What is one thing you consider to be the most noteworthy in this decade? by JWPH in AskSaidIt

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I assume you mean between 2010 and 2020. As maxsaidit9999 said, i believe that the rise of social media will be one of the defining characteristics of the decade. I also think the decline of traditional news outlets will also be cited in tandem with the rise of SM. What I am most interested in, however, is what the social media landscape will look like in the 2020s. Almost every social media outlet is cracking down on free speech and I feel there will eventually be a backlash. There is also the fact that many social media platforms are only being held up by their stock price. Companies like Twitter and Snap have not ever turned a profit. Assuming there will be a market correction in the early 2020s (i firmly believe this will happen) it may take some of those platforms with it. Wether they will be bought by companies like Apple and Google or will just fall apart remains to be seen but I do not see an independent Twitter or Snap in 2025

WatchRedditDie. by ulfw2019 in WatchRedditDie

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I used to feel a little bad for Reddit when they first started banning hate subs. I get that advertisers dont want to advertise on a website that has subs like r/coontown and that Reddit needs adverts to fund itself. But at the same time as soon as you ban these subs you end up dispersing all the vile racists to the rest of Reddit. They no longer have a place where they can talk among themselves so they have to find a new home, take over a sub, and then that sub is banned. Its pointless to attempt to silence them as they will just keep moving. Its far better to let them have their little community and stay over there then destory it and invite them to pollute the rest of the site.

what the heck? by [deleted] in Voluntarism

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I have only been here a short time but the theme of the site seems to be non-censorship. I am cautious as Voat did the same thing and is a cesspool of hate. I hope this site does not do the same thing.

This sub looks like a mess. What's going on? by betacollector64 in piracy

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Saidit will eventually become compromised. It may very well be the next Reddit, of course I thought the same thing about Voat and look what that turned into. It seems to be the natural life cycle of social media sites: they start off small with a very close community, slowly it grows and grows and becomes more diverse with more content being created, eventually it goes mainstream where its owners sell it to the highest bidder and attempt to monetize it which inevitably means they have to scrub it. The same thing happened to Digg that is happening to Reddit, right down to the awful redesign. I have only been here a little bit and I like the feel so far. I really do want Saidit to succeed but we as the users, no matter how vigilant, have almost no power over the site and the course it takes. The best we can do is pull up stakes and find a new site to call home for a while.