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I don't give two fucks about Ukraine, it's a proxy war between U.S. and Russia, and I am not interested in funding that with my tax dollars. However, some statistics about the ethnic makeup of the population in Ukraine:

Jewish: 0.2%

Ethnic Ukrainian (White): 77.8%

Ethnic Russian (White) 17.3%

Ukraine is whiter than, and less Jewish than the U.S. Also, they only have a Jewish president because the U.S. overthrew the last president and put him there. I think the reason this conflict is happening has more to do with geopolitics between NATO and nations unfriendly to NATO's economic alliance than racial politics

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It has nothing to do with the Ukrainian people. Russia is trying to free itself from the Rothschild banking cabal. The world should be on the side of Russia, but our governments are all bribed, blackmailed or infiltrated by said cabal.

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Yes, I agree, this war is about economics, not the race of the people in Ukraine

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Russia is controlled by criminal billionaires, Russia isn't trying to free itself from shit.

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that's because you're not as silly of a goose as OP

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Literally nobody gives a fuck anymore. Nobody cares about who is winning Shlomo's proxy war over some ex-soviet block sex trafficking market.

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Bullshit! Jews have been claiming 0.2% everywhere for my entire life. Ever notice on documents that ask for your race or ethnicity "jewish" is never an option. They do this to hide amongst the white population. Hell I just saw this from over a century ago claiming New York as the largest jew refugee center in the world!

Jews always lie about their population numbers like with everything else.

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Russia wants Ukraine for their natural resources and to cut out competition. We should continue supporting Ukraine to punish Russia for putting propaganda bots on social media to push bullshit that benefits them and the corrupt politicians who shill for them in the U.S.

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Putin has literally said he thinks the whole of the Ukraine belongs to Russia for historical reasons. I think we should just believe the man, his motives aren't any more complicated than that.

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    It's a shame that the leadership of ukraine basically are those numbers but inverted.

    Now that I can agree with

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      Jews aren't white. To be more precise, Jews are only "white" when it serves their purpose, calling for the end of whiteness. Then when they are called out and it's time to play victim they shapeshift back into being Jews.

      And don't mistake this post as my having a discussion with you. One cannot discuss the Jewish question with the Jews. One can hardly prove to a person that one has the duty to render him harmless.

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      No that's not true.Stop posting that bullshit twitter thing where it was proven those accounts were run by neo nazis pretending to be jewish to stir up shit.No jew has ever called for the end of whiteness unless they're some batshit crazy religious fanatic.Hell the average far right jews actually have a lot in common with the far right and have admitted to wanting to form an alliance with them.

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      No jew has ever called for the end of whiteness unless they're some batshit crazy religious fanatic.

      There's a fucking cottage industry of Jew "academics", "writers" and publishers who do exactly that, and none of them I can think of ever say a word about religion.

      Ever hear of Noel Ignatiev? Tim Wise?

      Wise actually wrote a book called "White like me" in which he trashed whites under the guise of being white. The dude is a real life version of an alt right meme.

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      Yes i've herd of those guys and they're crazy.However, what does 2 jews saying stupid and vile shit have to do with the majority of jews?What about the muslims who call for the death of infidels?

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      They are/were both firmly supported and promoted by the Jewish establishment, in fact they were created by it. If it wasnt them it would just be some other Jews willing to serve in the same role, or opportunistic shabbos goys. Those were just two well known examples off the top of my head. I could give plenty of additional examples if you got the time.

      What about the muslims who call for the death of infidels?

      They have no power over me. They don't control my media, financial system, university system and my politicians.

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      What jewish establishment was promoting/supporting them?I don't even think the majority of jews(at least from what i've seen)even know who those guys even are.Also muslims don't have power?The U.K literally has a muslim in control of it's capital city and demands more muslim immigrants.Jews have no power over me since they don't control any of those things you've listed.

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      What jewish establishment was promoting/supporting them?

      Academia, media, politics and finance. Pretty much all of it. Ignatiev was admitted into a post graduate Harvard program despite being a college drop out. The most prestigious school in America, and he gets in with zero credentials because he was a fanatically anti white Jew. He was continually promoted by mainstream media and lauded when he died. His anti white screeds were published with zero controversy and sold everywhere. Wise is also continually quoted as an "expert" on "hate" and racism by mainstream media sources and given plum speaking seminars, again with zero pushback.

      I don't even think the majority of jews(at least from what i've seen)even know who those guys even are.

      Yeah, because most ordinary Jews are just dumbshit brainwashed NPCs. They will get wound up and circle the wagons when their elite want them to, but are probably largely oblivious to the bigger picture, just like goy NPCs. They enjoy Jewish privilege without being conscious to it, and in fact being convinced that they are some persecuted minority and history's greatest victims, but many(and possibly even most)aren't explicitly anti white. However there is a mafia like group of elites that are, and these are generally the most powerful and well connected Jews(and hence people) on planet earth. These are the ones who promoted the likes of Ignatiev and Wise.

      Jews have no power over me since they don't control any of those things you've listed.

      They control all of it. Who cares who the figure heads are. The ones with power are the ones who decide who runs and who gets elected, and if they want them gone, they will be gone. Just ask Jeremy Corbyn who has the real power.

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      I really hate it when people say super stupid shit like "nobody has ever said X".

      This is the internet goddammit, everyone is saying every stupid thing possible all the time.

      It you fall back on that argument you just make yourself look like a liar because we've all seen respectable people saying just that multiple times.

