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I think a single vote family household would be a good move.

I attended a women lead political meeting yesterday. Compared to a man lead, it was very cucked.

"We are against trans in school but we don't want anyone being bullied, so we have to find a way to keep the indoctrination out while letting kids be indoctrinated without shame."

Acting from the heart is good at home, with good people, not for social order.

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I think a single vote family household would be a good move.

Then you take away power from people who have families and give it more to incels and feminists. This sounds good in practice but I disaggre. A good compromise would be allowing vote from household, but requiring a substantial number of people. But no one would be ok with that!

We are against trans in school but we don't want anyone being bullied, so we have to find a way to keep the indoctrination out while letting kids be indoctrinated without shame.

This is a good first step.

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Nah a good solution is to make me your beloved dictator and god emperor.

Democracy is deeply flawed since stupid people can vote. As your beloved God Emperor voting will simply not be allowed. I guarantee that you will love living under my iron fist, because I will outlaw any discontent ending the problem forever.

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Humans are stupid!

Let's give all the power to a single human!

I see no flaw with this at all!

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Humans are stupid. I agree. As you can see from my Username I'm an Alien, this obviously makes me superior to humans. There is no flaw in this plan. Only a stupid human would think that. Now please allow us to serve you properly. And make sure to eat up we wouldn't want you to get skinny.

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Solution: You are counted as an unemancipated dependent until you've produced two children of your own.

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TWO children, way too much!

Also imagine the reaction of everyone when you say you can't vote if you have children!

It sounds good in theory. I saw one time someone say old people don't vote because they aren't voting on the future of their generation. That alongside something of families and such would be interesting.

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sorry I mean owner occupied, as in single family household. Not renters....must own property and be invested in the election and society.

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So one vote per person per household?

But then families of rich people can have 1 house each?

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"Single family vote, from owner occupied home"

You can only have one of these.

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"Single family vote" is complex because what you can define as family, and how it could be abused. In particular single people or those living with their parents (death of liberalism maybe?). Having a hard time believing your system could pass simply from this fact.

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If you're living with your parents, you don't get a vote, since you own nothing.

Family = everyone living in 1 owner occupiers singled family residence.

"Single family residence" is a legal designation for a standalone home, it does not indicate the relationship of the occupants.

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You must be real popular with the ladies.

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Real women know their ilk is retarded. That's how you know you have a good one. A real woman knows and understands misogyny is a reaction to childlike thinking across an entire subset of people.

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wow - you really are genuinely the worst person on Saidit


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Thank you!

Now go reply to yourself some more, since you're all you have left.

Fat fuck.

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On one hand I get that women are a bit more emotional (come on, they bleed and go through pain at least once a month)

On the other hand I don't want mysoginy as well. We don't have to put women down. Our stance should be we will only elevate women if they know their phisiology.

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Brother I've gone through more pain in my life due to women, self admittedly my bad partner choices, than any cramp can give. That's a shitty excuse to act like a succubus.

With that said, I try hard not to be misogynistic. Problem there is, just stating a woman has a higher emotional decision making ratio than men is widely considered misogynistic, and it isn't. It's reality.

Times have changed, and any misogyny, perceived or otherwise is brought upon the group themselves. All I know is I try hard everyday to make sure that the word man isn't slammed because I do my part and act like one, I don't see a lot of women doing the same. We are all products of our environment when it comes to this. And I don't necessarily subscribe to that statement otherwise.

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You should be around anti-feminist women. They're pretty alright.

Also a lot of women went through hardship as well you should be understandable of things such as fear of rape and such (I mean they think they understand but they've never been raped by a woman but still).

I'm talking in general, woman do go through a lot of hardships. Maybe that has to do with why men always comes on top. But when both genders work togheter that's when we get the best results and it's what we should strive for.

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Most women are anti-feminist, and most don't even know what being feminist means in the first place.

Doesn't stop them from wholly being incapable of having a conversation using reason and logic, especially this younger generation with their swipe right for my pussy application mentality.

I never said I didn't know any adult women. I'm talking percentages here, and they aren't good.

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I think the problem comes about that women in groups tend to have a desire to make, for lack of a better word, the space more "feminine" meaning they tend to be less direct, and kinder in their dealing, at least on a surface level.

I think this is counter productive to general parliamentary proceedings, where more combative and for lack of a better word "mean" and direct dealings are necessary to get anything done in a reasonable amount of time.

