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No, I don't think you would qualify as clinically schizophrenic.

The things you say that might get you labeled as such all revolve around a series of conspiratorial beliefs that you have about simulation theory. A conspiracy theory alone does not make one schizophrenic. Nor do your beliefs about the nature of reality and the afterlife, your beliefs aren't any more schizophrenic than people who have 'faith' in their religion, we'd have to label half the planet as schizos

Now, if like weegspeegs, you started accusing every member of saidit of being a secret archon who was involved in this conspiracy, then I would start to think you might be schizophrenic and whacked out of your gourd, but as it is, I think you just have a belief that isn't that usual, and seem pretty sure about it

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The overall profile sounds a lot like me though. There's more to it than finding "crazy" worldviews believable. The chronic stress and cognitive decline is the biggest red flag for me. I have almost every warning sign there is.

And perhaps I am somewhat delusional for thinking certain conspiracies are such a big deal, even though my theory may be correct. My crusade against "the cabal" of reddit got to the point where the admins went way beyond normal permabans, on two separate occasions. Even go1dfish thought I was going overboard, he once was worried that I might be doing drugs because of how fixated I was on it (I never have). And he's not one to jump to such conclusions, nor is he exactly known for not throwing tantrums about reddit himself. My conspiracy theory turned out to be true and so did many others, but perhaps I wasn't so realistic in dealing with it.

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I do think you exhibit some of the warning signs of someone who might be predisposed to having a mental breakdown if you aren't able to manage your stress levels. But I honestly don't think you are acutely schizophrenic. Reddit is a cabal as you pointed out, and I've gone overboard and thrown tantrums about magnora and soundsituation banning me for stupid reasons. Stress can really take a toll on your mental health even without you having full blown psychosis, and I think you are right to be concerned about it

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A lot of my stress comes from being stressed even when there's nothing to stress over. Which is a schizo symptom.

But it could also be the other way around. I don't have enough mental energy so I start glitching out. I think it's possible chronic stress caused it.

Either way there's no way I'm not going to have a breakdown soon. I should not be possible for me to have even made it this far.

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I've always considered everyone insane, just to different degrees. Most people think they are normal but are completely and utterly nuts to me. That doesn't mean that you fit the label of schizophrenic based on having different views.

Schizophrenia is as misused a term as autistic these days. The latter seems to have been appropriated the refer to liberal degenerates in a pejorative sense.

Those I've met or spoken to with schizophrenia has severe disconnected speech patterns and were prone to hallucinations or voices. You can see videos on YouTube of conversations with those who suffer from paranoid delusions, it can be reassuring to see that you don't fit the description. This is beyond mere paranoia or psychosis. Psychosis itself more likely to be a temporary response such as drug overdose, a terrifyingly real experience that can encompass many aspects of schizophrenia, and not something you'd pass off lightly or have to ask about...

You might be mentally abnormal, but unlikely to be a clinical diagnosis of that type. Anxiety and stress alone have a big impact on wellbeing and health.

As with anything though, if unsure you're best asking someone qualified. The best case they tell you you're fine, worst case you get support early.

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They're not born that way. They develop it later in life. I don't have full-blown schizophrenia but I am showing the early warning signs.

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Schizophrenia tends to be hereditary, it runs in families. I mean you can look for symptoms as much as you like, but you'll always look to find the worst case scenario. How many times has anyone searched online to diagnose a simple headache and the internet tells them they have septic brain cancer from rabid goat disease or something.

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Something like it definitely runs in my family.

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Stop fishing for more diagnoses.

If you aren't hallucinating anything you aren't schizophrenic enough for it to matter.

Take a read of The Body Keeps the Score.

Likely you have ACEs you might not even remember which have left you with dissociation and health problems.

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I didn't have any abnormal ACEs. However I am very sensitive to the point where anything could potentially traumatize me. But while I think that does build up over time, there's definitely more to it than that. I'm at the point now where I can barely function. All I want to do is roll over and die, even on a good day.

I am not hallucinating. Yet. But I literally show every single warning sign and I can definitely see myself reaching that point, and it's probably not far off by now.

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Skitzophrenia is really recognizable. How old are you?

It is always associated with episodes.

And episode is when something bat shit insane happens in your life, and it is usually so extreme that necessitates intervention, aka hospitalization.

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I'm young enough to not be having episodes yet. I have been able to feel them coming for years though, and now they feel closer than ever. And I show all the pre-onset warning signs, and have most of the conditions associated with it.

From everyone else's perspective I'm like janga blocks. I'll seem perfectly fine until one too many pieces are pulled out, and then I'll come crashing down.

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Schizophrenia is about loss of a sense of reality.

There are hallucinations (when you sense stuff that isn't real but can't figure out on your own that it isn't real) and pseudo-hallucinations (basically the same, but you realize them stemming from your imagination).

As long as you "don't lose" (easier written than done) your "sense" of reality, you ain't schizophrenic. Check the other "classical" symptoms.

There is kind of a "Turing-Test" for this...

