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The common theme in school shooters is they're almost all on antidepressants.

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The common theme in school shooters is they're almost all on antidepressants.

That, and they're fake.

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Eventually Americans are just going to have to admit that parents in their country are observably worse than other countries.

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I don't really have anything to compare American parenting to foreign parenting, although I have seen a lot of different approaches here, it's not homogeneous.

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I thought it was they're all male.

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William Cooper Warned ‘Deep State’ Would Engineer School Shootings To Disarm Americans

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Oh damn I was onto something! Are there more people saying these?

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Ask on not Google

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Yeah... the Uvalde thing never seemed right. Like... you're an impoverished, troubled high school drop-out from a working-class background. How do you afford all those weapons? And why, if you're so cheesed off about your high school experience, would you murder a bunch of little children? Fourth graders? They didn't do anything to you.

I've also noticed it's harder to find info on Salvador Ramos on Google. It's easier on Qwant.

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Was that the one where the cops just stood by? Suspicious as hell.

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The cops even arrested a fellow cop who tried to save his wife and kid

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Yep, that was the one. I've never seen cops do that before, either. Just stand there and wait around until all the kids are dead, and not even allow parents to rescue their own children. Absolutely bizarre. As though they'd been told to stand down and let it happen.

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It's odd, considering this would be a wet dream scenario for certain cops to come and save the day. Instead the opposite happens? Has anything come out about this? I remember they deleted x minutes of radio comms or something.

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I don't think the cops were ever arrested or charged or anything. Maybe suspended, but that's it.

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    There is no great conspiracy here

    You have been passified by (((media))) propaganda. A low wage job does not afford someone that kind of money. It is suspicious.

    Some people just have an hurge to kill

    Why only in America is this phenomenon happening?

    just that an automatic rifle will allow them to kill more people faster.

    These are semi automatic weapons, and they are no faster than pistols. A sawed off shotgun would be far more effective. Driving a truck into the school would be far more effective. School shooters are not getting high kill counts at all.

    No need to try finding a conspiracy to simple facts.

    It's all very simple when you buy everything on the news without question. But those excuses do not make a lot of sense when you think about them.

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    You can’t reason with this guy, he's on his six millionth booster.

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      you have no fucking idea how much money that guy made.

      He had a low wage, part time job. I have a good idea how much money he made. That the facts don't line up with your propaganda doesn't mean you can just deny them.

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      "The FBI came and picked him up from our home, they gave him a vehicle, gave him a fake bomb, and every means to make this happen,"

      There are dozens of these stories, you are clueless. Look up the Garland, TX “draw Muhammad” shooting. Security guard sued the FBI because the FBI was literally in the car behind the shooter watching the shooting unfold.

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      Yes. The constant repeating on news. And specifically white shooters . White is bad.

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      Most of the shooters were Jews. Jews are not white. They hate whites.

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      they become white the moment they do something 'bad'

      and jews are not a race, they are tribe of idiots that think God chose them above others.. lol

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      Most shooters are white, white people are more likely to be serial killers because they're more susceptible to mental illness. It's just fax I'm not being racist.

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      Jews are genetically predisposed to schizophrenia my friend. As for your claim whites do all the shooting please see the attached pic. If all blacks were to disappear from the USA our gun homicide rate would be lower than Finland's.

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      We need one of these for every year. And then a website for this.

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      Most serial killers are white. Whites are more inclined to mental illness. Hence why liberalism has been embraced readily by the whites while the coloured folk only accepted it for benefits, white niggas accepted it to their detriment. There is no discussion most serial killers are white and they are also disproportionately gay.

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      Most "white" shooters are Jews. Most shooters overall are black.

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      Do you have a source for this?And please don't give a random meme with a bunch of star of davids painted on people.Show proof that they're jewish.

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      Look them up. You obviously aren't going to believe otherwise so see gor yourself. I'm not posting twenty+ urls for you.

      That sheet with the stars you mock is actually very handy as a quick reference and has already been verified. Feel free to double check as I did when I first learned about this.

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      You:Makes outrages claim that most white shooters are actually jewish.Me:Source?You:I don't have a source,just trust me bro!BTW i did look it up and saw this. Where's the evidence of them being jewish?

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      Without their names it is impossible to validate this. Jews will claim White when convenient too in order to disparage Whites.

      Their was just a guy caught who killed four white kids, wad a jew and in in major media right now

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      So then how do you know most white mass shooters are jewish if we don't know their names to validate it?I swear you'll too blinded by your ethic narcissism that you refuse to see anything bad that white people do and blame other people."Whites are too pure to kill innocent people so clearly it was those evil jews."

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      I look up their names when it happens. Stat pages like you provided don't share the names. I do the research on a case by case basis.

