.

i am a simple man that lives day by day, but i have looked into the eyes of those that sit at the top. i have stood with men that can scoop up two handfuls of diamonds, like you would cup your hands and scoop up two handfuls of sand on a beach. i have also had sitdowns with the absolute top of the mafia.

i just want to assure you that that even president xi, they could take him out in two clicks.

do you know who is a severely powerful group? they call themselves the masons. oh my gawd. i am actually not sure that god doesnt work for them.

i remember when i met the boss.. one of his enforcers escorted me around town for several days.. he showed me around.. he would sometimes ask me "edward, are you fbi"? and i would respond by saying "i dont thiink so"... and he would say "are you sure"? and i would say "pretty sure"... and then he would ask me if i wanted to meet the boss... not really, i would say..

i asked the enforcer if the boss is aware that i am a little crazy? and he would say "yeah, but you are smart crazy".

the mafias of this world are one and the same with the police agencies and the militaries of the world, they have infiltrated these groups.

i was once arrested on some petty charges while i was returning from mexico and the officers that picked me up and transported me back to houston were on the boss's payroll.

puppets at the street level have absolutely no idea that they literally live in a sort of a matrix.

trump really fucked up by challenging the ms13.

they have been dropping hints that trump needs to step down, but he isnt listening.

they can and will eliminate him, in a heartbeat.

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Street gangs like ms13 are tough in urban neighboods where they can prey on the defensless. Outside of that environment they are nothing.

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I have seen MS13 operations going in in rural environments. They ran a mobile home park and auto repair/junkyard (a front) not too far from me with spotters at the only entrance. They ran off most of the old residents in the surrounding farmland area. They operate drug running routes with safe houses along the East Coast U.S. from Texas all the way to NY in both urban and rural areas.

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Mr Trump so nastily offended the LGBT that I don't even want to get into it.

When did that happen?

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i watched a video that was made prior to him being elected president, and some fairly substantial representatives of the lgbt community sat down with him and basically asked him if he was elected would he stand behind the lgbt and look out for theiir interests.. trump clearly stated that he would represent for the lgbt... but when trump got into office, he flipped that scriipt... trump said "no trans people in the military"...i think that he also did things that reversed the wheels regarding the gay marriage rights issues.

trump promised that he would stand up for the lgbt rights and then he bitch slapped them when he sat down in the oval office.

cut and dried... if i was lgbt, i would be furious with mr trump.

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I've researched his transgender military ban, and just as I had suspected it had nothing to do with transphobia. His primary concerns were trans people hijacking military benefits to get free transitions, and the possibility of abusing HRT drugs while in the military. As for the trans veterans, Trump praised them for their service.

He never reversed gay marriage either. He occasionally claims he will when trying to appeal to his fundamentalist voterbase, but otherwise he has about as much interest in doing that as Biden does in not banning fracking. I believe when he was being honest he firmly agreed that the matter is "settled" and he has no problem with it. Trump is a businessman, not a theocrat.

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trump is a patient deal maker.. i think that i read "the art of the deal".. he is a patient and somewhat brutal business man.

i am very impressed when i see his rallies and i have never seen large crowds show up to listen to any other politician like they do for trump

trump is like a rock star to his "trumpers".

the problem is that the president is supposed to act as the representative over all of the people, not only to those that love him.

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trump has simply pissed off too many large groups of people, the ms13 and islam and lgbt..

if a person was to wake up and try to fuck up a presidency, there is no other route from point A to point B than that one.

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If you're talking about the LGBTQIAPFABCDEFG+ cult, which is mostly just bisexuals who only date the opposite sex and trans people who identify as cats and don't even take hormones, then yeah, he pisses them off just by existing, along with all the other radical left SJWs. Because to them Trump is the devil himself, he can do no right. But outside of that there are plenty of LGBT who like Trump, and also aren't hostile to religion and don't demand special privileges and censorship of everything they don't like.

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i would have to agree with what you just wrote.. it is these newschool weirdo fanatical fags that are creating the shitstorm on social media, etc..

but, for example, i have had some friiends that are simply queer as three dollar bills and they have zero use for the opposite sex... its these nutjob trannies that have fucked up everything like it is.. do you know what is weird? any truly gay people that i have known, they have a loathing for the trans people.. they look at them like they are a different species from some far away planet.


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Anyway Trump has some smart ideas, but he's way too full of himself and doesn't know how to conduct himself in public. It's clear, he can't control his ego, and he blurts things out he really shouldn't be saying in public, then boasts about it. He has zero respect for anyone but himself, to the point where he thinks he's the Messiah and everyone else is a "loser". So while the media is always going to give non-leftists a hard time, he's really asking for it. Perhaps intentionally, because he can use that to draw attention to himself and take advantage of the Streisand effect.

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Thanks for elaborating this.

It widened my view.

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most likely i did widen your view.. you strike me as a fairly well educated person.. you, for example, i would be wiilling to wager a bet that your educational level is actually approaching either the masters or the phd level, without any hesitation i say this.

you strike me as a person that knows how to write and speak well, and you can strike down a wolverine with that nasty tongue of yours, but you dont know how to size up a particular situation.

do you realize that the higher ups that you work for that they take advantage of the fact that you are simply a trained monkey?

yup, they does.


rupert bumperdnk.

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Of course i know. But i don't give a fuck.

They do their simulation, i do mine.

Thankfully, saidit is a nice part of it.

But no more and no less and especially nothing else.

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America is a mental asylum. I wonder what our ancestors would think reading this. Or future historians. Hi future american history major! Trump is a man who fooled millions of people into thinking he gave a shit about their problems when he just wanted to cement his name in world history. SUCKAS!

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Mr Trump does enjoy being the center of attention.