But I got neither a medical nor a psychiatric license. So better don't listen to me.

My advice is: Get a smart enough therapist.

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That is fully developed schizophrenia. I would only be in the early stages right now.

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Well, I got Pseudo-hallucinations since about 15 years. But the loss of a sense of reality isn't there, as three "professionals" agree on.

Schizophrenia seems to be more like an umbrella term to me.

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Well you should know I'm really losing my grip on what you humans call reality.

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So get someone to talk about it. This mainly isn't about diagnostics. This is about you being you in a "safe space" talking "privately" to someone, who can match your "intellect".

It helps a lot, if you feel inclined enough to trust me.

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Hybrid schizo is more likely what you have.

Maybe you should put your affairs in order, because it is usually fatal. Not in the beginning, but it always kills in the end.

So many precious lives have been cut short by this killer disease.

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I can't find anything about hybrid schizophrenia, nor do I understand what it has to do with teletubbies.

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The teletubbies video was a tactic that is used to soothe the nerves of someone with early onset of hybrid schizophrenia(HSZ).

You most likely will not find many links about HSZ.

Just a heads up, most HSZ patients live somewhat long tho slightly deranged and confused lives.

I have two recommendations for you.

1) Plant a garden and enjoy it.

2) Masturbating is a commonly suggested therapy for HSZ patients.

Beyond that, I would suggest that you put your personal affairs in order. Ie, make out a personal will so that when the time comes, your wealth and your estate can be properly distributed to your loved ones.

Keep your chin up.

I am a board certified internet doctor.

Medical license: BR549

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This is a joke right?

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If you want to double up on your therapy, I would suggest that you go out and masturbate in the garden..

Invite a few friends over.

Invite Kanye.

You are going to be well on the road to recovery before you can click your heels and say Mississippi molasses.

Please pay the receptionist.

Office visit fee: $4.00

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Being sensitive is not a mental disorder. You should try to find coping mechanisms for it (besides drugs and alcohol). You are definitely not schizo.

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/u/vulptex should be relieved of her duties as forum moderator, pending a full examination by a qualified psychiatrist.

She is armed with assault weapons, and I am feeling less than safe.

I have a straight jacket, in case we need to go that route.

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I don't have any assault weapons. And I'm not struggling as a moderator.

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Denial is a common symptom found in mass shooters.

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    I am now unable to comment regarding this case, as there are now criminal charges being filed.

    I did try to help you.

    Do not attempt to self-harm, an ambulance and fire truck and a swat team is en route to your location now.

    Step outside with your hands and feet above your head.

    Help is on the way.

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      /u/chickens is my buddy, he lives down by the swamp.

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        He is cool. He plays a harmonica and has a pet monkey.

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        Hey, I do not know that dude.

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        It's not quite that simple. I'm also facing a dementia-like decline in my cognitive function. Whatever it is, it's progressive and I think will eventually kill me or make me lose awareness.

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        Mental illnesses don't exist, it's just that your brain doesn't get enough exercise.

        Change my mind.

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        Brain disorders and dysfunctions and malfunctions sure do exist..

        Brain disorders sometimes manifest themselves in ways that are not like the typical bipolar or schizophrenic disorders.

        In this video, two female twin sisters were classified as savants.

        Savants typically lack in social skills, but they are overachievers in other areas of mental ability.

        You will see.

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        You need one of:

        • delusions
        • hallucinations
        • disorganized speech

        and two of

        • delusions
        • hallucinations
        • disorganized speech
        • grossly disorganized or catatonic behavior
        • negative symptoms, such as diminished emotional expression

        You may have delusions if you're not right about them being right, which is difficult to judge. Your speech seems fine. If you have schizophrenia it's not catatonic type or disorganised type.

        You might be Paranoid type or residual type.

        Anyway, especially if this is true, maybe schizos aren't so crazy after all.

        Certainly one of the associated features is lack of insight into the disorder. But rest assured, when viewed from the outside schizos are archetypal batshit crazy.

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        It's not developed yet. I fit the pre-schizo profile perfectly.

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        If you think you have even mild schizophrenia, go see a psychologist and get assessed. Because if you do have it, and you don't do anything to treat it, you could get to a point where there's no going back.

        I watched a friend of mine decline like this and over the course of about a year he went from being fairly normal, to being generally paranoid, to being so paranoid that he though people at work were speaking in a secret code about him, to having full blown delusions that the govt was after him and bugged his apartment, to then having full blown hallucinations that divine beings were speaking to him. He got to the point where he was so psycho to be around that even his own family had to kick him out in order to save their sanity. They tried everything to get him treatment but he was too far gone and would refuse treatment because the "angels" in his head told him that the treatment was actually malicious. Today nobody really knows where he is. He could be dead or he could be a hobo on the street somewhere.

        If you think that could be you then get some help ASAP and don't let it get to that point.

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        I don't think you're any crazier than the rest of the looney bin here.

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        Good news! Only one of you has schizophrenia!

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        Yes, you are schizopilled as fuck