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I recall several big user purges. One that got me was when their 3-rd party 2-factor authentication partner had a data breach. They suspended my account, despite never enabling 2FA, with the only way to rectify it to verify my account with the email I signed up with.....which was on a domain that got swooped up by squatters 10+ years ago, not long before that purge.

Shortly after, Reddit partnered with the Hillary Clinton campaign's Correct The Record (CTR) lie factory. They immediately purged moderators from large key subreddits and installed their own. censorship began then and the very conservative Reddit, turned to a low-info strictly one-opinion allowed liberals-only heavily censored rage fest.

That was over the period of 2014 and 2015. There were some later ones and they slowly slayed subreddits not consistent with the political messaging over time, with the help of persistent troll attacks and their false-flag hate-posts.

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That's what led me here, but not necessarily conservative views simply truth. Go read the top conspiracy posts, it's so obvious. Reddit will ban factual information and allow the most flagrant lies to run rampant on a sub, then ban the users that post more facts.

It's a legitimate echo chamber for mental illness, hell, most of the internet as we use it daily is.

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Half of social media websites are bots. I wouldn't be surprised if the most extreme assholes are simply bots.

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Reddit bans facts because someone might find those facts ‘offensive’. They’re placing emotions over reason and logic.

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that's the old r/thedonald sub

it has a reddit style website called


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Twitter / X

4chan /pol/

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RIP, Ruqqus.

[–]Hematomato 3 insightful - 1 fun3 insightful - 0 fun4 insightful - 1 fun -  (0 children) doesn't exist anymore. It's now

When it was, it was extremely hostile to conservatives. It was practically Woke Gab.

It's still not very friendly to conservatives.

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Telegram is controlled opposition.

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Is it?

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There is a reason you can't make an anonymous account.

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Twitter probably.

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Apparently most of them slithered their way here after being banned from Reddit. I was banned for daring to say that liberals were good people and helping make the world more progressive. I suppose that was just too radical for small minds to accept. Anyway coming here has been an eye opener, to see so many bigots and really hateful people (I realize a lot of them are underage nits) using this site. But it has an upside; countering their hate and offering differing opinions really helps strengthen my resolve and my reasoning skills, and I do get a kick out of their unsuccessful attempts to "insult" me - as if they ever could! LMFAO.

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You're not necessarily allowed to be left of center or far left either. I'm so far left my panties are pink, and yet I was banned from Reddit for suggesting some liberal ideas about moving forward in society. They didn't want to hear it, and apparently it was too Non-Centric for their brains to comprehend.

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reddit is pretty much CIA controlled now I believe. Whatever doesn't agree with the uniparty/globalist/neocon partyline I think is forbidden now.

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I wouldn't doubt it. I look on my suspension from reddit as a badge of honor.

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They grew up and got jobs

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Yeah I just got banned because I said gay sex was ultimately selfish and kids deserve a mom and a dad. So sick of all the snowflakes

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I'm surprised at some of the subs which still exist given the extent things have gotten.

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possibly they took up hobbies like rifle/pistol targetry and ammunition loading and self-defense

people who have run censornazi reddit ( along with similar socmeds and media) will probably face that Machine that forces the executee's head up their own ass


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I’ve always considered myself centre-right politically but unfortunately Reddit views that as ‘not having the balls to take a side’ which, if you have any understanding of politics at all, is utter nonsense but no they will just ban you.

Deleted my account when I found a bunch of my comments were getting muted. Hadn’t even said anything you could consider ‘controversial’ either. Just pointing out facts.

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Perma-Banned for having a difference of opinion. Was basically banned for pointing out the obvious, things like Biden's incompetence and the Hunter Laptop, things like that. The Hunter Biden laptop was just mentioned and I was banned from 4-5 subs instantly for spreading "disinformation" lol. The funny part is, when the laptop was proven to be real, I was never un-banned.