School Board Silences Mom for Reading out Library Book about giving Jesus a blowjob by transbob in whatever

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I'd love to hear the defence. It's too vulgar for you to read in this room .....agreed, thats why i'm saying it shouldn't be a book for children either...

Lowe’s Worker Fired After Getting Black Eye Trying to Stop Thieves by Faty in Entertainment

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honestly i hope she walks right back in as a customer and steals hundreds of dollars worth of shit....multiple times...and just smiles at those fuckers on camera as she does it. This not prosecuting criminals is unreal....

Rainbow mafia gets dad fired for defending his kid feom bullies. by Canbot in politics

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Sue the schools, sue everyone. This isn't very inclusive now is it. Show them this backwards BS can't do this. Sue his work. I feel unsafe because of the Alphabet mafia!

Disney's 'Elemental,' which features 'non-binary' character, flops in opening weekend by [deleted] in news

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I'm so happy to see this movie fail. Stop promoting the gay trans non-binary characters in the movie as the reason we should see it...I mean I guess it helps me to easily know what movies to there's that I guess.

Highly Gifted Student Blames Affirmative Action After Top Schools Reject His Near-Perfect Credentials by Questionable in politics

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ahhh Im sorry, you're too white for anyone to care in 2023. Maybe come back in 2028 when we've had a few years to rethink our insanely racist DEI policies.

Texas Rangers Refuse to Celebrate ‘Pride Month’ by [deleted] in news

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We need more of this. Fight the alphabet mafia!

SHOCKING: Trans TikTok influencer goes topless in front of families during Biden’s White House Pride celebration by Fourier in news

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the only thing SHOCKING, is that they used the word shocking to describe this....sounds pretty par for the course to me.

MA students tear down rainbow décor and chant their pronouns are 'USA' by Oyveygoyim in news

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about damn time. We're all sick of this insane push for everything alphabet and DEI. Where's the straight pride month? Wheres the straight flags? DEI is literally a racist concept. I'm a regular white dude...DEI basically means i WILL be discriminated against. Because the Diversity is anything but white, the Equity is insuring non white people get hired, the Inclusion is anybody but straight's criminal we've allowed DEI to get to this point. We need a hard course correction.

Reddit to lay off about 5% of its workforce by Mr9to5 in MeanwhileOnReddit

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I like visiting Reddit but you can't post. It's all bots or crazy left wingers. You mention anything about Biology at all and you get perma banned. It's ridiculous they get such a 1 sided echo chamber over there. Elon buy reddit next and fire every mod?

People are going to Target and taking all the pride merch to the register to purchase, waiting for the wagie to take all the hangers and tags off, asking the wagie to add the protection plan on each item, then realizing they forgot their wallets and then leaving by Chipit in news

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I'm 50/50 on this. On one hand, being shitty to poor minimum wage workers is trashy and crap, those poor souls just need money and I absolutely do not support messing with them.

On the other hand...this is what the left would do as a tactic so it seems fair to fight fire with fire. But....there's some collateral damage here which sucks ass for those people. I could personally never do this as I used to be one of those poor people working at a store like that.

Jordan Neely, the kind hearted Michael Jackson impersonator who was killed for no reason whatsoever according to the corporate media, had a thread posted about him on Reddit over 9 years ago. by Chipit in MeanwhileOnReddit

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they bend over backwards to defend a violent criminal....cuz he happens to be black.

So racism just swung the other way. Well before I was born, this exact thing would happen to blacks and we determined it was we do the same thing hut for blacks to whites....can we just not be racist at all. Can we just never mention race in any article. I'm sick of seeing every article about a white person mention race but any article about a black person they dont mention race (unless the black person is the victim of course and then they trip over themselves to mention it as many times as they can).

I just got my 6th, IP permaban from the entire Reddit, lol 🤡👍 and I didn't insulted any troons this time. RIP my accounts. by Clown_Chan in censorship

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haha yea I have had about 20 reddit accounts. You literally say one thing about how it's unfair trans people get to smash all biological womens records and somehow pointing out reality is....checks notes....transphobic

Elon Musk: Why Does The Media Misrepresent Interracial Crime Stats ‘To Such An Extreme Degree’? by [deleted] in MediaAnalysis

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I've said this for awhile now. Every year it gets more and more anti-white and everyone is just OK with it....because fuck white people, amirite lol

White councilman in Indiana sparks outrage after proclaiming himself a 'lesbian woman of color' who is 'living life as my true self' - but angry trans local calls for him to resign by [deleted] in WorldNews

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Honestly we need alot more of this to happen. Where does it end. Can I identify as a 12 year old and go crush some children at whatever sport I feel like dominating children in? I personally can't wait to try this out some time for a laugh lol

Boy, 12, says he was kicked out of Massachusetts school for wearing shirt that said 'there are only two genders' - because staff said it made pupils feel 'unsafe' by [deleted] in censorship

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I mean what do they even teach kids in Biology class anymore...I'm afraid to find out.

He should sue the school. If you can have pride flags and DEI garbage everywhere....we can have the counter to this nonsense.

Sue the shit out of anyone doing this or it will only get worse. They will only care if they have consequences

Rice Is Now Killing The Planet, Apparently by hfxB0oyA in news

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The wrong people are dying off....we need all the richest evilest people killed off...Doug Ford is on that list for sure with the way he is killing people in Ontario.

