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On Android there's an app called NewPipe that is like having YouTube premium without paying for it. Legal too.

I'll soon be creating my own original content.

I borrowed a laptop to write a novel about space marines. I'll probably still shitpost here tho ofc.

can still expose sheeple normies

Like the comments section? u/TheAmeliaMay had the post the other day about her youtube comment and I honestly never thought about the comments section there cause I never look at it.

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Good to know. I have neighbours with Android devices. I've set up one neighbour to use Brave with no ads, but the other gets non-stop ads and refuses to pay though he easily could afford it. Slippery slope.

Improved: "I can still expose sheeple normies to new ideas."

Yes. I used to comment a lot more. I've had comments disappeared though.

I followed TAM on YouTube too. Don't know if I'll actually be using YouTube much more. Rarely do I ever look at comments. Usually it's to correct, add, or reach out to the channel.

Rarely do I watch live streams because it's all at only 1x speed and I can just listen/watch it later in at least half the time.

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Why is this something that is fun for Muskie to read? Next time you send me a link there better be a cute puppy, kitten, or a nice pair of tits, mister.

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"Directly related to this OP:"

#4. "It's becoming ever shittier for truth and politics."

This is the best SuckSuckGo has to offer: A cartoon, a meme (she's sitting on her pussy), a babe (the pussy may be shaved but there's a bikin in the way), and 2 m-m-meh-models.

I don't know why I listen to Americans with "Rat" for a name.

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I don't know why I listen to Americans with "Rat" for a name

The muskrat may be a pest, but it's damned cute.

Some people even eat them. There are big Muskrat boils.

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I order ground up muskrat for my dog.

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Dot has family that does muskrat boils, I think she took perverse pleasure in showing me.

You should try it sometime :D

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Why don't you reply to my texts?

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I have been. I sent you five messages and you wrote back "Geez ignored." Mentioned the messages, didn't get anything besides ground muskrat and I replied it was missing the brains.

I don't think we're getting each other's texts.

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That's weird. I haven't gotten any of that.

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About 30 years ago I went camping up in Timagami and our outfitter provided us with moose heart, musky beaver, and other things. I was not hungry then as I was only ~21 and not so daring. He was the guy the RCMP would call anytime there was roadkill because they knew he'd go day or night rain or shine and get that fresh kill off the road for his freezers. I'll never forget how he said his favourite was "eatin' rat!" "Ew," we said, "rats?" He said, "not rats, I mean muskrat is the best. I say 'rat fer short." True story.