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Marketing is what helped them stay at the top. They were just late to the woke marketing game, or rather they tried to milk it too long, and got stuck holding the bag.

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Or - with reference to bucetao6969's confusion in the Saidit headline - the Anheuser-Busch marketing team for Bud Light did not 'get political'. They merely failed to understand the incredible stupidity of part of their target audience regarding people who are not heterosexual. They were bad at their jobs, not politlcal.

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They weren't necessarily political, but they used the political/cultural scene to market their product using Mulvaney. The mistake was in gambling customers to be lost versus customers retained or gained, and it was a big mistake.

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It was worse than that actually. The whole point of their marketing campaign was to advertise themselves to a "younger audience" to increase their consumer base. They literally want younger people to start drinking asap. Evilish if you ask me.

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Those 'not heterosexuals' should be captured and handed over to the moslems for sport.

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Bud light also has a LGBTQ+ user base and they did LGBTQ+ commercials in the past but that was before the culture wars.

Good to note I don't think conservatives have a problem with people having homosexual sex, but the trans ideology is too radical. It's not something they want their brands endorsing.

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Boycotting a beer for paying a trans influencer to promote it is in the same level of stupidity as the cancel culture from the extreme left.

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Why? Trans ideology is literally against what most people that drink bud light believe. When they endorse a trans person (especially fucking Dylan) they are betraying their user base. The boycott is about sending a message that the user base will not stand by it.

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I would understand that if the ads were shoved down people's throats on tv or through google ads but this is a tiktoker we are talking about, you have to go out of your way to watch this promotion. Why are people against trans people watching a trans person's videos on tiktok?

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I tend to agree with you actually. Their promotion was very minor in response to the backlash it received.

However they did bungle into a culture war issue which is basically why they fucked up.

Bud Light is notoriously a bad beer. It's piss, people drink it because it's cheap, and they don't know beer so they buy it because it's the only one they know from the commercials.

Give them any reason to buy or drink any other beer, and they probably won't switch back. Take bud lights typical customer, young, unsofisticated, or frat, and apply a gay spin to it, and it's likely to be anathema. Couple that with me and every other beer snob on the planet already despising that swill and you've got a perfect storm for a sales disaster I reckon. Since now I can dis Bud-Light either due to it being gay, or it tasting like piss, which means it is gay piss. And I will dis it because I'd rather everyone drink something else, even before the Mulvaney promotion.

Coming to the Mulvaney promotion specifically. Mulvaney was already a target of the culture war. Personally I'd prefer everyone ignore the fuck out of him but that's not how the culture war works. Once Bud-Light enters into the culture war by backing him they are kind of fucked. Their message goes far beyond Mulvaney fans, I reckon there's more anti-fans than fans, it's essentially anti-marketing at that point, once the culture war media machine gets it they'll spread it everywhere, and the boycotts ensue. And Bud-Light is a prime boycott product since it's already such a shit product, it's the easiest boycott ever. I've been boycotting it for years without even knowing.

So really, I think it's just Bud-Light not understanding how the culture war works, bungling their way into it because they don't understand that views don't equal popularity so much as infamy, and hurt their brand permanently as a consequence, a perfect storm of factors.

But so far as I agree that boycotting a product because they made a singular can for some influencer I don't like is rediculous, you can't really ignore the realities of how the culture war works.

I won't really give people shit for drinking Bud-Light if they want to, besides lambasting their obviously poor taste in beer, seriously it's basically water. Like get a Guinness instead.

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You pretty much got it. This is the basic business analytic of the situation.

Also people will call you gay for drinking bud light now (assuming they don't resort to violence). That's way more destructive than anything else.

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They where a brand ambassador it's literally saying that person is the front face of your product at the moment naturally it spread like wildifre (this is the internet) and everyone hated it

Not only that, people are being constantly shoved this woke shit down their mouths, when their goddam beer now shoves this woke shit down their mouths as well they get tired and it led to this movement that makes people literally inconvenience themselves to get another beer

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Because they shouldn't exist, and this situation should be rectified.

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No one cares what you say.

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Just the gall to say to your loyal customers "fuck you, you're to fratty. We want trannies to drink our pisswater" is staggering. It's the opposite of what marketing is supposed to do. So on a strategic level, this dumb bitch failed the basics of her job; getting more customers.

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Women ☕

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Bud got taken over by a European conglomerate and lib LBGTQ lovers ruined it.

Libs destroy everything.

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People can say and do what ever they like as long as they don't push there crap on me, with that said I'm not the only one. BTW over on reddit I would be banned for saying People can say and do what ever they like as long as they don't push there crap on me, it's a rule violation to have an opposing opinion.

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There's a good video on YouTube explaining it all, but the short version is, they were in debt and sold their soul to BlackRock and it backfired on them like going woke ALWAYS does. But no one realized Bud Light was fuckin' woke for YEARS now. Seems like I'm the ONLY ONE who remembers this shit from SEVEN YEARS AGO.

You wanna see something crazy ironic? A Miller Lite commercial from 2010, making fun of effeminate beta-men (who probably drink Bud Light), starring super-woke activist Meghan Markle, that would perfectly fit in 2023. The world really is a pendulum.

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I don't think their user base had a problem with the gay shit.

But the tranny shit especially in this time and age where we see grooming being encouraged to the point of even LGB individuals allying themselves with conservatives against the TQ+ agenda (gays against groomers) was bound to get a backlash.

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The ironic thing is, Mulvaney isn't even a tranny. He's just a gay attention whore and woke-grifter who wears women's clothes. I'm not even upset at him because he's the one grifting these woke retards. In a sane world, he'd have gone back to living in his parents house by now and be completely irrelevant. But this is Clown World.

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Some people believe he's a troll. Even a trans woman can't really see the "transition" since it didn't seem he did... anything at all.

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Who the hell drinks this crap? Even my dad kept better beer and liquor around the house.