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Logical. What dumbass gets with an older woman on purpose? I recall that faggot from France basically got with a geriatric.

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There is another option: a man may marry a woman his same age.

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There is even more:

He doesn't like being handcuffed for the rest of his life, and so doesn't marry in the first place.

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I know places in this world where I could get on a plane or take a cruise ship there and upon arrival, a proper gentleman will be entertained by ladies that have not yet finished wearing diapers.

Yes, such places exist.

I do not indulge in such things, not me.

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Sounds like you are describing the Lolita Express that traveled to Epstein's island.

Thanks for sharing the seemingly unrelated video. It reminds me of a boy who read the Holy Bible and thought it was "just a story". The Savior promised in the pages of that book that if the boy would call on his name, he would be saved.

In the movie, it appears the boy called on the wrong name, because the candles went out and it became dark.

I call on the name of the Lord: Jesus... and I hope you do, too.

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Roses are red

Violets are blue

Aisha was six

Mohammed fifty-two