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Child abuse creates troons

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20 years ago there was an epidemic of teen girls cutting themselves. Before that it was goth/occult obsession with piercings tattoos and pill induced suicide attempts. All of those things were trends. They all went from very rare, to gaining notoriety and becoming an epidemic. You no longer see any girls cutting themselves. Mental health has not gotten better, those same girls are now attaching themselves to the current thing.

Transgenderism is a trending epidemic because it is constantly being talked about.

As far as munchausen by proxy, that is part of it simply because those parents have found an easy way to play out their game but they would be poisoning their kids anyway.

The primary driving force is the (((media))). What enables it further is the jewish capture of medical journals and academia. They use the appeal to authority to give their propaganda credibility.

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(((media))) ... jewish


So fucking predictable. "The jews" are like "systematic racism" to SJWs.

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Let me guess, you are jewish.

I can tell by the way you wrote an entire comment with nothing but personal insults and devoid of any intelligent rebuttal relevant to what triggered you. So shameful.

The fact that the media is run by jewish people is indisputable. Inb4 "hur der this exception therefore I proof you wrong".

The reason it is relevant is because jewish collusion is what makes it possible for the corruption of other institutions from being exposed on a mass scale. It is the jewish control of media that allows jewish subversion of academia, journals and regulatory bodies like the FDA. If the media were unbiased there would be constant investigative journalism exposing the conspiracies within our institutions and people would be able to organize a response. The media placates the masses in service of jewish subversion.

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Let me guess, you are jewish.

You guess wrong.

The fact that the media is run by jewish people is indisputable.

I dispute it. You think that Al Jazerra and RT and the Chinese media is all run by THE JOOS. Wow.

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Doesn't have to be child abuse. Any kind of sadness and the queer-train says HRT is the solution to it.

Hell, you could even be dressing more masculine/feminine and here comes the queer-cops saying you should be on HRT or something.

It all starts making sense then why there's so many trans people now. It's truly sickening.

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It takes a certain disassociation with your body to start willingly chopping bits off without any care though.

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You have to cut things off your body to do a transition. Simply wearing the flag is already enough for most people, even if it effectively didn't change anything.

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That's dark, if its true. But you win internet brownie points for claiming to be a victim of child abuse these days, so I give it about 1 in 30 chance of actually being true.

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I see a lot of shit like this. Abuse victims becoming trans.

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I don't know how to cope with this... Dingus... I better chop it off... Then I'll be happy.

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"I don't know how to cope with this"

That flag is a comfort blanket.

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Divorce sucks but it's necessary.

National Divorce is kind of the same but much much worse.

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How does that relate to this?