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      If you're calling the jewposters out, you should try to remember to chastise them for hating jews instead of feeling shame. If they were real men they would have taken steps to correct society instead of sitting on mom's couch and letting the joooooo ruin everything.

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      It is distressing that fellow whites are so willing to otherize and even engage in anti-semitism just so they can blame any group of people other than themselves. Latent white supremacy is everywhere and this is why we must and will diversify lest we see Nazism return and another six million perish

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      Those twitter accounts were proven to be neo nazis pretending to be jews to stir shit up.Also Barbara lerner is a far left liberal who happens to be jewish.We literally have quotes by muslims who call for more diversity in europe yet nobody uses it as proof muslims are planning their own take over.

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      The neocon caused Ukrainian war without end is killing white people by the tens, and possibly hundreds of thousands, and threatens to destroy human civilization in a nuclear war. People just want it to end. If that means primarily ethnic russians in Eastern Ukraine get to live under Russian rule, so be it. The Neocon way is endless war that destroys Europe economically, kills hundreds of thousands, and possibly turns Europe into one big Chernobyl. All so some corrupt second rate unfunny Jewish comedian can strut around in green t shirts pretending he's Winston Churchill while his coethnics hide in Israel until it's safe to return to Ukraine and resume looting the place.

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        Ukraine wasn't a free county, it was and still is ruled by an ultra corrupt Jewish mob. It was easily the poorest and most corrupt nation in Europe, despite having a wealth of natural resources which it's parasitic rulers simply squandered for their own personal wealth. One of the first acts Zelensky did as president was to make criticism of Jews a crime punishable by 5 years in prison, so no one could even call them out on their corruption without facing prison time for "hate".

        After this comedian instigated a disasterous war with Russia, he then completely dropped even the facade of freedom and has been ruling as a CIA backed dictator. Banning opposing parties, critical media, and imprisoning, assassinating and using his thugs to physically attack anyone who even remotely opposes or criticizes him, all while the Jew media in the west jizz all over themselves over what a hero he is.

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        It was easily the poorest and most corrupt nation in Europe

        Lol what a fantasy version of the world you've created.

        Russian soldiers were literally sending pictures of the petrol stations in the Ukraine to their families because they couldn't believe the goods even Ukrainians could afford every day. Parts of Russia don't even have tarmac on the roads, the Russian soldiers were shocked that nowhere in the Ukraine is like that still.

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        The Ukrainian shills are fired up tonight.

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        Agreed, no more foreign wars.

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        Nah. We let Russia take Crimea, and they just came back for more later.

        They'll never stop. If you don't fight this war in Ukraine you'll be fighting it in Moldova, Romania, Slovakia, Hungry and Poland. And if you let them have that, you'll be fighting in Finland and Germany.

        May as well stop them in Ukraine. At least until Putin dies of whatever is making him pork up and shake like that. At least if the blow up the nuclear plants there, the fallout will be further from Europe.

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        That sounds like a whole lot of not my problem.

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        Are there any people you would help if someone was killing them?

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        Stop begging the question kike.

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        You don't accept that Ukrainians are being killed, Australopithecus?

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        That's a different question.

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        You don't know what begging the question means.

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        You don't know what questions to ask.

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        What consequent do you claim I was assuming?

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        Fuck Ukrainians, they should have voted and Ukrainian as a president, then they would not be in this situation

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        If that was a real war it would have been over in 2 days. Fucking sheep suck so bad.

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        I don't disagree, however Putin is going for ABSOLUTE MINIMUM destruction in Ukraine. He's being VERY careful and deliberate to ensure that his troops don't commit war crimes (some will have been committed anyway, obviously, but again, MINIMIZED) so that history might be kind. Well, we will see who wins, won't we?

        Spoiler alert: It's not "US". We lose. EVERY. SINGLE. TIME.

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        I can dig this. Makes sense.

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        Hey now, if Vladimir Putin wasn't sidetracked by raising gas prices here in the US, he'd have handily won that skirmish by personally wrestling Volodymyr Zelenskyy, making him scream for his mommy while pinned in some Russian submission hold that would have undoubtedly violated several treaties, international norms, and Miss Manner's Guidelines for Settling Territorial Differences.

        I know this because the grocery stock boy at the local Grand Union said that I have a white knuckle death grip on the truth.

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        Can't wait to see that disgusting prison of nations crack open in a feeding frenzy of internecine violence.

        I wanna see vagner liberate ingushetia from the gazprom army

        Then I wanna see the orthodox metropolitan PMC go to war with the kadyrovs over the Astrakhan oil.

        Then I wanna watch the tsar wolves and redut fight over who gets the rape Yekaterinburg.

        Meanwhile the nukes get sold to Dark Brandon for like fifteen bucks, NATO expands to include Japan and Korea, the mullahs get strung up from the lamposts, and Peter Zeihan sails a Mississippi paddle boat up to the three gorges damn to pull a funni while the last one-child Chinese son throws himself off the foxconn roof.

        God bless the project for a new American century

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        Ashen white skin.

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          Don’t project on me. I hear that cum gurgling in your throat!🤣🤣

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          Saidit having these innocent icons while people keep spouting the n word would be so funny lol

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          Victoria Nuland is one giant sexy love hambeast.

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          If Putin didn't have nukes their whole army would be dead in 2 days.

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          How so? No nukes have ever been used anywhere. How do we know they even exist other than as a psyop? If they are real, how do we know Russia has them? Because some government and media said so? Seriously?