Man convicted of assaulting federal officer during George Floyd protests sentenced for beating newborn son to death by [deleted] in news

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BLM rioters being violent??? no way...i simply cannot believe it!

Trans person arrested over brutal murder of Portland cab driver by [deleted] in news

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with all their mental illness and privilege they now have...they are literally a walking time bomb. I feel bad for...everyone who has to interact with they/them

Target security punches shopper asking bill is paid by 'reparations' by [deleted] in NotTheOnion

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This whole story made me happy after hearing that some place in the US is thinking of paying our reparations. Time to pull out that identity card. Look, if you can identify with something you clearly are not (trans) then I can identify as a poor white person who needs money and therefore, for the purposes of reparations, I am black.

Racist by Musky in memes

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This is hilariously accurate. Everything can be racist in 2023.

Did you just sneeze in racsim!!! How dare you!

Walmart says 65% of stores will be serviced by 'automation' in 3 years by [deleted] in technology

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for the money they save through automation....they should need to pay a portion of the salaries they've saved to some form of fund for a Universal Basic Income or something to funnel that money back to people. Because what happens when every company does this...who will have the money to buy their shitty products?

VIDEO: Trans Activist Dylan Mulvaney Now Modeling NIKE Sports Bras and Leggings — And I always thought Bud sucks anyway by chottohen in videos

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This is insanity. Stop letting men model womens clothing....It's an insult to women. It's literally women-face. He's playing a caricature of a woman. Thats NOT how real women act, thats how men pretending to be women interpret a women....literally the exact equivalent to black face.

Mainstream Media Corrects Nashville Police Officer Who "Misgendered" The Shooter, While Completely Ignoring That She Perpetrated A Hate Crime Against Christians [VIDEO] by Chipit in news

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The fact that the trans community had the GAUL to say the trans murderer was also a victim and this was the only way they could make themselves heard and it's not a parody account is just heinous. They should all feel extreme extreme shame.

Thank you, SaidIt... by Godknight in SaidIt

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I think I made this same post like a week ago haha. Agreed. I made a new account and posted this place on reddit too (since all my reddit accounts get banned after 5-20 posts because logic and facts are too cruel to post)

TY Said IT for replacing LeftIt, i mean Reddit

LGBTQ Organisations Trying to BLOCK the release of the Transgender Shooter’s Manifesto. They know if released it will expose that this person was radicalised by the extreme elements in the LGBT community by [deleted] in news

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The only times you hear descriptive words is if it's White, Male, Christian, Straight.

If you're like this tranny or like Ezra Miller, you have impunity to do anything and will have it covered up.

Yes, it is very convenient by [deleted] in politics

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hahaha yes, that is very convenient for them isn't it

She Looks Pleasant - Stanford Law School Suspends Diversity Dean After She Doubles-Down On Duncan Debacle by hfxB0oyA in censorship

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Why is Diversity Dean even a what do u even do? Walk around with a clipboard counting coloured ppl and be like "aight we need x more blacks/brows/asians" instead of just hiring the ppl u need to actually do work? Insanity and very discriminatory practice.

Afroman - Will You Help Me Repair My Door? by cantelever in MusicVideos

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i would never have known about this if not for the police suing him over it....and now that I've seen it, I can't unsee it and it's awesome.

House passes Parents Bill of Rights, as enraged Dems level wild charges against it. Right to know what’s being taught in schools and see reading materials, Right to be heard, Right to see school budgets and spending, to protect your child’s privacy, to be notified of any violent activity at school. by Chipit in politics

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If they already have these rights then passing this shouldn't be an issue right?

I do hope it doesn't let a few dipshit parents have books removed from schools. I don't want them removing normal books because they don't like some of the words they use. They should maybe allow parents to say "no i dont want my kid to be forced to read a book about transgender kids" but like the book shouldn't be removed. If someone wants to read it, let em. It should not be forced for say a book report the kid will need to do.

13 year old drag queen is cheered on by perverted adults by Oyveygoyim in NotTheOnion

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What on earth did I just watch? If it was a young girl doing that and everyone was gawking and cheering, the police would probably get called. But because its a kid in drag, grown adults are allowed to sexualize them. I feel like Im going to be on a list after viewing that now....for real.

What's 'digital blackface?' And why is it wrong when White people use it? | CNN by WoodyWoodPecker in politics

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LMAO digital blackface, o god, whats next. I will never stop using the "My _ _ _ _ _" Denzel Washington meme one. This has to be like a click baity rage baity fake BS thing...has to be...?

Chinese discover new weapon against US: migendered plonouns by chottohen in videos

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this is awesome. I'm so glad I switched from reddit to this. You literally can't post any comment other than "men who dress up like women and crush women in sports are so stunning and brave and all men should want to sleep with them or its transphobic"

Swimmer Riley Gaines slams ESPN for honoring woman with penis for Women's Month by [deleted] in politics

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A man crushing a woman at a womans sport, gee, who could have predicted that outcome /s

Watch for next years Olympics, the womans team will have more penis than vagina

USA Today Again Picks Biological Man As 'Woman Of The Year' by hfxB0oyA in news

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You can't spell woman without MAN so of course a man won;)

Reddit loves free speech! They have no agenda at all! by JoeyJoeJoe in politics

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OMG Im so happy this place exists. No soft pussy Reddit mods removing every comment that isnt extremely pro left BS. I'm not right, im not left, i'm somewhere between the 2 and you literally can't even post a logical opinion and some times even state an actual fact without being banned!