      I do want to add that while making this point, the amount of Jew or White mass shooters is tiny compared to black mass shooters. Black shootings is the real problem in America we need to address. At this point.

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      Non-Gay non-Jewish whites have committed enough collective crimes against Jews, Gays, Blacks, and everybody else to deserve collective punishment. It’s in the Bible. Leviticus 24:19-21. God literally commands us to do to them what they did to us. It is not a war crime to retaliate against the oppressor classes. It is a war crime to prevent us from doing so.

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      If Jews are mayonnaise, then we bring out the best!

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      So you admit Jews are black.

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      I believe this. But i don’t know for sure that is true.

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      Trying to pin the blame on someone else for white shooters i see.It's always convenient that jews are white and a scapegoat to blame on anything bad that white people have done.Slavery?Colonialism,shootings,genocide.It was clearly jews fault because whites are so innocent.

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      Well my new Jewish friend, see linked pic.
      As for your "white shooters":
      Fact is if all blacks were removed from the US our gun homicide rate would be lower than Finland's. Maybe stop spreading lies and people wouldn't hate your kind so much.

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      Where is the source from the first picture?You just proved my point above where you people have no evidence of this and create these pictures and paint any bad person that's white jewish.Btw even if they're jewish,you said the majority of shooters are jewish yet you only shown 6 supposedly jewish people.

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      Jews ARE responsible for a lot of corruption in politics and banks but moronic cucks like him blame the Jews for even their penis being small which discredits the entire thing.

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      circumcision literally makes you dick smaller. get rekt jews.

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      Yeah, there's also probably a deliberate demonization towards whites.

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      There has to be a hated group. They did it with the jiggers. They are doing it with us.

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      No, but they've been unintentionally encouraged by giving these losers a national spotlight.

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      Everyone is given spotlight everywhere in the world after they've been caught murdering a bunch of people. That ain't it. USA is disproportionately leading the world in how many school shootings happen. The second contester is at most at 8~ shootings while the Jew.S.A. is at 200+. All countries give spotlight to shooters in the news.

      Take a look at this USA has produced 3000+ serial killers while the second closest country is UK with only 166. Russia is only at 73 despite being a bigger country. Idk what's happening but they be puttin' something in y'all foods to make you kill each other or sum.

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      Not really. A guy killed 22 people in Canada a couple years ago and the news focused on the victims, not the killer. The media in the states does the opposite and makes the story about the killer.

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      Doubt it makes 250+ shootings a year difference that the media talks about the people you've killed rather than you. These niggas collect trophies from their victims and attend the funeral of their victims for validation, they wouldn't mind that what they've caused becomes the hot topic rather than them. If anything it also helps them remain more unknown so that people in jail are less likely to shank them.

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      Lots of cluster b personalities in the USA.

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      But of course, 'False Flags' come in all different Shapes & Sizes, purpose pending.

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      No. The government loves us and we love the government. They’re like Papa Smurf.

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      cough cough Sandy Hook was an you know what

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      LOL my kid got shot yesterday LMAO OK let me get in character for the cameras.

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      If so they would have banned guns a couple of decades ago.

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      They don't have absolute power but they can gain enough support if random shootings keep happening. I mean look at the data 250+ shootings only in the Jew.S.A. but for the rest of the world it's only 6-8. 6-8 shootings you can say "yeah people do some messed up things" but 250+ when everywhere else it doesn't come close to that number? There's gotta be something there.

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      Exactly, it's their fucked up culture. Americans also have far higher rates of mental health problems compared to other countries. They have worse mental health than placesc which have been at war for 50 years.

      And if it was political then you'd see other countries with weak gun laws and power grabbing politicians doing the same thing to strengthen them, but that isn't the case. The USA is the only country with this problem.

      The way you cut shootings isn't just through laws, it's by not turning the shooters into celebrities or the tragedy into a melodrama. This is what the US media do every single time. And it isn't because of politics, it's because that's what the audience there wants.

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      Like I said, if you shoot up a school you'll be on TV and you'll be all over the news anywhere in the world.

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      Not really. They happen(I think) because it creates an environment of tension and fear, which keeps people alienated to one another and more open to authoritarian measures. Gun control just seems to be the default talking point after, which does nothing but maybe channels the frustration people feel. Agitation like this has been used in Europe to move public sentiment away from leftist politics and towards the right wing. 1990s Italy says hi.

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      It happens because Americans are emotionally incontinent.

      Muslims have the same problem.

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      Pakistan: 8 shootings. Jewnited States: 250+ shootings.

