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Times were tough back then and that's why people were less shit. We have far more comforts, entertainments, options and higher quality stuff now. Don't take it for granted.

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I still want to move to a like-minded community though.

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it seems living beyond the system is growing in popularity. self sufficiency and self reliance are values many people are returning to. it's clear that technological advancements in the realm of social media haven't done our society as a whole much good. perhaps it is a journey and brighter days may be ahead. but it may get very dark first. seems that is the path.

sorry your feeling funky about it all. it's true there is a lot to be grateful for. but many don't find comfort in the way the modern world has evolved. i hope you find your people.

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I think it is maybe the only realistic solution at this point in time.

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I'm with you. Where are we going?

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Probably find a relatively large less populated area in or outside the US.

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You know, I'd rather prefer watching movies in shit quality off tapes and not being able to order pizza online than shit people.

And the "higher quality stuff" is also arguable. Pretty arguable.

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Tapes were cool even if they were technologically inferior.

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You have a wide range of quality to choose from. In the past you didn't have that choice. If you chose to buy crap don't blame anyone else.

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Like what exactly? The only conforts that exist now are cell phones and consumer GPS. Both of which don't make up for the absolute shit that college, and media have become. What am I missing?

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cellphone carriers are owned by faggots and muslims, etc.

they will soon raise the price of service to a level where you can only afford a "dumb phone" or you simply cant afford the data that is required to read news stories.

you are being priced into the lowest level of society, you will become the new sanitation workers and the new sewer workers and the new trash sorters.

you should make a good slave and be pleasing to your new master.


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I'd settle for late 80s to very early 00s kek

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    You also don't need to have a computer or smartphone every yard or so, a single internet cafe will suffice if one has to use it.

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    We millennials are being called the nostalgic generation, as we grew up through the ages in technological advances from having vinyl and VHS in the home on a black and white television right through to smart phones, flat screen TVs and modern medicine. I feel that nostalgia and appreciate it, in a way I wouldn't want to change that.

    As an 80's kid though, I do wish I'd have been born a little earlier to have enjoyed the 90's as a teen instead of being a child. I missed the real rave scene. Such a shame.

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    Yep, I enjoyed the 90s but as a child only. I still remember VHS and I still have a hobby for VCRs to this day, I see it as even more so special today.

    On the other hand, the millennials are one of the most woke/liberal generations socially and politically.

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    There's something aesthetically ugly about modern/flat-screen TVs. It's like modern cars vs. Classic cars.

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    And everything you see, hear, eat, do is just the same few companies too. I wish I remembered that time when ABC wasn't owned by Disney or every few major store wasn't just another Wal-Mart. I love the regional differences.

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    I'm not opposed to chains, I know chains also existed but they were regional.

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    I wish I was born 1-2 generations earlier.

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    I still hope to find a group of people that want to recreate a "normal" life as much as possible. Everything else in society treats us like shit, every major influence and institution is controlled by people who are less than good and it's a lonely feeling. Why can't it be the other way around sometimes? I grew up loving to watch TV and movies to be later frustrated that ~90-95% are progressive. There will never be a rich or influential right-wing or centrist.