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We are entering into war because the elites know that our resources are dwindling and that their financial schemes are failing.


The only solution for the elites is to eliminate upwards of 90% of the world's population.

I don't much like the elites, but this is probably for the best. You prefer 10 billion of us and cockroach burgers?

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Do me a favor and take your dirty childish mouth far away from me.

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Dirty mouth? Youre the one fixin to eat cockroach burgers

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Nope, I am preparing to end my life, unless you have not been paying attention.

Life is easy to end.

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I'm not a hateful person, but I do fear there will be a zombie apocalypse. We don't have easy access to guns in the UK, but when it comes to knives, swords, bats and crossbows, I'm well equipped. 🤘

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You are like a stupid child..

When the time of war comes, I want you to sit down with your family and eat your knives and swords.

No matter who you are and no matter which side of this war you are on, your friends and family will die from starvation or worse

When starvation comes, remember that I warned you that you can not eat your guns.

Do you remember that I have warned you repeatedly that California is running out of water?

People will shake your hand, smile at you, cut your throat and then barbecue you.

Your childish attitude is quite boring.

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Nonsense! When you are turned into a zombie, I will do your animated corpse a favour by slaying your zombie ass with my armoury of pain before throwing you on the barbecue! None of us will starve so long as we have zombie chicken to barbecue.

Water is not a problem for me, I live an an island rich in reservoirs. If you live by a desert, that's your problem. If you lived on a mountain, would you complain equally about the snow? No! Because it would be the expected localised climate conditions for the region, it would be foolish to raise complaint.

Your fear provocation is futile, humans are the ultimate parasitic virus on the planet, we are survivors.

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As I said, you think like a child and your vision is short.

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Your flattery will get you nowhere, my vision is epic 🤘 bring on the zombie apocalypse, I have been preparing for it my entire life!

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You remind me of a passenger on the titanic that is happy that they are sinking.

You are on the titanic now and it is sinking fast

Do read for me the zombie apocalypse story again, please?

But I will be on a lifeboat, so read loudly?

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Kill all the zombies. KILL ALL THE ZOMBIES!

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Again, your thoughts and ideas are child-like.

But, you do you.

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I tried to warn you

Get over yourself faggot. If you went and looked at anything past 2008 we should have ripped up the banks and pension system then. It's been a time bomb kicked down the road every year since then.

People just don't care. You can't make them either.

Take your attitude and shove it up your ass. Fight to the last breath or fuck off because we don't need limp dicks when the fighting starts.

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The banks are beyond failing, we are facing catastrophic water and other shortages, etc.

Phase one was to create a fake pandemic to force the world to "lockdown".

I promise that your insults will not protect you from phase two.

Nice chatting with you.

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You're an idiot pretending to be a wizard.

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Actually I take that back, you're not an idiot, at least you know shits going sideways.

You're not the only person to notice though.

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I really liked when you referred to me as a wizard.

That was cool.

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The chicken wizard lol

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As I like to say, you can't really debate a person that has a children's mindset.

A capable think tank operative would NEVER wrap up a debate by tossing childish insults

But hey, if you insist on showing your intellectual tools to everyone, don't let me stand in your way.

There is a time and a place for insults.

Using insults at the wrong time will only make a person look weak in the intelligence department.

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But that's your calling card. I'm scottish so I swear constantly, you're not special.

I can guarantee my iq is higher than 98% of people. If you're insulted by being called a faggot then that's your problem.

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Go fuck yourself