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Other than that, that webpage is so distopic. It talks about surrogacy like it's nothing. I'm not against surrogacy, but the way it's described here is so wicked. The way it's writen also basically into just convincing your SO to go along with it instead of incentivizing a meaningful discussion.

I bet every female-oriented article that wants to convince a female to do something is writen like this. It explains why I constantly have retarded discussions with my wife that we shouldn't even be having in the first place.

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How can some people say men aren't emotional beings and capable of rational thought when they actually need to be told to just act like adults and not constantly blame half the rest of the population for their failures and problems, for example their poor choices in choosing shit people to date/be in a relationship with

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Selfishness isn't illogical

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jet why have you gone full-on with the npc takes out of nowhere?

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I don't just stay in my bubble repeat what I read in a braindead fashion like some of you. I go looking for info. Sorry that upsets your simple worldview with easy answers.

Just because someone's selfish actions conflict with your own selfish actions doesn't mean they are stupid or illogical.

Why does every acehole on the internet only get a hard on for woman hating?


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An article explaining something really obvious doesn't mean that the majority of women actually need to be told this.