There are plenty of women that can deal with it in what you'd call a space having "male energy" and are welcome contributors, hell essential contributors since it helps to compensate for the problem with exclusively male spaces utterly missing important emotional concerns. But I don't think most women have the "cajones" to deal with male energy in these spaces without either breaking down into an emotional mess over people being mean to them, or going full on girlboss and thinking being mean and abrasive for the sake of being mean and abrasive is beneficial.

Frankly it's the "what color should we paint the house" problem when there is no budget for that. A female energy dominated parliament will go on about what color to paint the house all the while ignoring the elephant in the room in that there's no money to paint it. The male energy dominated Parliament will never paint it because who cares.

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I think it's time for a commercial break.

I'm going to turn on the church service from Peter popoff.

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If a woman asked you for a hug, would you say yes?

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I propose you follow these steps:

  1. Give them rights, but not God-given rights, such as the right to free money.

  2. Persuade them that the only thing that keeps them from these rights are antiquated ideas like God. Enlist them into the revolution against the patriarchy.

  3. Wait half a century.

  4. Declare a state emergency and take away these rights for the common good.

  5. Laugh.

Telling them you straight up want to take away rights won’t work. Just promise them BS rights if they throw off antiquated notions of natural rights.

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Hi all I'm posting this on an alt because I know a few of my friends are following me on here and I don't want this spilling out until I have some clear thoughts on what I want to do.

TL,DR; A colleague (27M) joined our firm last year and since then he has had zero issues socialising with the guys we work with but always finds an excuse or says no to hanging out with the girls after work, even if we go out together as a whole he rarely talks to us and its making some of my friends uncomfortable.

So early last year our firm hired Dan (27M). In the first few weeks he was really quiet and didn't talk much and that's just how we thought he was. Every conversation with him was short and to the point and never deviated from work, asides from pleasantries (Have a nice weekend etc). About 2 months in he started becoming a bit more friendly with the guys in our office and they would hang out every so often and have normal conversations. However, whenever any of the girls in the office tried to do so he would quickly change the conversation back to work or just not reply. Even now after a year of Dan working with us he straight up refuses to socialise with the girls in the office and it is making them feel uncomfortable. He avoids any discussion of himself outside of work related events and future plans and doesn't ask any of the girls either. Where as he is, what I can only assume, pretty good friends with the guys in the office.

Even on work meals out to celebrate events he is only doing the bare minimum when it comes to conversation with the girls where again with the guys he talks to them like there is no problem whatsoever. I don't know if I'm overreacting but one of the girls is considering go to HR about this because she is saying its creating a hostile work environment. Dan treats us like he treats clients we work with; cordial and strictly about business and its wearing thin now.

Any advice is appreciated.

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Is this you or someone else?

It's fake. How can avoiding talk to girls be considered offensive, let alone something you would take to HR?

How the hell does a single guy create a hostile work enviroment?!

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It seems fake. But it's the type of situation I could see coming about if you've got loads of socially inept girls in a workplace.

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But it's a firm, I would expect them to be more intelligent than the average woman.

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Only as intelligent as the people in it. HR isn't usually this stupid but they can be.

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Dan is probably attractive, possibly the most attractive guy they work with, and they are pissed he won’t give them the time of day.

Women will turn an office environment into high school if you let them.

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It's from reddit. To be fair most of the comments were calling her out.

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of course it is..

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22 year olds are insufferable

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Men get to vote while having to be drafted. Either have women be drafted or take away their ability to vote.

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better yet, men get to vote and women get drafted

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Yeah gotta do it that way for equalities sake lol.

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for real though!

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I mean look what they have done with them. Ever since the 19th amendment injected women into politics, it's been downhill since. They have literally voted for the government to take care of them, and blasts anyone who thinks and votes otherwise is voting against their own self interest. So, yes sir. I'm with you. Repeal the 19th amendment

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Texas is certainly with you

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We should definitely take away the right of mothers to keep adults NEETs in their basements.

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That is actually the way it should be is that family should stay together they should care for each other look after each other.

It's a screwball fruitcakes that are making all these rules that are f****** up our families and indoctrinating our children.

You know a little bit of hillbilly Justice to some of these freaktards and they'll straighten their s*** out.

Video: Thailand ladies and long tails

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Why should it be that way?

A lot of cultures kick teenage boys out of the family home to learn a trade or be warriors. Certainly in Anglo Saxon culture their was a big communal hall in the middle of every village where single men spent most of their time.

A man can't learn how to be a man from a woman.

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    Well fuck, how long have those "loans" I give your Mother been going towards this?

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    Why waste effort on doing something that women are already doing well enough on their own?

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    You kiss your mom with that mouth?