      There's nowhere in the entire world where kids buy guns and then shoot everyone at school so frequently that "school shootings" have become a thing. There's bullying everywhere. Imo the tolerant left and the deep state are arranging this. Making sure they "take care of the kid and his family when the deed is done".

      That's why they dicked down Alex Jones so hard for saying Sandy Hook was a hoax. It wasn't a hoax but maybe the theory dangerously is close to "the deep state is doing this to ban guns". Ain' nobody be going after anyone who says 9/11 was an inside job or that it was a hoax but they do so for Sandy Hook. I don't think it's a hoax, but they went after Alex Jones for coming up with a theory that is somewhat closer to the truth.

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      Yeah not so many shootings in Pakistan but loads of other multi person crimes. Its just their focus is religion while in America the kids want fame.

      And I don't think there's any evidence to link bullying to school shootings. If anything the shooters are often bullies rather than bullied. Domestic violence or mental illness at home is a far more common issue. America definitely has more mental illness.

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      You can shoot up a school and be famous anywhere in the world it's not unique to America. There is zero percent doubt that something is indeed very unique about America to be leading by 1000000% in the number of school shootings. America is the top consumer of antidepressants. Maybe the antidepressants they prescribe to teens who can't get over the fact that their dad didn't buy them the new iPhone has something to do with it. Who knows.

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      There's lies, damn lies, and statistics. What counts as a school shooting? What counts as an anti-asian hate crime? The results may shock you.

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      While I am sure that some are legit, many are fake.

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        Third world countries where niggas get machette'd by AK47 wielding tribes don't have nearly as much school shootings as the JEW.S.A. You can't tell me the US has more than 10 times the school shootings than everyone in the world combined is because "narcissism is promoted". I'm not saying this is true for sure but I'm saying it sure is suspicious. What's more credible? That the CIA we know who likes to play dirty may be involved in these things or "oh it's bc mfs is narcissistic heheh"

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        when knives are outlawed, only outlaws will have knives

        [–][deleted]  (2 children)


          [–][deleted] 1 insightful - 1 fun1 insightful - 0 fun2 insightful - 1 fun -  (1 child)

          when sticks are outlawed, only outlaws will have sticks

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          i haven't watched lately tho, but my other guess is the covid vax is working

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            Some people are just crazy is a valid explanation for the rest of the world where they've only had like 5-8 school shootings their entire history. You have America where it has happened 250+ times which is wildly disproportionate. People don't just lose themselves in the heat of the moment and decide to shoot up the school 250+ times when the rest of the world has had only 5 school shootings their entire history.

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            There’s a book about this, along with tons of mainstream media articles from back when journalists did their jobs, check the Guardian


            The FBI sets up school shootings, fake terrorist attacks, and other false flags.

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            apparently there's been 27 of them this year

            What is your source on this? It sounds like you have been duped on the number of school shootings.

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            There is a federal law that encourages violent lunatics to target schools. It is

            Any-one who goes insane and gets it into their head to go on a shooting rampage has two questions to answer

            1) Where can I attack that people will not shoot back? This is America, there are guns every-where. Tricky.

            2) Should I even be doing this? Am I going mad and contemplating doing something wicked?

            The Gun-Free School Act answers both questions. Answer 1: Go to a school. There are no school shooting ranges any more. No-one at a school has a gun, so no-one will shoot back. Answer 2: Go to a school. Shooting the children is socially approved. You can tell because the Government has disarmed the teachers specifically to help you.

            The interesting thing is that ordinary normal people have zero capacity for understanding the thought processes of the insane. Ordinary people try to work out if the Gun-Free Schools Act is effective at telling violent lunatics "No! Not the school!". And ordinary people get it completely wrong,

            I think it is the same problem that stops ordinary people from writing computer programs. They type in their program. They expect the computer to read the program, get the intent behind it, and "do the right thing". When that doesn't happen they are surprised and stuck. The computer follows the instructions, as written, including the typos, as a sequence of atomized steps to be followed, Monkey Paw style, without having to make sense. That completely deskills ordinary people. Their theory of mind only works for people like themselves.

            I don't think that politicians are ordinary people in that sense. Politicians know that different people will interpret their words in different ways. Talking to two audiences, using one speech, is part of the art of politics. So politicians understand full well that ordinary people will understand the Gun-Free School Act as an attempt to protect children. And that violent lunatics will understand it as an endorsement of school shootings. And politicians will get to take away the guns and rule absolutely.

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            I think that none of them were organic, ie, lone crazy with no backing. Otherwise, we would have seen at least one high profile shooting during the lockdowns.

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            CIA trains mentally ill boys to shoot through walls and helps them get guns even if they cannot because they are mentally ill. Delays the response time and the shooter is killed and everything is wrapped up nice and neatly.